Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - June 2014


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The monthly newsletter of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii for June 2014.

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Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - June 2014

  1. 1. (#1211-0614) JodoMissionofHawaii 1429MakikiStreet HonoluluHI96814 AddressServiceRequested JodoMissionofHawaii Bulletin-JUNE2014 JODO MISSION OF HAWAII Volunteer Office Worker Needed Fridays: June 6, 13, 20, 27 and July 8 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Duties include: answering the telephone, receiving reservations for memorial ser- vices, taking messages, collecting payments, answering the Nokotsudo or Colum- barium buzzer to let someone in to visit the Nokotsudo. It is quite interesting. You get to meet all kinds of people and at the same time, you will learn a lot about Jodo Mission and Jodo Shu. In preparation for the O-Bon season, the O-Tobas need to be written and the minister needs to concentrate on the O-Toba he is working on so having someone answer the telephone while the minister is writing an O-Toba or doing a memorial service or getting ready for a funeral would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested, please contact Rev. Narashiba at 949-3995.
  2. 2. Page 2 O-Bon Service Schedule O-Bon Services will be held as follows: Friday, July 25 – 10:00 am (Hatsubon Families Only) 2:00 pm & 7:00pm Saturday, July 26 – 10:00 am (Hatsubon Families Only) 2:00 pm & 7:00pm Sunday, July 27 – 10:00 am Sign up for O-Bon Service will begin 1 hour before 2 pm and 7 pm services. This is on a first come first serve basis. NO phone orders will be taken. Closing Service will be on Sunday, July 27 at 10:00am. After Closing Service, cleanup will begin. Parking Attendants Needed: We are in need of at least 6 parking attendants for each 2 pm and 7 pm services. Please call Jodo Mission at 949-3995 if you are able to help direct cars to parking spaces. We appreciate your help. Private O-Toba Service Appointments: If you wish to have prayers offered in front of your O-Toba, appointments are being accepted from 8:00 am to 6:45 pm from Tuesday, July 15 to 10 a.m. on Sunday, July 27, 2014. Arigato Arigato for your many orders of O-Tobas. We are happy that you remembered your deceased family members and we will do our best to see that your O-Tobas are prepared at your request. After July 13 when the O-Tobas are set up, please remember to also visit your O-Tobas. June 30: DEADLINE: Chutoba & Chochin Orders July 13: O-Toba Set Up & General Cleaning - YOUR HELP IS NEEDED July 25-27: O-Bon Services Aug.15-16: Bon Dance Important Dates
  3. 3. ② ① ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦⑧⑨ ⑩ ⑪ ⑫ ⑪ ⑬ ⑬ Introduction of Sho-ryo Dana in O-Bon Butsudan 1) Incense: Purify the area of Sho- ryo Dana with the smoke of incense 2) Flower: Flower is a symbol of purity. There are numerous flowers in the Pure Land. 3) Water: Water is a symbol of offering. The offered water is called “AKA” that is translated from a Sanskrit word “Argha”, the most valuable thing. 4) Candle: A candle light is show- ing us the light of wisdom and compassion of Amida Buddha. 5), 6) Cucumber and Eggplant with sticks: With a Cucumber, make a horse (using sticks) for your ancestors to return home early. Make a Cow with an Egg plant (using sticks) for them to return to the Pure Land slowly. 7) Mizu-noko: The fresh cut egg- plant and cucumber with washed rice. Offering food in prayer to help everyone from hunger in any realms. (Optional) 8) Some rice in a bowl of Water and a leaf of Lythrum ancepts: This expands food limitlessly. (Optional) 9) Nishime without meat: A tradi- tional Japanese food used as mon- asterial food called Sho-jin Ryo-ri. 10) Somen noodle: Somen noodle is a symbolic food for longevity. 11) Fruits and vegetables: Offer gifts of nature to Buddha and ancestors. 12) Mochi or any favorite food: Offer gifts of nature to Buddha and ancestors. 13) Bamboo grass: Protection to keep away the bad spirits from the Sho-ryo Dana. Page 3
  4. 4. Getting Ready for O-Bon: Most people offer flowers, fruits and veg- etables, candies and drinks. Each O-Toba has about a 6 inch by 6 inch space for you to work with; otherwise you are into someone else’s space. The photo at left shows someone with flowers and fruits and as you can see there is not a lot of space. Last year, Marie Otani had graciously shared some of her family’s customs and we would like to repeat some of them: While the O-Tobas are up during the O-Bon season, it is important and customary to attend to the O-Tobas, similar to caring for gravesites or niches. Over the many O-Bon seasons that our family has observed at Jodo Mission, we have developed our style of caring for our O-Toba. We typically attend to those tasks as soon as the O-Toba is set up, usually on the Sunday before the start of the O-Bon services. Flowers are placed at the