IT Helpdesk Priority Matrix and Categorization by ACUHO-I


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When building out an IT support services helpdesk, it is important to have direction and data at the core of the model. Establishing urgency and impact guidelines to determine priority via a matrix is an objective way to schedule work effort and service the organization.

Priority model, matrix, and presentation created and prepared by Shaun Holloway. @shaunholloway

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IT Helpdesk Priority Matrix and Categorization by ACUHO-I

  1. 1. IT Support Services The Helpdesk
  2. 2. Where We… WERE • Proverbial black hole • “If it ain’t broke…” it will be soon • There was an IT Dream
  3. 3. Where We… ARE • More predictable and reliable • Still reactive, less proactive • Service provider
  4. 4. Where We… ARE GOING • Scalable and centralized • Proactive and procedural • Service management
  5. 5. HOW… We are Getting There • With you on board • With systems and processes • With data and analytics
  7. 7. Urgency Guidelines Rank Guidelines Urgent  Service is unavailable  Immediate restoration of service is expected  Customers are unable to work and no work around is available High  Partial loss of functionality or access to services or a resource  Customers expect quick resolution and can bear minor delays  May or may not be a work around and partial relief possible/necessary Medium  Service is not functioning properly  Customers may be inconvenienced but can still perform tasks  May or may not be a work around and full relief possible but may not be ideal resolution Low  Classified as a “nice-to-have” or wish list item for future assignment  Customer’s experience may be able to be improved  Does not affect function or accuracy of information
  8. 8. Impact Guidelines Rank Guidelines Extensive Affects all users and multiple systems Significant Affects large percentage (60+%) of active users and primary systems Moderate Affects limited percentage (~30%) of users and secondary systems or a module(s) within a primary system Minor Affects a specific group of users and a system module(s) or function(s)
  9. 9. Priority Matrix Impact Urgency Urgent High Medium Low Extensive P1 P1 P2 P4 Significant P1 P2 P3 P4 Moderate P2 P2 P3 P4 Minor P2 P3 P3 P4 Priority Level Expected Response P1 Within 1 business day IT internal response fulfilled P2 Within 3 business days IT internal response fulfilled P3 Within 5 business days IT internal response fulfilled P4 To be scheduled into operations
  11. 11. TYPE • when something a customer has is broken and needs to be fixed. Commonly called “break/fix” tickets. Incident • when something needs to be moved, changed, installed, purchased, or allowed access Service • when a customer has general questions or needs explanation or training of any kind Inquiry • when an issue is identified with a system or environment that contains a security threat or risk Security
  12. 12. SERVICE • Account Management • Application and Web • Course Development • Database Management • Workstations • Learning Management • Marketing and Content • Meetings and Events • Network and Security • Telecommunication • Training and Documentation
  13. 13. PRODUCT LMS AMS CMS FMS Library MS Mobile Email Workstation Software Workstation Hardware Conference - F2F Conference – Virtual Meeting – Local Hosting and Domain Online Collaboration Online Community Data Analysis Media Creation Printing Internship Application
  14. 14. Data and Analytics • By Category • By Contact • By Priority • Or any attribute to measure performance
  15. 15. Helpdesk System • Leverages existing system and accounts • Web-based and accessible • Data Driven
  17. 17. HOW YOU CAN HELP
  18. 18. BE NICE Friendly people are more fun. BE RESPONSIVE Scope to get scale. Explore and try. BE OBJECTIVE Attack logically. Eliminate variables.
  19. 19. EMAIL We like documentation. STOP BY We like seeing you. CALL US We like hearing your voice.
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