Night of the infected


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Night of the infected

  1. 1. By Joseph Robinson
  2. 2. This PowerPoint is just to explain the plot, characters E.C.T. on a book I am writing called. “Night of the infected” So lets get on with the PowerPoint.
  3. 3. Plot:The story is about three boys called JackSullivan, Roger Driscull and Kevin banks, a copcalled Carlson and a psycho called Wybie in thecity of Albany, New York and all of a sudden, Azombie apocalypse breaks out andJack, Roger, Kevin, Carlson and Wybie must takeon the infection. Along with popular girl CindyDavies and crazy twins Stoner and Cooper, willthey escape the city of Albany alive, or will theyjoin the hundreds of Albany citizens to beinfected? Find out!
  4. 4. Characters:• Jack Sullivan: A 14 year old who loves sci-fi;• Roger Driscull: 14 year old dare devil;• Kevin Banks: Easy going yet nervy 14 year old;• Carlson: Albany’s greatest city cop;• Wybie Blakemore: 15 year old psycho;• Cindy Davies: 14 year old popular girl;• Stoner and Cooper; Crazy twins who are wild;• Brittany: Cindy’s best friend;• Brian Davies: Cindy’s brother (Not so popular)
  5. 5. Age rating and Genre:The age rating is probably a 9-14 because ofthe scares, the thrills and the horror whichmay scare people with ease. People who lovehorror stories will love this! The Genre is probably Horror/Thrillerbecause of the action and the scares but hasbits of humor in it too.
  6. 6. Why it should be read:If you love scary stories and action then this isdefinitely the book for you! It will make youjump out of your seat and may make yougiggle. With a showdown in and IKEA store, acrashed party and a car chase, this book is amust!!!It is planned to be finished by November.
  7. 7. Series plannerI have a whole series planned at the moment:• Night of the infected (November 2012)• Return of the infected (January 2013)• City of the infected (March 2013)• Revenge of the infected (May 2013)• The end of the infected (July 2013) I wish to get the book finished by the date on the right.
  8. 8. The YouTube movieMe and my friend, Lucy Williamson, hope tomake a film on this with us as the maincharacters instead of Jack and Roger. Kevinand the other characters will be in it, but thestory is a bit different. Instead, me and Lucywill be exchange kids from Blackpool toAlbany.
  9. 9. Thanks for Watching!!!!! BOOP!!!