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Business startup coach offers Business Startup Course
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Business startup coach offers Business Startup Course


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Business startup coach offers Business Startup Course for those considering self-employment and starting their own business. Available online, via live group sessions or 121 personal coaching.

Business startup coach offers Business Startup Course for those considering self-employment and starting their own business. Available online, via live group sessions or 121 personal coaching.

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  • 1. “The course has given me the courage and conviction to leave fulltime employment. Fraser has patiently and diligently assisted me ingetting my business up and running. Fraser has been there everystep of the way to listen, coach, motivate and inspire me to action.What he offers IS unique and I value him as a friend now as well asa business adviser.” Zelinrentice Scott, Illinois, USA “It got me to realise that I was causing conflict between my head and my heart by upsetting myself over my apparent deficiencies instead of getting practical about identifying and exploiting resources with a view to ensuring progress…Brilliant. Pure genius. Precision responses to what comes up, moment by moment, never missing a trick” Martin Camden, London “The course assisted me in validating my gifts, confirming my value, target market, and financial objectives for the year ahead. It greatly assisted me and my confidence levels by confirming ways I can promote myself and identified 5 new revenue streams for the business that I hadn’t thought of. “ Liz Chukwu, Horsham “I was shocked as to how quickly and how many issues he identified and the negative impact they were having on the business. Over the next 8 weeks, he dissected every part of my marketing and assisted me to create a marketing plan for 2012. The result? I am more systematic, and am following my plan. KPis have been defined, and inbound enquiries are being generated, a new referral strategy is also generating dividends.” Adrian Whalley, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire CLAIM YOUR FREE BUSINESS START-UP CHECK LIST & CONSULTATION TODAY
  • 2. Business Start-up Course Knowledge. Direction. Execution.
  • 3. All that’s between you and becoming self-employed orstarting your own business is the completion of 8 simplesteps. You’re in control, you make the decisions. Youchoose how quickly you want our help, when you want tobe up and running and how you would like to receive ourhelp. Allow us to guide you through the process via ourvirtual learning environment online, via our live workshopsor personal coaching. How soon do you want to go live? We supply you with the worksheets, checklists, planning tools, financial calculators, we even supply you with FREE productivity software saving you money, making you more efficient & keeping you focussed on starting your business. We help you to clarify your thinking, confirm the revenue streams, how to find customers, how to protect your idea, and how complete your business start-up plan.We can also help you save time and money with ourfill-in-the-blanks business plan. Simply refer to yoursession worksheets, checklists and notes to give youeverything you need to complete your plan.Consult your accountant to confirm the financialinformation required to implement the plan. We alsoshare10 ways to raise start-up capital and how to pitchto investors, (if you need to). CLAIM YOUR FREE BUSINESS START-UP CHECKLIST & CONSULTATION TODAY
  • 4. Session 1 – Are You Ready?Identify your strengths, weaknesses, fears, reservations andthe true value of what you have to offer. Identify what theopportunity is, and why you want to start your own business. Session 2 – The Business Idea Identify the problems you can fix, who needs and wants your solution(s, how you’ll make money, how you’ll find customers, what resources you require & what’s to be included in the plan.Session 3 – Market ResearchIdentify what prospective customers need, want, and whatmotivates them. Discover who your competitors are, and whypeople will want to do business with you and not them. Session 4 –Marketing Discover how many leads you need to give you the revenue you want. Learn about different no cost, and low cost tactics for generating fans, friends, followers, leads, sales & referrals.Session 5 – FinancialsIdentify what financial records you will need to keep, how togenerate a tax free income from your business, how to getpaid in advance, and how to monitor your financial progress Session 6 – Legal What legal structure will your business take? How will you protect your idea, and ensure you get paid. What insurances do you need? All of this is addressed in this session.Session 7 – TechnicalWebsite, hosting, telephone systems & security are just someof the topics that we help you to consider and address as partof creating your business start-up plan. Session 8 – The Plan When do you plan on exiting the business? When will investors get their ROI? In this session we help you document the plan & pull it all together so you know what you need to start trading.