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TAFSUS Republic Day Booklet 2011
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TAFSUS Republic Day Booklet 2011






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TAFSUS Republic Day Booklet 2011 TAFSUS Republic Day Booklet 2011 Document Transcript

  • TAFSUS 2011 PRESENTS The 88th Anniversary of the Founding ofthe Republic of Turkey
  • Before a reception in 1920s, the Founder of the The name of Atatürk remindsModern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in a top people of the historical successes ofhat and white tie one of the great individuals of this century, the leadership that gave inspiration to the Turkish nation, farsightedness in the understanding of the modern world and courage and power as a military leader. It is without a doubt that another example cant be shown indicating greater successes than the birth of the Turkish Republic and ever since then Atatürks and Turkeys broad and deep reforms undertaken as well as the confidence of a nation in itself.” John F. Kennedy, 1963, President, United States of AmericaDuring a reception in Ankara, on 7 November 19272
  • Welcome to the88th Anniversary Dinner Dance Celebration Sponsored by Turkish American Friendship Society of the United States www.tafsus.net Saturday, October 29, 2011 Crowne Plaza Philadelphia Valley Forge, 260 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA. 19406 3
  • GREETINGS: It is with great pleasure that I join with the Turkish American Community of Pennsyl- vania to celebrate the Turkish Republic Day, Cumhuriyet Bayramı. The Turkish struggle for independence echoes the sacrifice and human triumph that has set the source for our nation and many others around the world. Brave individu- als fought to defend their rights and the right of all humanity to be free. As our na- tions face new challenges, we still find strength, inspiration, and pride in our past and look to the foundations of our independence to remind us of who we are as individu- als and as a nation. On this 88th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, it is my hope that you will rededicate yourselves to upholding and promoting the ideals of independence, both in America and throughout the world. On behalf of all Pennsylvanians, I thank the Turkish Community of our Commonwealth for honoring the history and celebrating the future of the Republic of Turkey. We all share in the joys that independence brings and are proud to celebrate this milestone. TOM CORBETT Governor October 29, 20114
  • CITY OF PHILADELPHIA Michael A. Nutter, Mayor PROCLAMATIONThis year marks the 88th year of the founding of the Turkish Republic, CumhuriyetBayramı.On October 29, 1923, The Turkish Nation, led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, transformedthe Ottoman Empire into the Republic of Turkey, and began the dynamic program ofeconomic growth, social and cultural modernization.Turkey and its citizens now carry a bright torch to light the path for other democraticand freedom seeking people having also fought with pride to free their country fromforeign occupation.Today, Turkey is the only secular democracy in the Muslim world; and has been an allyof the United States for many decades, making significant contributions and sacrificesfor global peace, stability and prosperity.Americans of Turkish descent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have played a significantrole in the educational, cultural, economic and civic development of our communitythrough sharing their rich cultural heritage and through their dedication to the re-sponsibilities of good citizenship.All Turks and Turkish Americans will be celebrating Turkish Republic Day on October29th. THEREFORE, I, Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia do hereby proclaim Octo-ber 29, 2011 TURKISH REPUBLIC DAY; CUMHURIYET BAYRAMI in Philadelphia and urgeall citizens to recognize this special observance of the 88th year of the founding of theTURKISH REPUBLIC DAY. Michael A. Nutter, Mayor 5
  • 88th Anniversary Dinner Dance PROGRAM 7:00 — 8:00 pm Cocktail Reception 8:00 pm National Anthems Dinner Opening Remarks Dance Music Drawing of Prizes Eskişehir, Turkey on October 29,2009 A scene from Republic Day Celebrations in6
  • 88th Anniversary Dinner Dance MENU Garden SaladMixture of romaine hearts and radicchio mixed with grape tomatoes, cucumber slices and shredded carrots Tuscany Salmon Sun-dried tomato crusted North Atlantic salmon fillet served with a parmesan basil cream sauce. Chefs selection of fresh Vegetable & Starch accompaniment. House rolls and butter Desert: Opera Tarte Layers of thin almond sponge cake soaked with espresso, filled with ganache and coffee butter cream Coffee and Tea 7
