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Grow your business club overview | Sign up today for FREE

  1. 1. Why Join/Signup?1Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  2. 2. Welcome……to Grow Your Business® ClubStop Struggling. Start Growing. name is Fraser Hay, and founder of Grow Your Business ® Club. I’m a former Scottish & UK Shell Livewire winner, Royal Bank of Scotland and Prince’sTrust Scotland Winner, have over 300 videos on You Tube, and my last 3 kindle books reached the #1 download slot on Amazon in less than 5 days. I’vetested hundreds of marketing approaches over the years, and want to share with you what I’ve learned from the mistakes I made, so you don’t have to.I also want to introduce you to some friends of mine, who are all experts at what they do and all prepared to help you Grow Your Business®
  3. 3. Is this you? 1/3Many business owners dont know what’s holding them back andpreventing them from achieving their personal, professional &commercial goals and objectives. People who approach us, tendto be self-employed business owners.But, they’re also often…• Pre-Start Entrepreneurs about to start a business• Start-Up Owners who recently started a business• Existing Business Owners who have been trading for a while,and just need a "break"• Serious Business Owners who are poised to take theirbusiness to the next level or want to EXIT.How much do you want to grow……personally, professionally or commercially in the year ahead?3Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  4. 4. Is this you? 2/3They are usually professional service providers such asaccountants, coaches, tradesmen, financial advisers, consultants,or those that we list in the table belowThey tend to be proactive, helpful, optimistic individuals focussedon helping their own clients to achieve their goals and objectives.Others are owners, managers and entrepreneurs wanting practicalhelp, guidance and support with their own business venture ingenerating more traffic, leads, enquiries, prospects, sales andreferrals.In short, the one area they all want help with is……MARKETING.We offer help, guidance and support via our online business club,coaching and consultancy directly, indirectly, individually and ingroups.What do you want to achieve in the year ahead?Struggling to find clarity, vision and purpose?4Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  5. 5. Is this you? 3/3Each of our members have their own unique strengths that weencourage them to demonstrate, share and "package" thosestrengths to help address the weaknesses of their fellow membersand wider business community at large.We also show our members how to create additional revenuestreams and help them to grow sustainable businesses.Would you like to sign up, become a member and be guaranteedan ROI of your time, effort & money invested in your marketing?Dont say NO just yet, thinking youve heard it all before. Readthis document in its entirety BEFORE coming to the conclusionthats right for you, and after youve weighed up all the facts.Stop Struggling with your weaknessesStart profiting from your strengths, skills & talent5Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  6. 6. Should You consider Joining? YES if… 1/4• YOU’VE GOT AN IDEA FOR STARTING A BUSINESS You’veprobably got an idea for starting a business, haven’t started yetand want help, guidance and support to develop your idea, createyour business plan and get it off the starting block• YOU’VE RECENTLY STARTED A BUSINESS but you’re struggling toget noticed, generate leads or win new business. You lack visibilityin your local market, don’t have advocates to recommend you, andsimply want to improve your marketing skills and knowledge• YOU’VE ALREADY GOT A BUSINESS but your marketing hasstagnated. You’ve tried networking clubs, twitter, facebook pages,you’ve even got a profile but your marketing simplyisn’t generating the results you want. You just don’t know what todo to get it all working for you, and you want someone you cantrust, that’s not going to let you down or make false promises.Should You Consider Joining?Maybe. Maybe Not, but you might want to join if…6Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  7. 7. Should You consider Joining? YES if… 2/4• YOU DONT WANT IVORY TOWER IDEAS or TEXT BOOK THEORY.You dont want academic, management book advice full ofacronyms and jargon. No. You want straight talking help, guidanceand support thats practical, proven, easy to understand and easyto implement. You want help from someone thats been there anddone it - in the trenches and understands what it’s really all about.• YOU LOVE SERVICING CLIENTS BUT HATE MARKETING and guesswhat? There are lots of people out there just like you. They lovedoing what they do with clients and customers, but they justsimply hate spending time on all the marketing stuff involved infinding and winning new clients. Quite often because they don’tunderstand it or just don’t want to do it – is that you?Get real world practical help when you need it……not academic, ivory tower, egotistical hog wash that no-one can understand.7Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  8. 8. Should You consider Joining? YES if… 3/4• YOUVE BECOME DISILLUSIONED WITH BREAKFAST CLUBS &other networking groups because you havent experienced or havebenefited from the value theyre supposed to offer. It appears tobe the same people week in, week out, always on the take andlookout for new business, never giving you recommendations oropportunities you were led to believe that youd get.• YOU WANT TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL butyour regular source of leads and how you generate new businessisn’t as good as it used to be or needs to be? Markets are changingall the time, in every industry across the globe and you need tobuild up your sales pipeline, without spending a fortune.With the Club, we show you new ways to position yourself as anexpert and how to generate signups, downloads, leads and sales.Demonstrate your skills, wisdom & experience……and your fellow members will want to refer you contacts & opportunities8Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  9. 