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  • 1. ..Welcome to my presentation.. So now sit back and relaxBy: Hayley
  • 2. MY GOALS My goal is to improve in my reading, writing and maths. My plan is to work hard as I can.
  • 3. …Social goals… Myself management is to listen To what the teacher is talking about. My plan will also be communicating So that I can share for what I have to share.
  • 4. READINGFor reading I have beenlearning to use digistoreOn the computer lastterm.My reading age is:12.5-13.0My star score is: stanine6 What I like most about reading is Visualising what the story is about Using comprehension skills. Completing story map or story web But there both the same. Using an AVAILL because we got to watch Movies while the subtitles rolling down the Bottom.
  • 5. MathsDuring maths its been pretty awesome why??Because I have learnt a lot of new skills like rounding andCompensating , Equal addition , doubling and halving and letmeShow you a little example on how we learnt to do it.3 times 12 you double the three and makes 6 then you halvethe12 and makes 6 again now you have done both double andhalveYou times the two numbers left behind so 6 times 6 equals36.So there we go there are a lot more but cant go further soThrough out that whole time during maths I have learnt alot.My number knowledge is :7My number strategy:7
  • 6. ..Writing.. Writing has been wonderful because I Reckon I made I have Made an improvement The writing my class and I learnt in term 1 was narrative and my writing was called I tried so hard. The writing we are learning this termMy level for writing is explanation and amis:4B hoping t make a big impression.
  • 7. For learning language we have beenlearningHow to speak Maori and have been learningA bit of Japanese. What I really enjoy issayingOr singing the chant called E TE ARIKI. Kia ora
  • 8. Okay now rugby really is My sport and I have loved It so much tackling Passing but main thing I Like is scoring tries. A lot Skills.Softball.. so awesome butOne thing it really isnt myThing but when I tried it out alsoTurns out that it was really coolI loved it and also learnt newSkills like bullet proof passingAnd many more.
  • 9. Google sketch upDuring Google sketch it hasbeen a lot of experience,Why? Because you can makehouses, pools, parksAnd many more like what Ihave done here, It is somekind of bar I tried to makewhen I was with sue.
  • 10. Thank you for watching my presentation hope you enjoyed