Social Media Comment Response Protocol


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Responses and comments are common on the Internet, yet, some responses are not always positive or are reflective of the facts.

This protocol is a guide to responding to comments for higher education.

Shaun Holloway developed this protocol that is modeled after and partially credited to many government documents like the United States Air Force's social media protocol.

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Social Media Comment Response Protocol

  1. 1. Social Media Comment and Response Protocol<br />Comment or Posting<br />On organization own website/network or a post on another site. <br />Is it a positive posting?<br />Monitor Only<br />Avoid responding to specific post and people; monitor the site for relevant information and comments.<br />Evaluate<br />YES<br />NO<br />“Trolls”<br />Is this a site dedicated to degrading or ridiculing others?<br />Concurrence<br />A factual and well cited response or opinion, which may or may not agree, yet the post is not negative.<br />Organizationcan concur with the post, let it stand, or provide a positive review. <br />Does Organization respond?<br />YES<br />Fix the Facts<br />Respond with factual information directly in the comment space.<br />(See the five possible responses below.)<br />NO<br />“Web Rage”<br />Is the posting a rant, rage, joke, or ridicule in nature?<br />NO<br />YES<br />“Misguided”<br />Are there erroneous facts or statements in the posting?<br />Restoration<br />Rectify the situation, respond and act upon a reasonable solution.<br />(See the five possible responses below.)<br />YES<br />NO<br />“Unhappy Stakeholder”<br />Is the posting a result of a negative experience?<br />NO<br />YES<br />NO<br />Share Success<br />Proactively share the story and/or additional information.<br />Final Evaluation<br />Base response on present circumstances, site influence, and stakeholder prominence. <br />Will Organizationrespond?<br />Let Post Stand<br />No response given. <br />NO<br />NO<br />YES<br />YES<br />YES<br />Response Options & Combinations<br />Transparency<br />Disclose information and any affiliation to Organization<br />Sourcing<br />Provide citations, links, etc to credible sources for accuracy<br />Timeliness<br />Take time to create good responses from a good point of view<br />Tone<br />Respond in a tone that reflects on the high standards/quality<br />Influence<br />Focus on the most influential sites related to the industry<br />
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