Integrating SharePoint with Exchange-2013


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  • Integrating SharePoint with Exchange-2013

    1. 1. #spsla @tweetrawRandy WilliamsDirector of AvePoint Client Services
    2. 2. #spsla @tweetrawDirector of ACSAuthor
    3. 3. #spsla @tweetraw1 2 3 4OutlookIntegration Site MailboxesIncoming/outgoing emaileDiscovery
    4. 4. #spsla @tweetraw1OutlookIntegration
    5. 5. #spsla @tweetraw Outlook connects directly to many SharePoint listsand libraries Content is download and stored in a PST file Offline access Two-way synchronization is supported
    6. 6. #spsla @tweetraw Calendars Contacts Tasks Alerts Document libraries Discussion boards
    7. 7. #spsla @tweetraw A SharePoint calendar works the same as withall Outlook calendars Side by side, overlay views supported Single events can be downloaded as .ics fileand added to a personal calendar Events are displayed in correct time zone Calendar overlay
    8. 8. #spsla @tweetrawManaging SharePoint calendars withOutlook
    9. 9. #spsla @tweetraw Manage SharePoint contacts from Outlook Only columns recognized by Outlook can bedisplayed/synched
    10. 10. #spsla @tweetraw Consolidate all SharePoint tasks withinOutlook
    11. 11. #spsla @tweetraw Document libraries Preview pane Be careful with large libraries In SharePoint 2013 – use site mailboxes instead Discussion boards Consolidate and manage all SharePoint alerts
    12. 12. #spsla @tweetraw As an Exchange admin, you may need to restrict theuse of PST files Use a GPO to enforce the “Only Sharing-ExclusivePSTs” setting [HKCUUsersSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftoffice14.0outlook] * "DisablePST"=dword:00000002 Allows SharePoint to use a PST but prevents userfrom creating one* Adjust this number based on Office version
    13. 13. #spsla @tweetraw2Incoming/outgoing email
    14. 14. #spsla @tweetraw Used for SharePoint alerts, task notifications,dead site cleanup, et al Configure SharePoint with SMTP host SMTP host can be load balanced Careful: SharePoint is unable to authenticate Install SMTP Server locally and configure messageforwarding withauthentication
    15. 15. #spsla @tweetraw Set at farm or web-application level Configured automatically in SharePoint Online
    16. 16. #spsla @tweetraw Many SharePoint lists can receive email messages Useful where site mailboxes are not an option Some use cases Store incoming resumes in document library Capture threads in discussion board Include SharePoint calendars on meeting invites Archive message records in SharePoint Not supported in SharePoint Online (use sitemailboxes)
    17. 17. #spsla @tweetraw1. Enable incoming email in SharePoint2. Install SMTP service on SharePoint server3. Configure send connector in Exchange toforward messages to SharePoint4. Specify which lists and libraries are email enabled
    18. 18. #spsla @tweetrawdropsend connectortimer jobExchangeSharePoint
    19. 19. #spsla @tweetrawDisabled by defaultAutomatic is the mostcommon settingBest to include a subdomainEnter IP address(es) ofExchange servers
    20. 20. #spsla @tweetraw4Site MailboxeseDiscovery3
    21. 21. #spsla @tweetrawSite Mailboxes3
    22. 22. #spsla @tweetraw Integration between SharePoint and Exchange islimited SharePoint Collaboration from Outlook is hard Emailing attachments – how to solve this? Private emails are not available to all team members
    23. 23. #spsla @tweetraw Once deployed and initialized, a mailbox is created forthat web site All members and owners are given access to mailbox Mailbox automatically appears in Outlook Documents are kept in SharePoint Messages are kept in Exchange Security & lifecycle is managed from SP and synchedwith Exchange
    24. 24. #spsla @tweetrawSite Mailboxes in SharePoint 2013
    25. 25. #spsla @tweetraw
    26. 26. #spsla @tweetraw1. User opens docin Outlook2. Outlook passesURL of doc toright client app Office Doc Cachetakes URL and checksif a offline copy existsor whether toconnect to serverSyncedofflineRecentlyCachedOn Server4. Doc is opened. Clientapplication works directlyagainst SharePoint doc.App never realizes docwas opened via SiteMailbox link
    27. 27. #spsla @tweetraw Office 365 For new tenants, Exchange and SharePoint are alreadyconfigured Just install the Site Mailbox app On Premises Requires SharePoint 2013 & Exchange 2013 Outlook 2013 is required
    28. 28. #spsla @tweetraw Prerequisites User Profile service app with sync App management service app (for Site Mailbox app) EWS version 15.0.516.25 or above ( on SharePoint Server WFEs SSL is required and must be on default zone of webapp(s) where site mailboxes will be used Configure S2S auth between SharePoint andExchange See and
    29. 29. #spsla @tweetraw4eDiscovery
    30. 30. #spsla @tweetraw
    31. 31. #spsla @tweetraw
    32. 32. #spsla @tweetraw
    33. 33. #spsla @tweetraw
    34. 34.
    35. 35. #spsla @tweetraw
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