Analysis Of Audience Research Questionnaire.


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Analysis Of Audience Research Questionnaire.

  1. 1. Analysis of Audience Research Questionnaire.<br />By Hayley Bell<br />
  2. 2. Question 1 : Gender<br />My first question was whether the person who was answering my questionnaire was either male or female. <br />In my questionnaire, my results show that 13 people out of the 20people I asked were female, and 8 were male. This will help me analyse my results better because I don’t have a equal number of each gender.<br />
  3. 3. Question 2 : Age <br />My second question was which age bracket they fit into – The choices were, 15-18, 19-21, 22-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-55, 55+<br />In my analysis of this question, it is clear that the most frequent age bracket was 15-18. This is because I had a better access to people in the age bracket of 15-18 than any other. <br />
  4. 4. Question 3 : How often do you watch music videos?<br />My third question was how often to the recipient watches music videos, there was 5 answers that they could choose from: Everyday, 3-6 Times a week, Once a week, Once a month, or never. <br />When I was analysing this question, I saw that the highest frequency was everyday. To help me understand, the audiences views on how often they watch music videos, depending on their age, I decided to do some research on whether there is any link to whether the older you are, or younger you are, the more or less often you watch music videos.<br />I found out that more older people don’t watch as music videos as often because they have jobs and families, and simply, just don’t have time to watch them.<br />
  5. 5. Question 4: What media option do you choose to watch music videos?<br />I thought for my fourth question I would ask what kind of media options my recipients choose to watch music videos.<br />In my analysis for this question, I saw that the internet was the most commonly used media option, closely followed by music videos, I was quite surprised by this, because I thought that music videos would be the most common option as it is easy to view, as you don’t need satellite television to view music channels as it is on free-view.<br />
  6. 6. Question 5: What music genre do you like listening to?<br />I thought it would be interesting to find out what kind of music, my recipients listen to the most. <br />The two most common music genres were Pop and Indie, this surprised me, because most people who like pop, don’t like indie. The next most common genre was alternative. This also surprised me because the genre has been quite recent to coming onto our screens. The least favourite music genre (other than other) was rap, this is quite surprising because the genre has always been quite popular. <br />
  7. 7. Question 6: Have you been to any live performance concerts?<br />I used this question as my sixth question to find out how far my recipients will go to listen to music.<br />I asked 20people whether they had ever been to a music concert, the majority of 15 answered yes and only 4 answered no.<br />
  8. 8. Question 7: Do you prefer music videos which are funny or serious?<br />I decided it would be a good idea to find out what kind of music videos my recipients enjoy.<br />When I analysed my seventh question, I found out that the majority of 13 don’t really have a preference to which kind of music video they prefer as they prefer either. Whereas, 6 people replied with funny music videos. <br />
  9. 9. Question 8: Do you prefer to watch music videos which have a story to them or no relevance to the lyrics?<br />I thought I could learn lots more about the audience’s interests by asking them which kind of music videos they prefer.<br />When I was analysing this question, I found out that most people prefer music videos which have a story in them. I was quite surprised to this result, as I thought most people would prefer a music video which had no relevance because they are normally random and funny. <br />
  10. 10. Question 9: Do you prefer music videos which the artist makes an attempt to be individual…<br />…and using controversial mise-en-scene and costumes?<br />I thought this would be a interesting question to ask as I thought it would help my research if I found out how many people like that kind of artist, e.g. Lady Gaga. <br />I found out that most people do not like artists such as Lady Gaga’s individuality. In future, I could word the question a bit differently so the recipient does not base their answer on just Lady Gaga.<br />I was quite shocked to the answer of which answer had the most answered because Lady Gaga has been an inspiration to many people in the world.<br />
  11. 11. Question 10:Do you prefer simplistic music videos e.g. Artist just performing the song?<br />I thought it would be good to ask this question, as it would help my research if I knew what type of music videos the audience like, for example, whether they have just the band/artist performing the song, or a narrative story etc..<br />When I analysed this question, I found out that most music video viewers prefer when there is a story with the music video, instead of the band or artist just performing the song. I was not surprised by this because most songs which have a story with them, give more relevance about what the song is about, than if the band or artist is just performing the song. By analysing this question, I found out that I should make a music video which has a narrative story.<br />
  12. 12. Question 11:What is your favourite music video?<br />I decided to ask this question to get my recipients input to what kind of music videos they like as I can understand what kind of music videos people like. <br />When I analysed this question, I found out that many people like the recent music videos which are in the charts, or had been high in the charts. I was quite shocked that LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem, had only been chose once, because it had been on the number 1 spot of singles which had been downloaded, for many weeks, this tells us that lots of people downloaded the song. <br />
  13. 13. Question 12: Why is this your favourite music video?<br />After I found out people’s favourite music videos, I thought I’d ask why they like that music video and why they chose that as their favourite music video. <br />When I analysed this question, I was not sure how to present it, I decided to put it as a bar chart, as it would be easier to view and understand. My findings show that the most common reasons were that they were funny and unique. This tells me that most music videos which do well in the charts are music videos which are unique to the artist or band and are funny. <br />
  14. 14. Question 13: What, in your opinion, is the best music video of all time?<br />After I found out what peoples favourite music videos were, I decided it would benefit me if I found out what my recipients think is the best music video in all time. <br />When analysing this question, I found out that Michael Jackson – Thriller was voted the best music video of all time by most of the recipients. I think this is because the video was very unique and MJ’s dancing in the video inspired a lot of people.<br />
  15. 15. Question 14- What do you prefer in music videos?<br />I thought I would find out more about what kind of things my recipients like in music videos. This would help me decide on what I could use in my music video. <br />I found out when I analysed this question that most people enjoy watching music videos which include, funny things, uniqueness, artists performing and randomness. This gives me ideas which to include in my own music video.<br />
  16. 16. Question 15: Do you prefer music videos which have special effects and movement in them?<br />I thought if I could find out whether my recipients prefer music videos which have lots of movement and special effects than the band or artist just performing the song.<br />When I analysed this question, I found out that most people prefer watching music videos which have lots of movement and special effects.<br />