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  1. 1. The Dragons PlaygroundBy: Inga, Joanna, Nico, Alan, Yaritza, Narlly
  2. 2. One day in a park called “The giants home” is where it all started. Giraffewas feeling perplexed .Giraffe didn’t know why the swing couldn’t budgehe was feeling preposterous,because other times the swing could swingand Giraffe could’ve swung itself.
  3. 3. Dragon was an inevitable creature he was pessimistic and never EVER!optimistic. So when Dragon saw Giraffe in the swing he hesitated holdingthe swing so it wouldn’t budge. Afterward, Dragon pushed Giraffe and allDragon heard was a loud thudding sound, but Giraffe was ignorant aboutwho did it until he saw dragon holding the swing.
  4. 4. Giraffe was indifferent and he was going to confront the dragon. He wasfrightened by the thought that dragon can burn his tail. Then he’ll bewalking alone because he was going to smell like burnt tail.
  5. 5. Giraffe turbulently escapes to the top of a sky scraper. And the dragon ispursuing him. The Giraffe was scared of falling so he couldn’t move.
  6. 6. At this point Dragon is so mad that he detests Giraffe and pushes him offthe sky scraper! While he was falling he can hear his heart beating like abasketball dribbling.
  7. 7. There’s a stranger named Mr. Teddy who saves the day at the playfulpark. Giraffe is stunned and baffled about the oblivious actions thathappened… he saved.
  8. 8. Giraffe confronts Dragon, by scaring him away. Dragon leaves and theGiraffe is relived by the booming sound of his laughter.
  9. 9. After all their problems ,Giraffe and Mr. Teddy play on the swings. Whilethey were swinging they felt tranquil for not having to be afraid ofDragon anymore.
  10. 10. The giant placed Mr. Teddy and Giraffe in a backpack and took themwithout fear of the Dragon coming back. On the way Giraffe rememberedfeeling the regret of laughing at Dragon.
  11. 11. Three weeks later…….. The giant decided to go back to the “home.”Giraffe and went to the back to play while giant took a nap.
  12. 12. Dragon was there waiting for Giraffe , thirsty for making someone feelbad. Giraffe wasn’t afraid of Dragon anymore. So, Giraffe rushed in andslapped Dragon for all that he had done to Giraffe.
  13. 13. Mr. Teddy and Giraffe didn’t know what beautiful place they were in.However the sweet aroma of lilac flowers, the music that came fromchirping birds, and the wind making leaves party made them not want toleave.
  14. 14. Three days later Giraffe met Mr. Teddy in the park again. Mr. Teddy wasso glad and thankful to see Giraffe. Giraffe was intrigued by the bearsappearance and the smell of fresh roses that jumped off the swings.
  15. 15. Mr. Teddy and Giraffe then sat on the rubbery swing and swung tilltwilight. That’s until the giant put them back in the backpack.
  16. 16. However Giraffe and Mr. Teddy escaped and they played on the swingonce more. After a while the giant came back and found them, and tookthem home for good…….UNTIL the next day.
  17. 17. After many solemn days, Mr. Teddy comes back to the park, and tellsabout his adventures to little kids. The little animals are wide eyed byTeddy’s riveting tale, and are saying” ohhh” and “ahhhh.” The little kidswere so amazed by Teddy’s elaborate adventures that they would allcome back tomorrow for more, but they had no idea that Mr. Teddywould not come back again.
  18. 18. Mr. Teddy is oblivious thathe is being sold. He will notsee the little animals again.In the background Teddylistens carefully and hearskids coming to the “home”to play. He will be sold to asmaller giant and he hopesfor many more adventureswith that giant.
  19. 19. Mr. Teddy is waiting for the little giant to come. He hums a jolly tune. Mr.Teddy feels anxious and cant wait for the giant to come. Teddy feels achill, and realizes that its getting a little late, but he doesn’t care. Heknows that the giant will come soon to pic him up. He’s getting hungryand wants some sweet honey.