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Transport since 1930 by declan r
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Transport since 1930 by declan r


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  • 1. TRANSPORT1930 TO 2012By Declan
  • 2. CARSCars have changed over the last 80 years from petrol and diesel toelectric. Now cars are a lot faster. Cars are now all colourful anddifferent styles.
  • 3. 1930’s- Cars where not popular because of the war.1940’s- Cars came more popular as the war ended.1950’s- Cars didn’t have seatbelts when they were made.1960’s- When they were made they did have seatbelts.1970’s- European car design underwent major changesduring the 70s due to the need for performance with highfuel efficiency.1980’s- The Ferrari F40 was one of the most popular carsbecause it was faster.1990’s- Sports cars became more popular.2000- More people got electric cars.
  • 4. TRAINS steam dieselTrains have changed significantly over the last 80 years. Fromsteam and diesel to electric and high speed.
  • 5. 1930’s- Trains were used to transport troops to war.1940’s- In 1940’s trains was a important way of transport.1950’s- £12,000,000 investment announced for electrification and theintroduction of diesel locomotives to replace steam.1960’s- End of an era when steam traction was removed from service.1970’s- The first electric train run in Britain, the intercity 125.1980’s- British Rail structure is split into various section including InterCity and Railfreight.1990’s-The Channel Tunnel opened by Eurostar.2000’s- Trains have got faster and faster.
  • 6. AIR CRAFTThe next slide will tell you about planes since the 1930’s.
  • 7. 1930’s- Countries used planes to get to over countries.1940’s- The first 4 engined British heavy bomber.1950’s-The first passenger jet service started.1960’s-First manned mission (Apollo) to the Moon.1970’s- the first super sonic plane(the concord).1980’s-the first space shuttle to go into space.1990’s-Avianca Boeing 707 ran out of fuel while in holding pattern.2000’S-british airways order the biggest plane ever.
  • 8. Other transportThere is lots of other ways oftransport like buses, trams, taxis, andlots more.
  • 9. 1930’s- most trams were replaced by buses because they go to moreplaces.1940’s- buses were pulled by horse because there wasn’t a big enoughengine to pull it.1950’s- the first double decker tram in Britain for more space.1960’s- more people got motorbikes because they were cooler thancars.
  • 10. QUESTIONAIR1. How did you get around when you were a child ?2. How has transport changed in your life time ?3. What was the most popular transport when you were little ?4. How do you think it will change in the future ?5. What different ways of transport have there been in your life?6. Has transport changed a lot in your life time ?Answered by my dad
  • 11. Answers1. I got around on my bike.2. It’s got faster and quicker to get to your destination. Also theres more cars now clogging up the roads.3. The most popular way of transport for me was bus and walking.4. I think in the future there will be less cars on the road as its getting very expensive to run one.5. In my life time there has not been many changes by means of different transport, it has just got better.6. Yes with the aide off transport example the car you can just jump in and go. Get to where you want to go quick and easy and also great for doing the shopping too.
  • 12. THE END