Final Project (Rider)
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  • 2. The Heroes Journey • Rider- Johnny Blaze is doing stunts with his dad at the carnival. They have their own show everyday. They come up with new jumps and stunts. • Tom Walker- Tom walker and his wife are poverty stricken and live in a run down house in the woods. Ordinary World
  • 3. Call to Adventure Rider- Johnny's dad gets a deadly form of cancer and it has spread. The doctor doesn't give him much time to live, and Johnny doesn't know what to do or how to help. Johnny goes to work on the bikes then the devil comes to the shop and talks to Johnny. Johnny signs a contract with the devil allowing his dad to get rid of the cancer. In turn Johnny gives up his soul. Tom Walker- Whenever Tom is wandering through the woods and comes across the black man, the Devil, who offers him treasure.
  • 4. • The devil rids Johnny's dad of the cancer; he wakes up and the cancer is completely gone and he feels better than ever. However, Johnny's dad dies in a stunt accident the next day. Johnny is furious with the devil and just starts to ride his bike to nowhere. The devil meets up with him and tells Johnny one day he will need Johnny to do him a favor. • Tom Walker- Tom refuses the Devils offer of the wealth and riches and returns home. Refusal to the Call
  • 5. • The Devil comes to Johnny after he performs an amazing and record breaking stunt. He tells Johnny he needs him to become the Ghost Rider and get a sacred list before his son, Blackheart, gets it. • Tom Walker- After meeting the Devil for the first time he becomes his mentor. Meeting the Mentor
  • 6. • Rider- Johnny crosses the threshold when he first transforms into the Ghost Rider. He then goes and hunts out and demolishes any evil. He makes the villains feels the pain and agony of their victims of the past. Finally he consumes their soul and destroys them. • Tom Walker- After denying the offer, Toms wife then take matters into her hands and tries to make the offer with Devil herself. After the wife goes missing then Tom ventures out in the woods to go looking for her. Crossing the First Threshold
  • 7. • Rider- Blackheart gathers three demons of different elements: air, earth, and water. Blackheart sends them out to fight Johnny and to get the list before he does. • Tom Walker- After looking for his wife he finds her apron covered in blood and knows she's dead. Tom, realizing he has nothing left to lose, befriends the devil and excepts the deal. Test, Allies, Enemies
  • 8. • Johnny gets caught speeding on his bike and police track him done and he is thrown in prison. All the evil makes the Rider come out and he escapes as the Rider. He then rides off to go find Slade, the old Rider to get the list from him. • Tom Walker- After reevaluating his life he realizes the money wasn't worth his soul and tries to fake salvation in order to escape judgment. Approach
  • 9. Ordeal • Johnny gets the list from Slade and also acquires new weapons (shotgun). Meanwhile, Blackheart has captured Roxanne, Johnny's girl and will only return her safely if Johnny hands over the list. Johnny and Slade then ride out to where Blackheart is to give up the list. • After realizing trading his soul wasn't worth the money and temporary happiness. He tries to fake his salvation and begins doing good works in order to escape judgment. He begins to carry a bible around in order to save himself.
  • 10. • Johnny hands over the list to Blackheart and he returns Roxanne to Johnny. Blackheart reads the list and absorbs the souls and become even more powerful. Then they begin to fight one another. Johnny looks like he wasn't going to win but in the end he uses the souls evil from the past against Blackheart thus destroying him. So Johnny defeats Blackheart and gets the girl. • Tom Walker- Even though Tom regrets his decision, he still lived a life of prosperity. He built mansions and bought everything his heart desired. Tom knew what it felt like to be extremely wealthy. Reward
  • 11. • The devil then comes to Johnny after he kills Blackheart. Johnny confronts the Devil and ends up destroying him to for now. Johnny keeps the Ghost Rider powers. • Tom walker- After realizing that his efforts are pointless he goes back to his normal life of chasing money and always trying to make more of it. The Road Back
  • 12. Resurrection Hero • Rider- Johnny keeps his Rider powers to become a hero and to stop other evil and return the souls to hell. He also gets Roxanne back but it doesn't go over too smoothly since he still transforms into the rider. • Tom Walker- Once dealing with a man about paying his rent, instead of being forgiving and merciful, he demands for the payment then, rather than allowing him to pay it back later. Tom was furious and yells for the Devil to come and get him now.
