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  • 1. Web Page Evaluation On Breast Cancer Awareness Hayley Manly EDTL 6310
  • 2. Topic of Search: Breast Cancer Awareness
    • Website : National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.
    • http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/
    • Summary : This website increases awareness of breast cancer through education.
    • Website : Susan G Komen For The Cure
    • http://www.komen.org/
    • Summary : This website is about the global leader of the breast cancer movement and has the largest group of activists.
  • 3. Criteria #1: Authority
    • National Breast Cancer Foundation
    • Author: Janelle Hail, a 30-year breast cancer survivor, is the Founder & CEO of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF), one of the most highly recognized and respected breast cancer charities in the world.
    • Site update: October 2011
    • Susan G. Komen
    • Author: Nancy J. Brinker, Susan G. Komen’s sister, dedicated and created this site for her sister who fought breast cancer with her heart, soul, and body.
    • Site update: October 5, 2011
  • 4. Criteria #2: Accuracy
    • National Breast Cancer Foundation
    • Live links included:
      • http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=2
      • http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/coping
      • Links provided at this website are all verifiable and contain evidence supported by medical professionals.
    • Susan G. Komen
    • Live links included:
      • https://www. breastcancertrials .org/ bct _nation/prevention
      • http://www.cancer. gov / bcrisktool /  
      • http://www.cancer. gov / cancerinfo / pdq /genetics/breast-and-ovarian  
      • Links provided at this website are all verifiable and contain evidence supported by medical research.
  • 5. Criteria #3: Currency
    • National Breast Cancer Foundation
    • Founded: 1991
    • Updated: 2011
    • All current links to the website are working.
    • Susan G. Komen
    • Founded: Not Given
    • Updated: 2011
    • All current links to the website are working.
  • 6. Criteria #4: Objectivity
    • National Breast Cancer Foundation
    • This website gives several treatment options for women and does not have a biased for one option versus another .
    • Susan G. Komen
    • This website gives several other options for breast cancer awareness and different causes that you can donate money to.
  • 7. My Opinion
    • After reviewing both of the websites in detail, I feel that I would use the National Breast Cancer Foundation website for the fact that it seems to be more thorough than the Susan G. Komen website, as far as facts and information. The Komen website focuses more on raising awareness for breast cancer rather than information on the diagnosis, treatment, and research of it. I also felt that the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s founder was more reputable than the other, because she is on several medical boards, rather than just being a cancer survivor. Both websites were very useful but I would could with the Cancer Foundation.
  • 8. The End