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  • 1. The Great CityBy: Inga Suceska
  • 2. From Battle Field to Peace Yugoslavia had 6 republics that went into war.The republics wanted to have there own law and government though Serbia(a republic) didn’t want that.
  • 3. From Battle Field to Peace  Then war came soon after. The war ended 3.5 years later. The American government and the United Nation were the ones that stopped the fighting. It was stopped because genocides(mass killing) were getting out of hand.
  • 4. The People of Sarajevo  Edin Dźeko Dino Merlin Edin is a famous soccer  Dino is a song player. writer, producer, and He plays on the team singer. called Manchester  Some Of his first songs United, and his position are still around. is striker.  Thought most of his Edin even got awarded songs are in the the Bundesliga Players Bosnian of the Year award. language.(Bosanski)
  • 5.  One famous place is the National Library. It is assumed to be the library of Bosnia.(Bosnia is there country Sarajevo is located in.) The libraries books were not all salvaged; most of the books were burned away by war. The Survivor Cities Famous Places
  • 6.  Another famous site is the Eternal Flame. The Eternal Flame has been burning for 50 year. The fire is a remembrance of when the city was freed from fascism.(When a dictator has complete power over something.) The Survivor Cities Famous Places
  • 7. The City Of Freedom  From Battlefield to Peace The People of Sarajevo The Survivor Cities Famous Places
  • 8. Resources  “Espn Fc.”[Online] Available http://espnfc.com/?cc=5901 “In Your Pocket.”[ Online] Available http://www.inyourpocket.com/bosnia- herzegovina/Sarajevo “Sonar.”[Online] Available http://www.sonar.ba/ “BBC.”[Online] Available http://www.bbc.co.uk/search/sarajevo