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  • 1. NEON TREESProvo Rock starsBy : Gustavo Reyes
  • 2. How It All Started• Tyler Glenn ,and Chris Allen were neighbors in California .• As they grew older they decided to move to Provo ,Utah.• While in Utah they met Brandon Campbell ,and Elaine Bradley .
  • 3. How It All Started• In 2005 they decided to make the band.• They also decided to name the band neon trees.• They are an active alternative rock band .
  • 4. Band Members And Their Roles Tyler Glenn -Vocals and keyboard. Chris Allen - Guitar. Brandon Campbell - Bass (guitar). Elaine Bradley - Drums and vocals.
  • 5. Some Top Hits• The album Animal came out at no. 13 on the billboards 100. It came at no. 1 on the alternative rock billboards.• They had the song everybody talks that was released in 2012. it came out in the billboards 100 as well.
  • 6. When They Gained Their Fame• The alternative rock band started to gain fame in 2008 when their album animal was released.• It must’ve been a really good album because it came at no. 1 on the alternative rock billboards.• All the band members are mormon’s .
  • 7. That One Talented BandNow You know about these 4 rock stars ,andhow the came to be ,who they are , who playswhat role in the band , and some of theirbillboards records.
  • 8. Recourses Jentzen ,Arron “ Pittsburgh City News Paper.” [Online] Availible. http://www.pghcitypaper.com/pit tsburgh/our-name-is-neon-trees- were-musicians-were-famous- and-were-mormons- mostly/Content?oid=1554288