9. Should You consider Joining? YES if… 4/4• YOU ARE PREPARED TO ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES get stuck in andactually test and apply the many different proven, practicaltechniques, strategies and concepts that we share, having appliedthem ourselves.• We document all our marketing testing and share it with ourmembers outlining what we did and how we did it.We share these in our blogs, our conference calls, our googlehangouts, webinars, video tutorials and case studies.Help, guidance and support……even execution and implementation when you want it.9Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  10. 10. Are you struggling with your marketing?Can you identify 3 areas that you need, want or simply “must” address?10Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  11. 11. Are you a “drain” or a “radiator”?We want to help you grow your business. We share every concepttechnique, strategy & idea with you because we don’t want youmaking the same mistakes that we did in the early days.We take you by the hand and help you formulate your thinking,put real numbers to your thinking, and help you apply realsolutions to real problems and convert real sales opportunitiesinto cash.You need to radiate enthusiasm & passion for what you offer.We do, The Grow Your Business Club is both an online and offlineresource designed exclusively for self-employed business ownersbacked up with live fortnightly meetings, coaching calls, articles,videos and practical how to tips all designed to help pre-start,start-up, and existing business owners get results – fast.There are 2 types of people in this world……”Drains” & “Radiators”, which one are you?11Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  12. 12. Identify why your marketing isnt workingThe purpose of the Club is to give you what you need to generateenquiries, leads, sales and referrals online and offline. Theconcepts, techniques, principles, strategies and ideas that weshare online and offline at our live meetings, are designed to helpyou achieve your sales & marketing objectives.We are not miracle workers. If something won’t work, we’ll tellyou. More importantly we’ll tell you why, but the onus is on youWe help our members and clients to identify and address each ofthe marketing issues, challenges and obstacles that’s holding themback and preventing them from achieving their marketingobjectives. Having helped them identify why their marketing isn’tworking, they can choose to work with us to put together a plan ofaction to take their business to the next level.12Stop Struggling. Start Growing. analytical & diagnostic tools……to help you identify why your marketing isn’t working & what you can do about it
  13. 13. Take responsibility for your future successAll members own, manage or run a small business.They tend to be masters of their own ship.They make the decisions.They choose how serious they want to get with their marketing.They choose the objectives they want to reach, they choosewhich areas they want help with, and we assist via our onlineresource, fortnightly meetings, workshops, training, coaching &consultancy.It’s your business. You’re in control…You make the decisions. You decide how much success you want.13Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  14. 14. Our members all have something in common 1/2Our members are a unique breed of positive, proactive &pragmatic entrepreneurs. our clients, members & customersinterested in succeeding with their marketing, typically sharemany of the following characteristics. If these apply to you, thenwe’re fairly confident we can help you in your business venture.Your focus is on your clients – Not You – You’re focussed ongenerating results for clients, and focussed on what they’re goingto get, not you.Highest Standards – You don’t like coming second. You want to bethe best in your field.You know “your onions” – You know your market, and understandthe problems, pains, needs and frustrations of your market.It’s true, size does NOT matter……but a positive , proactive & pragmatic attitude does.14Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  15. 15. Our members all have something in common 2/2You’re NOT a Quitter – You have a strong resilience and arepersistent in striving towards your success, by working in yourbusiness every single day.You know you don’t have ALL the answers – But value other’sexpertise and are prepared to listen and accept advice, counseland direction if it can help you.Prepared to invest in yourself and your venture – You appreciatethe value of investing in yourself and in receiving expert help.You appreciate the “givers gain” mind set – You value andunderstand “reciprocity” and the importance of having a goodteam or network of people to help you and share valuable contentwith you.Expert help is available 24/7, 365.In a number of different formats & media.15Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  16. 16. Stop Struggling. Start Growing. an “Ordinary Member”You dont suppose you ever...• Wanted new business contacts to connect with, or…• A NEW channel for promoting your upcoming events?• wanted to position yourself as an expert in your market?• Struggled to get backlinks or “google juice” to your website ?• Wanted a marketing framework to help grow your business®?• Wanted to showcase your talent, skills and wisdom?• joined a social network and just “lurked” waiting for results?As an Ordinary Member at Grow Your Business® Club:• Post and promote your upcoming webinars & workshops• Demonstrate your expertise and products by uploading videos• Access over 200 marketing videos & over 500 marketing blogs• Increase your reach by sharing content via Linkedin & Pinterest• Benefit from others sharing your content on Facebook & Twitter©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2013Apply what you learn inside Grow Your Business® Club…Test your new marketing appraoches online, without spending any money.
