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Callum's presentation 2013
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Callum's presentation 2013


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Why I love Lego By Callum Jennings Class 6L
  • 2. Lego Facts  Lego was founded in 1958 by Ole Kirk Christiansen.  Lego means ‘Let’s play’ in Latin.  Approximately 20 billion bricks are made every year at the Lego factory in Denmark.  There are over 915 million ways to combine 6 Lego bricks.
  • 3. Lego Facts • 4 billion mini figures are produced each year. • If laid end to end, the bricks sold in a year would reach more than 5 times around the world! • Seven Lego sets are sold every second.
  • 4. Lego Facts • There are over 2 million members of the Lego Club (the official fan club), of which I am one! This is the magazine that I receive every two months. • There are 52 different colours of Lego. • David Beckham sometimes builds Lego!
  • 5. Why I love Lego I love Lego as it’s fun to build and there are lots of different designs you can make. Playing with Lego is quite relaxing and you can either play on your own or with your friends. I collect Lego City and Harry Potter and I have a large collection of mini-figures.
  • 6. Here is Chase McCain, who is a policeman who features in Lego City Undercover and here are the vehicles that I have brought in today:
  • 7. Legoland Resort UK In March this year, we visited Legoland Resort in Windsor, near London. It was really exciting and there were a lots of models relating to other countries and there were also life sized creations, as shown below…
  • 8. Legoland Resort USA In August next year, we are going on holiday to Florida and we will visit the new Legoland Resort near Orlando. I hope it is just as exciting and interesting as the one here in the UK. There is also a Legoland water park and I can’t wait to splash about and get wet!!
  • 9. Collectable Figures Every year, the Lego company bring out a new set of collectable mini-figures. For example, in Series 10, Mr Gold was created as the rarest mini-figure ever, as only 5000 were ever made!
  • 10. Thank you for watching and listening to my presentation; I hope you enjoyed it!! 