  • National Anthemsİstiklal Marşı (Independence March)—Mehmet Akif Ersoy, 1921Korkma, sönmez bu safaklarda yüzen al sancak;Sönmeden yurdumun üstünde tüten en son ocak.O benim milletimin yildizidir, parlayacak;O benimdir, o benim milletimindir ancak.Catma, kurban olayim, çehreni ey nazli hilal!Kahraman irkima bir gül! Ne bu siddet, bu celal?Sana olmaz dökülen kanlarimiz sonra helal...Hakkidir, hakka tapan, milletimin istiklalThe Star-Spangled Banner—Francis Scott Key, 1814O say, can you see, by the dawns early light,What so proudly we haild at the twilights last gleaming?Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro the perilous fight,Oer the ramparts we watchd, were so gallantly streaming?And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,Gave proof thro the night that our flag was still there.O say, does that star-spangled banner yet waveOer the land of the free and the home of the brave?8
  • Turkish American Friendship Society of the United States A Public Message of GratitudeThe Turkish American Friendship Society of the United States (TAFSUS),Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, would like to take this opportunity to thankthe Mehmet Dogan Okumus Charitable Trust and Sevket and MichelleOkumus for their generous donation to TAFSUS which made it possible forus to send 61 teachers and school administrators to Turkey since 1999.Our gratitude also goes to the Education Department of the World AffairsCouncil of Philadelphia for implementing the Okumus-TAFSUS SponsorshipProgram in the Greater Philadelphia area and for choosing highly qualifiedcandidates to travel to Turkey.The benefits of these sponsorships will be reaped for many years to comeand TAFSUS gratefully acknowledges the role the Okumus Family andWorld Affairs Council played in making the Turkey Travel Program for Edu-cators a success. 9
  • Turkish American Friendship Society of the United States TAFSUS in a non-profit organization established in 1966 to promote better understanding and friendship between the Turkish and American commu- nities through educational, cultural and social activities. TAFSUS serves the Turkish-American communities in Southeastern Penn- sylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey. Giving a true and honest image of Turkey is important to all of us, Ameri- cans & Turkish-Americans, and of major importance to our children. With your help, TAFSUS will continue to build bridges between the two countries and cultures. WE NEED YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT. PLEASE RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TODAY (Forms are available at the door) TAFSUS Website: www.tafsus.net TAFSUS e-mail: info@tafsus.net10
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  • 345 East 93rd St, #32F New York, NY 10128-5438 One South Broad Street, Suite 2M Philadelphia, PA 19107 www.wacphila.orgThe World Affairs Council of Philadelphia salutes TAFSUS and is grateful for its generous support of our educational activities. 17
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  • Turkish American Friendship Society of the United States ATA SchoolDuring 2007, Lale Iskarpatyoti, then President of TAFSUS and Dilek Arig, Associate Director ofInternational and ESL Student Support Services at Montgomery County Community College,started planning a program to teach Turkish language and culture to children with a Turkishheritage. In close cooperation with the TAFSUS Board, ATA School was inaugurated on Janu-ary 6, 2008 at the Montgomery County Community College.Now in its forth year, ATA School once again offers Turkish language and cultural educationclasses to children (ages 4-14) and adults (15+) during 2011-2012 academic year.Finally, we would also like to thank the University of Pennsylvania Middle East Center fortheir generous donation to TAFSUS in 2010 to support ATA School and other activities. Thebenefits of these sponsorships will be reaped for many years to come and TAFSUS gratefullyacknowledges the role that our sponsors have played in making our programs successful. A scene from ATA School 19
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  • Turkish American Friendship Society of the United States Photos from recent TAFSUS EventsSeptember 26, 2010Turkish Delight Day at Penn Museum on Turkish Student Workshop organized at Drexel University on March 6, 2010 Turkish Night Celebration Event at Philadelphia Backgammon Tournament at the annual TAFSUS Museum of Art on September 3, 2010 Picnic on September 10,2011Ibrahim Onaral speaking at A Scene from the audience of Fazil Say Concert at PhiladelphiaGrassroots event at Drexel University Museum of Art organized by TAFSUS22
  • Turkish American Friendship Society of the United States Index Welcome 3 Proclamation from Governor Edward Rendell 4 Proclamation from Mayor Michael Nutter 5 Program 6 Menu 7 National Anthems 8 A Public Message of Gratitude 9 A Letter from TAFSUS 10 Star Label Products 11 Twins Auto Repair Inc. 12 Firinji 13 S&H Kebap House 14 Merve 15 Gnocchi Restaurant 16 ATC Anadolu Travel 17 World Affairs Council 17 Woven Legends 18 ATA Okulu 19 New Executive Auto Inc. 20 AEFIS 21 Accounting & Finance Solutions, Co 22 Photos from recent TAFSUS Events 22 Bella Turka 24 www.tafsus.net 23
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