  17. 17. Stop Struggling. Start Growing. an “Ordinary Member”You dont suppose you ever...• Sent an email that didn’t get opened?• Wrote a blog and not get a single like or comment?• Cancelled a workshop due to lack of numbers?• Placed an ad or bought advertising space & the ad bombed?• Attended a tradeshow or exhibition & didn’t recoup the cost?• Wondered why a particular webinar didn’t “take off”?• Thought about writing a book but didn’t know if it would sell?As an Ordinary Member at Grow Your Business® Club:• Test content topics, workshop themes & headlines• Test prices, discounts, payment teams & terms of service• Test online promotional strategies, tactics & techniques• Get feedback & opinions from real people in your marketplace• Get vital elements of your campaign working before you roll outApply what you learn inside Grow Your Business® Club…Test your new marketing approaches online, without spending any money.©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2013
  18. 18. Managing your expectation & ours 1/3When you choose to join the club, attend our regular meetings,interact with your fellow members and change the way youmanage your marketing, you can expect the following:1. You will feel more confident in knowing why your marketingisn’t working and what you need to do to overcome the issues,challenges and obstacles that are holding you back and preventingyou from achieving the results you want.2. You will have a laser like focus on who you want to work with,and why. You will focus more on who you want to work with, andthose who will be prepared to pay what you’re really worth.3. You will have a clear understanding of the problems, needs andfrustrations of your target market, the impact and cost of theseproblems, and how you can present your solution online andoffline encouraging more prospects to buy from you.It’s all about managing your expectation & oursNo-one likes false promises. No-one likes “surprises” and that includes us.18Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  19. 19. Managing your expectation & ours 2/34. You will generate more back-links and traffic to your website.You will be able to raise the visibility of your site, products andservices online and thus drive more interested parties to you.5. You will be able to articulate clear marketing messages that getspecific, clear calls to action and engagement from prospectivecustomers including more emails, more phone calls, moreappointments, and more orders.6. You will receive more requests to do business from betterqualified prospects. Instead of wasting time, money and energyon people who were perhaps just “shopping around” you will beable to disqualify the tyre kickers and those who don’t meet yourcriteria to enable you to focus on and convert interested prospectsinto more sales.19Stop Struggling. Start Growing.’s all about managing your expectation & oursNo-one likes false promises. No-one likes “surprises” and that includes us.
  20. 20. Managing your expectation & ours 3/37. Youll generate better qualified, higher quality referrals. Thequality of the referrals you receive will increase because otherswill know who to refer to you and why thanks to your growingreputation that you excel at what you do in solving real problemsfor others – resulting in even more clients.20Stop Struggling. Start Growing.’s all about managing your expectation & oursNo-one likes false promises. No-one likes “surprises” and that includes us.
  21. 21. Which industry or sector do you belong to?• Cleaning Services• Computer Networks• Computer Sales-Service• Computer Software Sales-Services• Electrician• Engineer• Flooring/Carpets• Florist• General-Motor Insurance• Graphic Designer• Health and Safety Consulting• Hospitality or Tourism• Financial Advisor• Landscape GardenerWe have members in over 20 different countries……and over 50 different sectors. Membership is welcome from any sector.21Stop Struggling. Start Growing. industry or sector do you belong to?• Accountant• Architectural Services• Bank Services• Bookkeeper• Builder• Business Advisor• Business Coach• Business Insurance• Car Repairs• Car Sales, Leasing• Car Services• Carpenter• Carpet Cleaning• Caterer
  22. 22. Stop Struggling. Start Growing. Industry or sector do you belong to?• Marketing Services• Mortgages• Office Products• Online Retailers• Painter and Decorator• Photographer• Plumber.We have members in over 20 different countries……and over 50 different sectors. Membership is welcome from any sector.
