Ingress Resistance Recruiting Brochure - Mililani Version

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An Ingress recruiting tri-fold brochure for the Hawaii Resistance, focused on the Mililani neighborhood.

An Ingress recruiting tri-fold brochure for the Hawaii Resistance, focused on the Mililani neighborhood.

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  • 1. RESIST! There is an invisible battle raging all around you. The world around you is not what it seems. Some will say that it is only a game. The Resistance is dedicated to defending humanity against the so-called Enlightened and their campaign to infiltrate our world. Every neighborhood is a battlefield. Every statue, every park, every historic building is a portal that must be hacked, captured, and linked. Defend Mililani. Defend Hawaii. Defend humanity. Choose the Resistance! In Hawaii, the Resistance is outnumbered and outgunned. Mililani has fallen under the control of the enemy. We need your help. Read on to learn how you can join the fight. Then, pass this on to your friends. J oin the Hawaii Resistance! Hawaii Resistance - Mililani Chapter hawaiiresistance@
  • 2. Ingress 101 Visit portals. Walk, run, bike, bus, or even drive to points of interest on the map. You'll get plenty of exercise with Ingress, and discover many interesting new locations. Ingress was created by Niantic Labs a startup within Google. Getting Started Download the app. Available for Android smartphones and tablets, coming soon for iOS. Sign up for the Resistance. You will need to use a Google account. Request an invite code at If you don't receive one within a day, contact us and we'll send you one. Get out and play. You'll have to leave your house or office, as the world of Ingress is the real world. There is an agent training mission for first-timers, but you may find it easier to just dive right in. Your Mission Your mission is to defend the human race from an unknown alien energy (which is being embraced by the misguided Enlightened). As a member of the Resistance, you will strive to capture “ Portals,” link them, and create “ Control Fields” over geographic areas (tallied in "Mind Units"). Learn More In addition to the Hawaii Resistance website at, check out the following online resources to get the whole story:  ingress  ingress  +ingress  ingress  Collect XM. "Exotic matter" is the energy that powers Ingress. You'll find it scattered everywhere, and clustered around portals. Friendly portals are blue. You can "hack" them to get items, add resonators to power them, and add mods to strengthen them. With portal keys, you can link them together, and linking three together will create a field. Enemy portals are green. You can hack them, but they may bite back. Attack them with XMP bursters, and neutralize them by destroying all resonators. Don't get discouraged. There are eight player levels, and each is twice as powerful as the last. As a beginner at L1, higher level portals are impossible to take alone. Meet up with other Resistance members if you can. Lost? Ask for help. Use the in-game COMM chat to get help. Although the "secure" channel for the Resistance faction isn't very secure, fellow Resistance members will be available to answer your questions. J the community.Once you've gotten the oin hang of Ingress, we invite to join the Hawaii Resistance group. We trade tips, plan missions and talkstory via a private Google+ community and Google Hangout.