  • 13. Return With Elixir • Rider- Johnny knowing the burden he holds can't stay where he is now. He leaves the country so he won't hurt the ones he loves with the power he has. He goes off to live by himself in an abandoned building. • Tom Walker- Tom never returns home, instead he goes to Hell. He got his reward on earth but now how to pay the ultimate sacrifice for his decision of dealing with the Devil.
  • 14. Ghost Rider Summary • Johnny blaze is a young stuntman that does stunts with his talented dad. They have their own show at a carnival. Johnny's dad gets cancer and has no idea how to fix it. However he meets the devil which allows Johnny to sign a contract giving up his soul in turn for his father's well-being. The devil heals Johnny's dad but ends up killing him anyway. The devil says he will need Johnny for a favor one day. The devil comes to Johnny years later and asks for him to become a sort of demon bounty hunter. Johnny has to obey since the devil has his soul. Johnny becomes the feared, ancient Ghost Rider. The devil needs Johnny to stop his son from getting a list with a thousand evil souls listed on it.
  • 15. Rider Cont. • Through all this Johnny meets up with his girlfriend from his teens, Roxanne. Johnny is trying to fight evil and his powers while trying to have a relationship with Roxanne. Johnny goes to find the old rider but is overcome with obstacles. Eventually he gets the list from the old rider, but Blackheart has captured Roxanne. Johnny must trade the list for her. Blackheart and Johnny battle, and Johnny comes out victorious. Johnny then kills the devil and maintains the the Rider powers so he can continue to fight evil. He eventually leaves the country however because he doesn't want the powers to harm the ones he love.
  • 16. The Devil and Tom Walker Summary • Tom Walker is a poverty stricken man who lives in a run down house in the woods with his wife. Always wanting more and wanting a better life, he finally gets the opportunity when he's offered a deal by the Devil. The Devil offered treasure and wealth, but under one condition, Tom sells his soul to him. Tom refuses and goes back to tell his wife everything that happened. His wife was furious at him and, taking matters in her own hands, went searching for the Devil. The wife goes missing and once Tom goes searching for her, all he finds is his wife's bloody apron with her insides in it.
  • 17. Tom Walker Cont. • Tom takes this as a sign he has nothing to lose and excepts the Devils deal. He becomes an usher for the Devil and deals with all of his money. After living a long life of prosperity, he realizes one day that it wasn't worth it. He realizes money only brings temporary happiness and isn't worth the price of his eternal soul. He then tries to fake his salvation in order to escape judgment. He begins to attend church and carry his bible around in order to save him. Once he realizes his efforts are useless, he gives up. At the very end of the story he is dealing with a man who's not paying rent, and instead of showing mercy and forgiveness, he's strict and demands for the payment then. When the man can't pay it and ask for extra time, Tom walker screams for the Devil to take him now. At Toms surprise, the black horseman arrives at his house and drags him down the street and eventually to Hell were he will meet the Devil for the last time.
  • 18. Characters Rider • Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider)- Johnny Blaze is the main character of the movie. He has many goals throughout the movie. At first his goal is to find a way to help cure his dad from the deadly cancer that he had been diagnosed with. The conflict that goes with this is that his dad winds up dying in the end anyways the day after he found a way to help save his dad. His next goal would be about twenty years in the future. He is a well known stunt man that travels around doing crazy, treacherous stunts for large crowds. His goal is to land a jump that requires him to jump a large number of helicopters. He successfully lands the jump. Which causes him to meet his old girl friend. He asks the girl, Roxanne, on a date. The comes to him and needs Johhny to become the Rider which causes him trouble with Roxanne. Johnny then is told by the devil to go get a special list from the devil's son, Blackheart. However, Blackheart sends out demons to defeat Johnny. Johnny gets pulled over for speeding and is sent to jail. He escapes to go accomplish his  next goal, which is to find Slade, which was the old Rider. He finds him and gets the list. Meanwhile, Blackheart has captured Roxanne and Johnny must go give the list to Blackheart. Johnny wins the fight and Blackheart is defeated. Johnny keeps the powers and stays the Rider. Johnny's motivations for this whole story was just because he wanted to save his dad from death.
