The Strategic Fit of Social Media

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In order for social media to work for an organization, it has to be understood and fit within the marketing strategy. This presentation is a high-level overview of how to approach social media and how …

In order for social media to work for an organization, it has to be understood and fit within the marketing strategy. This presentation is a high-level overview of how to approach social media and how it relates to other strategies and tactics.

A presentation and approach model by Shaun Holloway,

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  • 1. MCM 711 – Media and TechnologyFranklin University The Strategic Fit @ShaunHolloway of Social Media
  • 2. Definition of Social Media There are a lot of definitions… really. One that agrees with my mantras… “Social media is an ever-growing and evolving collection of online tools and toys, platforms and applications that enable all of us to interact with and share information. Increasingly, it’s both the connective tissue and neural net of the Web.” ~ Ann Handley Grassroots efforts are often needed.
  • 3. Definition of a “Groundswell” Do you agree with the authors’ definition? “A social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations.” Groundswell, page 9 VERSUS: These definitions. Grassroots efforts are often needed.
  • 4. Why Do We Care? Video: Social Media Revolution 2012 Don’t just watch the grass grow.
  • 5. The Transition and Shift Previous Era New EraTargets end-users Community of end-usersMonologue Communication Dialogue-based CommunicationAwareness Priority Engagement UpgradePush Strategy Pull StrategyProtected Communication Transparent CommunicationCreated by Organizations Co-created with end-usersBrand Management Focus Brand Stewardship Focus Invest in new plants.
  • 6. What Does Social Media Do? Connect, inform, engage, advocate, exchange, consume, produce Increase “findability” and revenue, indirectly Enhance the user experience and content delivery – these are only tools Save time, money, and system stress The seeds need planted.
  • 7. What Does Social Media NOT Do? Perform miracles, i.e. save a company Function as a stand-alone marketing effort Live the same forever CAUTION: “Social Media Implosion” Ahead! (to avoid = have a strategy and approach to sustain) Is it time to reseed?
  • 8. Sample of Relating Strategic Plans Organization StrategyMarketing Strategy IT Strategy PhotoSocial and Email Content System Web Portal ChannelMedia Video Creatures may come and mess it up.
  • 9. How Does It Fit? Find out. Holloway, 2008 Web Interface Strategy Usability Navigation Sitemap Model Audience Design Content Attract Retain Resource Full Presentation: System Serve Social Integration Engage New media Server architecture Database design Sales Orientation Visibility Connection Admin tools Application webstrategymodel Inform Advertising Orientation Channel Be the lawnmower.
  • 10. Web & Social Media Marketing Basic Model Box Indicates EXAMPLES of Tool and Service Providers - All areas connect to and support one another (2-way integration)A strongstrongfoundation is needed to support the interconnection of all the tools and messages, while driving traffic to the core. - A core and core is needed to support interconnectednessAll of the tools used should support the central core and one another. YouTube Social Facebook Video Networks DailyMotion LinkedIn Veoh Interest Vimeo General Feeds Email / Print Bookmarking Utterly Central Website Audio Blubrry and Community Interest General Flickr Webshots Photos Company Photobucket Sites Institution Blogs Picasa Individual Interest Forums Slide Organic General Microblogs
  • 11. Social Media Tool HierarchyTier 1 Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, BlogsTier Flickr, Twitter, YouTube 2 TumblrTier 3 RSS Feeds Apps Widgets May need to call in the pros.
  • 12. Approach to Social Media Progress Milestones Active Participation Utilize audio Sustain social network presence Establish blogs and micro-blogs Enter video-sharing communitiesTime Enter photo-sharing communities Presented based on level of risk required, continued involvement, and the need to develop a tool so it can help sustain a more complex tool. Keep mowing.
  • 13. Are You Ready? = 5 Questions 1) What is the purpose / mission? 2) Who is going to be the champion? 3) Who is the target audience? 4) How is it going to be sustained? 5) How does it fit with marketing strategy? Know your fertilizers.
  • 14. Find the “Sweet Spot” Take your time Channel Sweet Spot Content Audience Be selective Shade or sunlight?
  • 15. Social Technographics Ladder Groundswell, page 43 Know your fertilizers.
  • 16. 3 Types of Media Shifted Components of the Marketing Strategy Paid Owned Earned TV Word-of-Mouth Storefront Press Print Referrals Website Radio On-site Comments Events Shares, Likes, RT’s Direct Mail/Email Check-ins Display Ratings/reviews Social Network/Media SEM/Online Mentions Plant the seeds.
  • 17. Communication Strategy Web Strategy determines approach creates and supports channels Purpose/Goal Consistency Audience Brand Timing/Frequency Development framework Appropriateness Content Tool integration Response Guides usage Voice Innovation Personality Identify audiences appropriate for content Choose Communication Channels Print Fisher Email Media – Facebook Blog posts/ LinkedIn Collateral News/media Website/ Newsletters Campaign / Photo/video pages Twitter Groups or release Feeds blasts Websites Letter based on audiences identified (sample buckets above) Create key message and/or media Customize/repurpose message for delivery in the chosen specific channel(s) Monitor audience reaction and participation EvaluationUse social media centralization as a CONCEPT – Straw-man of agateway and means to centralize communication strategy/approachmarketing/communication functions - Needs done as wrapper of web strategy
  • 18. Comment & Response Protocol Need to have a plan should the “less than 1% percent” happen Part of your social media strategy and communications toolkit @webpronews featured my social media response design in their "A Collection of Social Media Flowcharts" article on July 22, 2011, Weeds happen. Deal with it.
  • 19. Metrics and KPIs What is important? # of followers, impressions, comments, … The Value of a Follower Is it worth it and how do you know? Will vary relative with tool, but…What metric(s) do they ALL strive to influence? Watch out for the rough.
  • 20. Social Media is like a lawn… Keep mowing. Weeds happen. Deal with it. Some withstand the heat better than others.It is time to reseed? Grassroots efforts are often needed. Watch out for the rough. Is the grass really greener on the other side? The seeds need planted. Be the lawnmower. Know your fertilizers. Shade or sunlight? It may grow all on its own, but it should be groomed. Creatures come in a mess it up.May need to call in the pros. How do you know you’re growing it right? Know the landscape.