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SharePoint Online and the Cloud


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The Cloud. SharePoint Online. Office 365. No doubt you have been inundated with marketing on Microsoft’s cloud vision. Certainly the promised benefits of 99.9% uptime, safeguarded data, and a near …

The Cloud. SharePoint Online. Office 365. No doubt you have been inundated with marketing on Microsoft’s cloud vision. Certainly the promised benefits of 99.9% uptime, safeguarded data, and a near maintenance-free environment saving time and money are compelling. However, technical issues such as authentication, migration, integration with legacy systems, and lack of server access may paint a cloudy picture. In this no-nonsense session, we’ll look at Microsoft’s current hosted SharePoint offering and give you the straight, unbiased story. Join us and you’ll also get live demonstrations and the latest forecast on what you can expect in the future.

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  • Having a good SharePoint Governance strategy in large effect defines the success of your SharePoint deployment. In this session Randy Williams, SharePoint Evangelist and MVP, discusses the types of policies that should be enforced when implementing a SharePoint Governance strategy. You will learn how to align your governance requirements with SharePoint farms, Web applications, site collections, and other components. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies and challenges and take away practical, blueprint-like guidance to what a governable SharePoint architecture might look like in your enterprise.
  • # Site coll <300 excludes My Sites
  • Fpweb, rackspace,cloudshare
  • Important Point: You will still need an Office client for full editing capabilities.
  • Extranet
  • Extranet
  • Extranet
  • Legal / SecurityLatency
  • SP Designer?
  • Discuss evolution of HTML5
  • Transcript

    • 1. SharePoint Online andthe Cloud: ForecastingToday and TomorrowRandy WilliamsEnterprise Trainer andEvangelist
    • 2. Randy Williams  Enterprise Trainer & Evangelist  Based in San Diego, CA  SharePoint MVP for 2009, 2010, 2011  Speaker at many global conferences 20+ years in IT Columnist: SharePoint Pro magazine @tweetraw
    • 3. Agenda Office 365 Migration Intro options 1 2 3 4 Usage scenarios My prediction for the future
    • 4. Office 365 - What’s in the Box?
    • 5. Microsoft’s Promise 99.9% uptime Certified Multiple datacenters Geo-redundant Shorter release cycles
    • 6. Data Centers
    • 7. Potential Business Benefits Managed Service (SaaS) Low up-front costs - pay as you grow Reduces IT staffing Rapid deployment Scalability Binding SLAs Affordable DR & HA Eco-friendly
    • 8. Potential Issues Security  Storage costs Data Sovereignty  Recovery SLAs Reliability  No server access Offline story  Migration Compliance  Locked in Limited customizations Dev/Test/Staging farm
    • 9. Missing Features Today FAST Search Limited enterprise search Performance Point Services PowerPivot Project Server Secure Store Service Web analytics Full trust solutions
    • 10. Current USD Costs (per user/per month) Professional and Small Business (less than 50 users)  P $6 – Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Office Web Apps Enterprise  E1 $8 – Exchange, Lync, SharePoint  E2 $14 – E1 + Office Web Apps  E3 $20 – E2 + Office Pro Plus, Excel/InfoPath/Visio/Access Services  E4 $22 – E3 + voice capabilities Storage costs might be additional
    • 11. SharePoint Online Storage Initial size 10GB Add’l storage per user 500MB Total storage 25TB Site Collection quota 100GB Max file size 250MB Max Site Collections * 300 Additional Storage $0.20/GB/Mo* Excludes My Sites
    • 12. Price Comparison SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Lync 2010 Exchange 2010 100 users Office 2010 Professional Office 365 E3 On Premises • Infrastructure: Network, Servers, $24,000 1st year Administration $24,000 2nd year • Software: Cost? Server 2008 Windows R2, SQL Server 2008 R2, $24,000 3rd year SharePoint Server 2010, Office 2010 Pro, …
    • 13. SharePoint Online Dedicated Designed for enterprise customers (>20k) Everything in O365 Standard, plus Dedicated hardware Additional features Up to 30TB storage With Microsoft review/validation
    • 14. Choosing the right cloud Standard or dedicated: Trade off between flexibility, effort and cost Public Cloud Hybrid: combination of both Flexibility Hybrid Public cloud: hosted datacenter SPOL Dedicated Size = cost of SPOL Std ownership Administration Effort
    • 15. Other cloud vendors
    • 16. SharePoint Online tourUser videoAdmin video
    • 17. Agenda 2 Usage scenarios
    • 18. Identity Options Microsoft online accounts  Does not replicate passwords Use ADFS 2.0 to create a federated trust Partner access
    • 19. All-in No infrastructure on-premises Best for  New deployments  Small to mid-sized  Virtual organizations MSOL
    • 20. Untrusted Hybrid (No SSO) On-premises Cloud Collaboration My Sites
    • 21. Trusted Hybrid (SSO) On-premises Cloud BI + Apps My Sites + Collab ADFS 2.0 Relying party trust AD
    • 22. Extranet Hybrid On-premises Cloud Collaboration Collaboration AD
    • 23. Agenda Migration options 3
    • 24. Do I need astagingfarm?
    • 25. Why have an on-premises stagingfarm? Performance Convenience Consolidation Reduce overall risk Increased flexibility with migration tools Can evolve into testing/training environment MSFT recommended approach
    • 26. Questions to Ask How much content must be migrated? Can non-SharePoint assets be properly mapped? Is loss of metadata and security acceptable? How many customizations are in use? Can it be done iteratively? During cutover, how much downtime?
    • 27. Migration Considerations Granularity Fidelity Mapping Co-existence
    • 28. Migration Options Manual Use SharePoint Designer Write custom code to call into the SharePoint API Use third party tools
    • 29. O365 Migration Tools Microsoft has not provided any AvePoint - DocAve Content Manager Metalogix - Migration Manager for SharePoint MetaVis - Migrator for SharePoint PCVITA – Express Migrator for SharePoint
    • 30. SharePoint Migration ConferencePart 1: Overview, Planning andPreparation (Randy Williams)Part 2: Performing the Migration and Avoiding PotentialPitfalls (Michael Noel)Part 3: Post-Migration Clean-Up—Making the Most ofSharePoint 2010 and the Cloud (Todd Klindt) May 23, 2011 http://
    • 31. Agenda 4 My prediction for the future
    • 32. In 5 years… SharePoint becomes commoditized 90% of SharePoint is in the cloud Universal ID management Apps run in cloud
    • 33. Truly Device Agnostic
    • 34. Near-term Platform Improvements Easier identity management Better hybrid support Improved interoperability with Windows & SQL Azure Improved SPOL feature set
    • 35. Application Improvements Improved service application support Expect better app-dev support Improved support for HTML5 Silverlight?
    • 36. SharePoint Online whitepapers
    • 37. Thank you