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Moodle Presentation

Moodle Presentation



This presentation is about utilizing Moodle at my campus.

This presentation is about utilizing Moodle at my campus.



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    Moodle Presentation Moodle Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Moodle Created By: Hayley D’Angelo
    • What is Moodle?
      • Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used to create online dynamic web sites for [your] students (1999).
      Retrieved from: http://moodle.org CHECK IT OUT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4mmMeMDMic&feature=player_embedded
    • Retrieved from: http://moodle.org
    • How can we use it at MES? Moodle can be used for our STAFF, our STUDENTS and our PARENTS!
    • Staff
      • By creating an online community of learners, we can discuss and share ideas about lesson planning and implementation of technology enriched curriculum.
      • We can extend the online community to our sister schools in Comal ISD.
      • Sharing ideas and learning from other educators is an OUTSTANDING resource!
      Image retrieved from: www.chopra.com
    • Students
      • Our students can access important information, blogs, wikis, assignments, and other multi-media resources independently.
      • Students who are absent DO NOT have to miss important curriculum.
      • Utilizing this technology can take the place of some of your small groups, freeing up your time to dedicate it to more struggling learners.
      • Moodle is a great resource for students who need to be challenged and are proficient with technology!
      Image retrieved from: www.fcps.edu
    • Parents
      • Parents will be able to access important classroom information.
      • We can also create parenting networks and upload information such as our Love and Logic parenting program.
      • Moodle would also be a WONDERFUL resource for all ESL parents learning to speak English with Mrs. Vega (parent resource center).
      Image retrieved from: www.maine.gov
    • I know what your thinking... ...Sounds great BUT...
    • BUT...
      • How are we going to find the TIME to upload all of this and keep it up to date?
      • I don’t KNOW HOW to use all of that technology stuff!
      • Our PARENTS won’t even go on the site, so why try?
      • How can our students benefit from this if they can’t even READ?
      • I don’t want to!
    • So? Was I right? It can be done...let me tell you how! :)
      • Time: By utilizing an online learning community, we will have less staff developments. Most of our staff developments can be done sitting on your couch! This will free up your time to upload, blog and share information. Plus, Moodle is a VERY easy site to manipulate!
      • Novice Technology Users: As your (self proclaimed) campus liaison for all things TECHNOLOGY, I will not let you fail. I am always available for trainings and how to’s. My door is always open and my iPhone is always on! :)
      • Parents: Even though our school has a large number of students living in poverty, MOST of them have some type of internet access. Why should we limit ourselves to only the students without it, when many parents find a way to e-mail etc?
      • K-2 Teachers: Access to Moodle will look a little different for your students. The students that will greatly benefit from this are going to be your more advanced learners that are able to read. By enriching their learning with technology, you will free up your time to help those struggling learners!
      • 3-5 Teachers : Your students should be able to benefit from this program, even if they have to partner up to share information etc. They can also access it independently on the MacBooks, in the computer lab and at home!
      • If you are still hesitant to move towards a technology enriched curriculum...THINK about your students! They are living in a WORLD where technology will shape everything!
    • Let’s DO THIS!
      • More information to come about setting up a Moodle etc...
      Retrieved from: http://moodle.org
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