  • 19. Character Rider Cont. Roxanne- Roxanne only  goal was to have a relationship with Johnny. The conflict stopping that was Blackheart and the demons. Also Johnny's powers kept them from living a normal life too. Roxanne's motivation for this was because she had strong feelings for Johnny still  Devil- The devil's goal was to get the list back from the old Rider. The conflict was Blackheart, his son, was also trying to get the list too. Blackheart sent out demons to help him get it. Another goal for the devil was to find a new Rider to help him get the list before his son did. The Devil's motivation was because, he wanted the list so he could have more power from the one thousand souls in hell that it has listed on it. Blackheart-  Blackheart's one and only goal was to get the list before anyone else could. His only problem was that his dad had hired a new Ghost Rider to stop him and his minions from getting the list. His motivation for trying to get the list was the same as his dad's. He wanted the list because with it came great power for anyone who had it.
  • 20. Comparison When comparing the movie "Ghost Rider" to the short story "The Devil and Tom Walker" the similarity that arose is an individual who trades their soul to the Devil. The reasoning behind the dealing with the Devil may be different but the motive behind the individual is the same, self gain or self sacrifice. Johnny Blaze trades his soul to the Devil in order to save his father while Tom Walker simply does it out of the desire for money. In both cases, both men trade something eternal for something that only brings instant gratification. 
  • 21. • While Johnny saves his fathers life, he's going to die eventually, which makes his dealing with Devil pointless. He's trying to defy the inevitable, death, by bringing him back to life, but this won't do much because he's going to die in the end. Tom Walker trades his souls to the Devil for money, which only brings temporary satisfaction, but will end in eternal life in Hell. He had an easy, prosperous life on Earth, but will suffer the rest of eternity in Hell. Comparison Cont.
  • 22. While both individuals made dealings with the Devil, the decisions are quickly regretted when they pay the consequences for there actions. Johnny Blaze suffered serious consequences because of his actions and resulted in him becoming the ghost rider. He was bound to a life of killing and solitude. He goes on uncontrolled rampages that always end in death which, in turn, always leads to regret. He lives a life of solitude and loneliness because of this "sickness" and he can't get close to anyone without hurting them. That's why in the end he runs away and tries to hide out. Likewise, while Tom Walker might look like he has it all together, lives a life of solitude and regret as well. While money can cause happiness, it's never real, and is short lived. So while Tom had all the possessions and materialistic things of this world, it never satisfied. Towards the end of his life he realizes that the money wasn't worth his soul and does everything in his power to escape judgment. After realizing those efforts are pointless he excepts his fate and lives the rest of his life while it's still good. His ultimate punishment his eternal damnation in Hell and life of agony and suffering. 
  • 23. Contrast • When comparing the motives behind both individuals, we see that the root cause, or source of there actions are for two different reasons, one is for self sacrifice and the other is self gratification. Johnny Blaze wanted the luxury of having his father living on Earth for years to come and not letting the sickness take his father from him. Johnny sacrificed his own life in order to save his father. Johnny was willing to do anything to keep him alive, even sell his soul. On the other hand, Tom Walker traded his soul for money. Out of greed and self gratification he traded something eternal for something that only brings instant gratification. After losing his wife he feels he has nothing left to lose and makes the deal. Tom thought money would bring him happiness and satisfaction and while it did, it was short lived, and he realizes it wasn't worth it. He lost something enteral, in hoping to gain something that can only go so far.
  • 24. Plot/Character Analysis     The prevalent or underlined theme through-out the short story "The Devil and Tom Walker", by Washington Irving, is greed has consequences. When greed has taken over it's easy to make rash decisions without thinking through the situation and evaluating the ultimate outcome. Greed is portrayed through the plot, images, and Tom Walker's character though-out the short story.  Tom Walker, out of greed, sells his eternal soul to the Devil for the instant gratification of money. He trades his soul, which is priceless, for something with a set value, that is short-lived and never fulfilling. Not only does Tom Walker loose his own life in the dealing of the Devil, but also loses the life of his wife.