  23. 23. They don’t have a herd mentality, either.Many small business owners copy what others do, because theythink that it works and that’s what they should be doing. What’sworse is that they all view marketing as an expense instead of aninvestment. As an ”Ordinary Member” of the club:1. You will quickly be able to lower your marketing acquisitioncosts, in other words – You’ll learn how to lower your cost perlead, cost per sale and increase the live time value of a customer.2. You will learn how to add new revenue streams, by capitalisingand productising what you already know and have done in thepast, to start generating revenue now and in the future..3. If you go on to upgrade, we will even show you how to create atax free income doing what you do, best. And no, it isn’t a joke,and you can get your accountant to verify what we suggest.Our members don’t view marketing as a cost……they view marketing as an investment.23Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  24. 24. Progress is Guaranteed…when you embrace what we offer and apply what we share.24Stop Struggling. Start Growing. do not suffer fools gladly. If you’re not prepared to participateon the site, engage with your fellow members, and demonstrateyour knowledge, wisdom and expertise in each of the differentareas of our site, then please, DO NOT SIGN UP.We prefer to work with those members who want to grow theirbusiness. If you don’t want to grow, you’re in the wrong place.If however, you are serious in wanting to grow your business andstart generating fans, friends, followers, backlinks, traffic, leads,enquiries or sales, then signup today before your competitors do.For if after having been a member for 12 months, applied what weshare each month, and have failed to recoup the cost of yourinvestment, then we will refund your membership fee in full.It’s become a no brainer, then. Doesn’t it?
  25. 25. Progress is Guaranteed…when you embrace what we offer and apply what we share.25Stop Struggling. Start Growing., So you know you get access to all the written, recorded, andvideo content, plus you get to attend the live local meetings in yourarea to meet your fellow members and to share your successes andhear of the successes of your fellow members too.But, if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continueto get what you’ve always had. It’s a mind-set thing, and you needto change the way you think and manage your marketing.THINK ABOUT IT...HOW MUCH ARE 1, 3 or 5 NEW CLIENTS WORTH TO YOU?SERIOUSY THOUGH, HOW MUCH ARE 1, 3 or 5 NEW CLIENTSWORTH TO YOU?
  26. 26. Progress is Guaranteed…when you embrace what we offer and apply what we share.26Stop Struggling. Start Growing. imagine if as a member of the Grow Your Business Club, Wehelp you to understand why your marketing isn’t working, andwhat content, knowledge and information you need.We can also show you how to apply what we share to help increasethe ROI of your membership, and help you win more business, moreclients and more referrals.Imagine, if with our help you generated 5, 10 or 30 new clients…...How much would that be worth to you?
  27. 27. Imagine, 12 months from now……what it could be like for you and your business.Imagine for a moment what it would be like; a year from now; havingidentified and addressed each of the marketing issues, challenges &obstacles that are holding you back and preventing you from achievingthe results you crave.How would you feel? How do you want to feel this time next year?How will you feel if those issues remain as they are - unresolved?• Decide to change the way you manage your marketing• Commit to holding The Grow Your Business Club accountablewith your marketing• Act now, before your competitors do27Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  28. 28. One Last Thing, and it’s important……consider these vital 6 points:1. Look at some of the feedback from other members & clients.2. Do you want things to continue the way they are? Or do you wantthem to improve? Do you want to grow your business?3. Just One Client I suspect, in the next 12 months, will help pay foreverything we give you access to.4. What if that client gives you 2 new referrals after you follow theadvice we offer in the club. Do you want to turn away that futurebusiness? Think how much could that advice be worth to you if youkeep getting 2 referrals from every new client we help you win, overthe next 3 – 5 years?28Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  29. 29. 5. And what if you want to EXIT, retire, sell or hang up your guns in thenot too distant future? Will you be grateful that you learned abouthow to increase the life time value of a client, and generate passiverevenue streams, after all?6. THINK! You have spent years learning what you know, mastering yourcraft, and your strengths can help others with weaknesses that youcan fix, solve or remedy. Your prospects are people who do not knowwhat you know, dont have what you offer, and could well be existingmembers within the club. Youre probably an EXPERT in an area thatour existing members could benefit from, and that represents aneven bigger opportunity for GROWTH - for all concerned.29Stop Struggling. Start Growing. Last Thing, and it’s important……consider these vital 6 points:
  30. 30. You now have 3 choices……It’s your business. You make the decisions. You decide how much success you want.Decide:•It’s NOT for you, you’re happy to keep struggling on, wrestling with theissues, challenges & obstacles that are preventing you from achieving themarketing results you crave.or• Not now, but maybe in 6 months time, whilst you continue to fightfires, lose money, and rip your hair out, hoping that your cash flow willimprove by then.or• YES, You recognise the importance, relevance and value of what’s onoffer. You recognise you need help, want help and are prepared to rollup your sleeves and “get stuck-in”. More importantly, you love the ideaof a FREE Membership - a no brainer, really!30Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  31. 31. Take Action TodayBefore Your Competitors Do.SIGN UP and immediately start making progress, and growing your business.Call us on +44(0)1542 841319 and get your questions answered.Email us at any questions that you may have or need help with.Use the “contact us” link on our website.Take Action Today Before Your Competitors Do.31Stop Struggling. Start Growing.