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Writing iv week 1
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Writing iv week 1


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  • 1. Goodbye Summer
  • 2. Hello Study
  • 3. Assessment Descriptive Essay Presentation 10 percent Due date: October 24 Opinion Essay 30 percent Due date: November 21 Research Report 40 percent Due date: January 9 Writing Journal 20 percent Due date: Last class
  • 4. Writing JournalGrades: You will ONLY be graded on how many pages you have written. I will NOT check grammar spelling or content. S: 60 pages A: 50 pages B: 40 pages C: 30 pagesRules  Don’t lose it!  Write on every other line.  Write from margin to margin.  Write in normal-size lettering.  It has to be your handwriting.  Have fun.
  • 5. From Paragraph to Essay Writing IV Week 1
  • 6. This is what you already know… Each paragraph consists of: Topic Sentence Introduces the paragraph Support Sentences 2 or 3 points to support the topic sentence Concluding Sentence Connected to the Topic Sentence
  • 7. Like this… Although many people say there are great opportunities in a big city, the life here is not good for some people. First, people do not have enough free time because they are too busy with work and appointments. Parents and their children do not come home to eat lunch together. Some employees go to work before the sun comes up and return home after dark. Because of their schedules, families only spend time together on the weekend. Second, driving is necessary. Everyone must have a car to go to school or work or the store. For example, a mother might have to drive her children to school, and after school to soccer practice or to other activities. Because there is usually a lot of traffic, it may cause stress. Third, the cost of living is very expensive. Most people live in apartments because they cannot afford to buy an apartment. Also, people need a lot of money for entertainment. A visit to an aquarium could cost twenty dollars for each ticket. Even though there are many things to do in the city, some people do have happy lives.
  • 8. Paragraphs are just building blocks for your essay
  • 9. Essay I. Introduction Thesis Statement II. Body A. Topic sentence 1. Support 2. Support 3. SupportParagraph (Concluding sentence)Topic Sentence B. Topic sentence 1. SupportA. Support 2. SupportB. Support 3. SupportC. Support (Concluding sentence) C. Topic sentenceConcluding Sentence 1. Support 2. Support 3. Support (Concluding sentence) III. Conclusion
  • 10. Essay StructureIntroductionBodyConclusion
  • 11. The main sentence in your essay is… Thesis Statement
  • 12. The Thesis Statement Usually the last sentence in the introduction It states the topic of your essay The rest of your essay should support it
  • 13. Like this… In Tokyo, there are many places to have a cup ofcoffee. You can visit one of the chain stores such asDoutor or Veloce where they have a shop located atalmost every station, or a cozy little kisaten run by alovely old lady, which serves great tasting coffee. If youwant a meal with your coffee, you can go to a familyrestaurant and recently McDonald’s has started to offera wider variety of coffee drinks. It seems thateverywhere you go in Tokyo some shop sells coffee,but of all the places to get coffee in Tokyo, there is onlyone I would recommend. Starbucks is the best coffeeshop in Tokyo.
  • 14. Brainstorming Sour ShampooFruity Juicy Sweet Smell Taste Fresh Apples Snack Raw Dessert Pies Context Styles Picnic Yogurt Cereal
  • 15. You can reduce it an essay planThesis statement:Apples are more than just a plain fruit. Paragraph 1: Taste -- sour, juicy, sweet Paragraph 2: Styles -- pies, cereal, yoghurt Paragraph 3: Context -- snack, dessert, picnic
  • 16. Homework Unit 1 Please complete the following exercises in your textbook: ** Exercise 2, Page 21 ** Exercise 5, p.23Also, please organize a freewriting journal for next week.