The easiest way to earn $100 online


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This is a very brief and straight to the point method hidden by most online money earning gurus that alows you to earn
a massive income without a website and no investment what so ever... its a very free and easy to implement method that requires no expert knowledge at all!!

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The easiest way to earn $100 online

  1. 1. How to earn $100 a day,the easy way!! Disclaimer: Distribute or sale this report that’s your own choice!! By Mark .K. MullerThrough out my Internet business experience I have tried hundreds of ways to makemoney from home. From the very beginning I was earning money by writing contentand uploading files to something more than I can ever remember,talk of all the crapave spent money on. After vowing to myself never to pay for the so called “earnmoney tutorials” a lot has changed,I did my research,sat my right foot on my left thighand started noticing some pretty new projects, which aimed at providing the bestincome opportunities on the Internet. “Then I came across Bee4biz”One of the latest trends in making money online for free is using link shorteners forearning cash. Millions of people use free link cloaking services for posting links intheir blogs and Twitter accounts but what makes bee4 so outstanding eventhough there are lots of link sharing sites that pay? The $100 a day secret That’s how i like reffering to bee4…Thanx for reading this report just know that what am about to share with you shouldave been a book,probably sold at a price so high that you wouldnt dream of obtainingsuch valuable information for this cost,but all for the love of one another and the hateof seeing these greedy internet marketers pile up with so much cash while sharingfake and an-useful junk they call information.
  2. 2. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you Bee4biz a brand new linkshortener/cloacker service, which is by far more effective than any other linkshortener service or get paid to share website. Like any other link cloaking service,Bee4biz does the job and heres where you can create a free personalized link that willredirect your visitors to the destination of your choice.So lets get started…***What you will need***-Your brains-Copy and Paste Skills-Ability to make friends***that’s it*** …and a facebook or twitter account. (though not really necessary)Currently holding worldwide membership,this little and truly brand new site will earnyou money no matter how much of an online money maker you think you are.. heresthe fascinating part,you are the boss with full control of what happens to yourlink,forget about which pays you cents for every link you redirect throughit, bee4biz is likely to make you wanna quit your job.. So how exactly do you make money with bee4biz?Say for example you know of a cool link to some wonderful on demand movie orsoftware application that you think would be fun to share but also might be fun to earnmoney from.. heres what you get after successfully signing up,a simple yet powerfulscreen presenting to you all the tools needed to earn you $100 a day should show up..So after taking a stroll around your dashboard, you should see a portion sayingsomething like insert your link here,just do that and wait a sec until you are presentedwith this brand new link with something like http://bee4.../...en thats how much it takes to convert a very long boring link into a very short andpowerful money making link you gonna share and hence earn quite a sum to buy youa cola,so say you went extensive and made 30-40 people visit your links anddownload whatever you hiding under that awesome money making link of yours,thatsammm... $100 a day or more i guess!!
  3. 3. Another way to make money with Bee4biz will be via a blog or Twitter/Facebookpage on which you automate your link sharing through your visitors (just remember itcould be a link to a movie download or any other freebie). Whenever your visitorsclick this link they will be redirected to Bee4 and will be asked to complete asponsored offer (a survey or a sign-up).Or you may wanna tell people about bee4 andearn 10% of whatever they earn(read more here. So for every member, whosuccessfully signs up or unlocks your link or downloads a file you are willing to share,you will receive up to $3 and upon reaching $10 you can eventually cash out throughyour paypal account. heres a screenshot of proof of payment!!In case you don’t wanna blog or simply don’t wanna make your wall dirty with linksand stuff,heres a carefully hand picked list of forums you might wanna join and postyour links on >>
  4. 4. The price for every unlocked link is fixed which distinguishes this service to otherlink shorteners that pay you money. According to Bee4biz website you can makeup to $ 3000 for every 1000 visitors who unlock your content,that’s probablydepending on how much effort you put in.Right now members can be paid via PayPal or MoneyBookers transfer and theminimum cashout is just 10 dollars. For the first two months you will be paid on a netbasis (it will take 30 days to process your cashout) but after this test period you willbe getting your cash every week.Now that’s a superb master plan to earn soft cash without ever having to sweatagain!!Take Action Now To Enjoy This Post!!!