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Music since the 30 s joseph Music since the 30 s joseph Presentation Transcript

  • By Joe Robinson
  • 30’sBig band was a popular genre in the 30’sSo was Jazz and BluesGlenn Miller’s orchestra was also popular with hits like “In the mood”.
  • Artie Shaw was a famous clarinet player in the 30’s.Benny Goodman was another famous clarinet player!30’s: Instrumental (There was lots of big jazzy instruments like saxophones,trumpets, drums ECT. This also meant there was rarely any vocals).If you were poor you wouldn’t hear much music and there was nothing youcould really do. If you were rich then you could buy a load of tickets and go toall these fancy concerts.
  • 40’s Lots of music was influenced for WWII. Some songs were made to help lift the soldiers and the women and children at home’s spirits. Jazz, Comedy (such as Gracie Fields and George Formby ) and Slow were popular. Vera Lynn was a hit with “We’ll meet again” to remind people that the soldiers off in war will come home soon and that you should keep them in mind. She was also a hit with “The white cliffs of Dover”.40’s: Comedy (uplifting to lift spirits of soldiers and theirrelatives at home).If you were poor you again wouldn’t hear much music but ifyou were rich radios were used to listen to music.
  • 50’sBlues was still big in the 50’s.Rock and roll was also big at this time as well as skiffle music.It was easy to make a skiffle band. All you needed was:A guitar or banjo;A wash board and some thimbles;A tea chest bass (made from large boxes used for shipping tea, a broom handle and a piece of string)
  • Elvis Presley was a very famous musician. His music involved American style rock and roll and stuck-up hair. Buddy Holly was also a famous slow rocker and also did a bit of swing. He also did some rock and roll.50’s: Rock + roll (after we teamed up with USA inWWII, we were influenced by their rock and roll musicand we had Cliff Richard. Also, TVs made peoplesappearance more popular because they were in theirhomes)If you were poor then you would hear of the biggeststars on the streets. If you were rich you would buy
  • 60’sMotown and Rock and roll were very popular.The Beatles were incredibly famous and are known as the band that revolutionised music!!!!!!Stevie Wonder (blind from birth) knew how to play the guitar and piano from the age of 10 and started business at that age!!
  • The who were a very popular band in the 60’s.The Supremes were very big. Like Stevie Wonder, they were one of the few bands or artists that were black since racism was still going on then.Cliff Richard was named the British equivalent to Elvis Presley because of the hair and he performed the same kind of genre.60’s: The Beatles (Elvis did covers but the Beatles wrote every single one of their songs, moreover, they were a quartet, not a single artist). If you were rich then you would buy a jukebox but poor People would still only hear it on the streets.
  • 70’sPunk was big in the 70’s but rock and roll was still at large!Michael Jackson (or the king of pop) was a sensational hit and still is today with lots of hits like “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Bad”.
  • 1972:The Bee Gee’s were another famous rock band.1973:ABBA were a popular Swedish band.The sex pistols was a very popular punk band and reached thousands of fans!60’s and 70’s:Elton John was a famous keyboard player and did his fair share of pop.Rich people would have vinyls and poor would stillonly hear it on the streets.
  • 80’sThe 80’s was the decade of pop and lots of bands were normally making pop music. Finally the long, long, LONG years of rock and roll had ended.1982:Adam and the ants were a very popular 80’s band and made it to number 1 for FIVE WEEKS with their most popular single “Stand and deliver”.
  • Run DMC were also another famous 80’s band and had quite a lot of number 1’s. Their most popular hit is “Walk this way”.Wham are another example of a great 80’s band. One of their most famous songs are “Wake me up before you go go”.Rich people would have cassettes but poorPeople would only have listened to it on the streetsAGAIN only in restaurants and in cars.
  • 90’sPop was still big. Radiohead were a big pop band and still are today.Oasis were another great band which performed pop.
  • Damon Albarn’s group Blur were a great group and became famous with the songs “Parklife”, “Song 2” and “Boys and girls”. When Albarn left Blur he started a computerized band with Jamie Hewlett called Gorillaz. Gorillaz are probably my favourite band and won peoples hearts with songs like “Clint Eastwood”, “19-2000”, “5/4” and “Tomorrow comes today”.70’s to 90’s: Computers changed the way music sounded. This influenced people to buy computers and have them in their homes. Rich people would buy cds and poor people would, well, take a guess
  • NowR/B, Pop and rap music are popular in our time. The most popular hit at the moment is Psy and his only hit “Gangnam style”. Talk about a good start. Thats his only song! Naughties: Simon Cowell (the man who killed music!!!) made boy bands, Britains got talent, X-factor. Rich would download songs onto their computers, I-pods ECT but poor would…