  • 25.   The source of an individual's greed usually springs from an individuals love, or lack of something. Whether it's possessions, money, power, etc. it all revolves around the things they love, or desire, the most. In Tom Walker's case, its wealth. From the very beginning we see that Tom Walker and his wife are extremely poor and the root of their greed is a desire of money, to fulfill not only their wants, but their needs. As soon as the "black man told him of the great sums of money buried by Kidd the pirate" (232)  greed begins to develop inside him. But with greed, comes consequences, this is seen through the disappearance of his wife. After Tom denies the Devil's offer the first time, his wife leaves in order to make the deal herself. When she goes missing, Tom goes looking for her "He leaped with joy; for he recognized his wife's apron... but a woeful sight! Found nothing but a heart and liver tied up in it!" (234) This is the first real consequence we see once the greed had taken hold of Tom's heart. Despite losing his wife, Tom continues to makes deal with the Devil, being an usher, and dealing with his money.  After living a long life of wealth and prosperity we see its short lived,  "In place of gold and silver his iron chest was filled with chips and shavings; two skeletons lay in his stable instead of his half-starved horses, and the very next day his great house took fire and was burned to the ground" (239)
  • 26.     Greed is exemplified through Tom Walkers actions, and the motives behind his actions, a relentless desire for more. His behavior is a direct reflection of the greed that dwells in his heart. Whenever he looses his wife, instead of mourning over his lose, he wants to "get hold of the property.. And will endeavor to do without the women"(234) When individuals are put to the test we see where their loyalty lies. Tom's love lied in the desire of money, rather than the love of his wife. He valued money over the relationships of this world.  We see this when "He built himself, as usual, a vast house, out of ostentatious; but left a greater part of it unfinished and unfurnished, out of parsimony" (237) Tom, being single, built an ostentatious house but is so frugal with his money, he doesn't even furnish the entire house. Even with he vast amount of money he's accrued over his lifetime he's still cautious and very sparing of his money, not willing to waste anything. Towards the end he realizes that all his choices were in vain and out of greed. He tries to turn his life around, and give it to the Lord, but it was already too late. The horseman awaited him outside and was ready for him to pay his dues to the Devil.
  • 27. The theme is revealed through the plot and overall lesson in the story. The story begins with Tom Walker and his wife struggling to get by, always wanting more. When offered the chance for an easy way out, Tom refuses to make the deal with the devil. Out of envy and greed the wife takes matter in her own hands and tries to make the same deal with the Devil, which results in her death. Tom eventually decides to make the deal with the Devil, hoping to get rich quick. After many years of success and prosperity, Tom is at his breaking point. He has everything he's every dreamed of, yet he still wasn't satisfied. The greed that drove his life to drastic measures to get what he desired most had left him empty. Tom then looks for guidance and repentance through something else, not of this world,  God. He starts reading the bible more and attending church for the soul reason of saving his life. He feels  that if he's good enough, the Devil will forget the dues he owes. The problem is, once the individual is driven by greed, it takes you places you aren't wanting to go. It takes you past the point of no return and most people's aren't willing to work through it. Tom realizes, after it was too late, that money was not worth his soul. Before he knew it the black horseman arrived at his door to drag him to Hell, for eternity. A debt he wasn't expecting, or willing, to pay and it all started with the greed that Tom possessed from the very beginning.
  • 28.     Greed, by definition, is an intense and selfish desire for something. As stated before, there are many reasons greed can enter and individuals life, whether that's possessions, money power, or etc, it's all dependent upon the individuals love, or desire, for something. Greed is portrayed throughout the short story through the plot, images, and Tom Walkers overall character. Tom suffers not only the lose of his wife when dealing with the devil, but also his own. Therefore, greed has consequences that most aren't willing to face whenever faced with such adversity.