base of the O-Toba. The temple sets up a basin and makes available empty glass jars near the fence facing the freeway. But during the year, our family sets aside suitable jars and we use those instead, leaving the available jars for others. To keep them from tipping over with our trade winds, we tie the jars loosely to the base of the O-Toba. To help the flowers stay fresher longer, we cut the flower stems under water. Food for the ancestors is placed on the shelf in front of the O-Toba. We typically get oranges since they last longer and are resistant to the weather. To prevent the orange from rolling on the shelf, we put the orange in a paper bowl. To allow rain water to drain, we poke holes in the base of the bowl. Then we attach the bowl to the shelf with a little tape, being careful not to block the drain holes. Blue painter’s tape leaves little or no residue. THANK YOU Marie for sharing. Please note that everyone is welcome to use the empty bottles provided near the water basin usually located near the fence facing the free- way as Marie mentioned above. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Page 4 Mother’s Day Photos Three happy Sunday School mothers: Hitomi Paraso, Makoh Nii, Yukari Narashiba! Photo of oldest mother (Yoshiko Kitakawa) and oldest Sunday School student(A’Marie Paraso) The Intermediate YBA treated every- one with a delicious lunch. THANK YOU Sunday School, Intermedi- ate YBA, Sunday School coordinator Kay Oshiro and Sunday School ad- visor Rev. Nakano. Sunday School honored their mothers and all women who attended with red carnations.
  5. 5. OBON CHUTOBA ORDER FORM Obon Services will be held Friday, July 25th to Sunday, July 27th , at Jodo Mission of Hawaii DEADLINE: June 30, 2014 YOUR NAME(お名前):___________________________________________PHONE(お電話番号):________________ NAME OF DECEASED(亡くなった方のお名前): 1._________________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________________ One Chutoba is $ 7.00 × Total of Chutoba ______ = Total $______ (中塔婆 1本 7ドル) (本数) (合計) On which day are you coming? (いつお参りにこられますか?) Please circle date and time. Fri, July 25 2 pm or 7 pm Sat, July 26 2 pm or 7 pm Sun, July 27 10 am Or Cannot attend the service ORDER FORM FOR CHOCHIN (LANTERN、ちょうちん申し込み用紙) DEADLINE: June 30, 2014 YOUR NAME (お名前):______________________________________PHONE : (お電話番号) :_________________ NAME OF DECEASED(亡くなった方のお名前): 1.____________________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________________________ LARGE(大)____×$10.00 + SMALL(小)____×$7.00 = TOTAL(合計)$______________ FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Order accepted by : _______________ Date accepted : _______/______/ 2014 ( In person / Mail / By phone ) Received by : _______________ Date paid : _______/______/ 2014 (Cash / Check # __________ ) Write_______ ( Cut ) FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Order accepted by : _______________ Date accepted : _______/______/ 2014 ( In person / Mail / By phone ) Received by : _______________ Date paid : _______/______/ 2014 (Cash / Check # __________ ) Write_______ Page 5
  6. 6. Jodo Mission Office Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8am—5pm Sunday & Holidays: 8am—3pm Phone: 949-3995 Website: Rev. Yubun Narashiba Head Minister Rev. Kanjun Nakano Resident Minister Rev. Dwight Nakamura Retired Minister Page 6 2014 BON DANCE SCHEDULE OF JODO SHU TEMPLES Island Temple Phone No. Dates Times Oahu Betsuin 949-3995 Aug 15 to 16 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm Haleiwa 637-4382 July 18 to 19 7/18: 8 pm – 10 pm 7/19: 8 pm – 11 pm Big Island [Hawaii] Kurtistown Call Rev. Miyazaki (808) 935-6996 August 2 8:00 pm Hilo July 18 to 19 7/18: 7:30 pm 7/19: 8:00 pm Hakalau August 16 8:00 pm Hamakua Call Rev. Wansa (808) 775-0965 August 9 6:30 pm Kohala July 12 6:30 pm Hawi August 2 6:30 pm Maui Kahului Call Rev. John Hara (808) 244-0066 August 9 7:00 pm Wailuku June 20 7:00 pm Lahaina (808) 661-4304 July 5 7:00 pm Kapaa (808) 822-4319 June 6 to 7 7:30 pmKauai Koloa (808) 742-6735 July 18 to 19 7:30 pm Bishop Gensho Hara Lahaina, Maui Father’s Day June 15th is Father’s Day We always remember our Mothers, but do we always remember our Fathers? Please come to our Father’s Day Service and honor your father by your presence on June 15th at 10 a.m. Stuart Nago will play a song on his ukulele or guitar
  7. 7. 1 Tatsuo Nonaka 2 Takayo Fukuda The Fukuda Family Yasuichi Nakai The Nakai Family Kikue Tejima The Tejima Family Yasu Kawamura Fujio Fujita 4 Rui Yasumoto Shizutaro Kimura Fujiko Teruya Katsu Yokoyama Susan Teruko Lubick Rose Kikue Hata 5 Kamematsu Kano The Kano & Watanabe Families Shuichi Arakawa Yoshikazu Ebisuzaki Tamon Yamaguchi Japanese Marines 6 Chujiro Nishimura The Nishimura Family Matsu Wakagi The Wakagi Family Tomo Daitoku (2) The Daitoku, Fujimoto, & Kawauchi Families Shinichi Fukuda The Fukuda Family Miyoshi Takara 7 Ayako Morikawa The Morikawa Family Taki Asai Kichi Kunihisa Shina Kotake 8 Soichi Hirano The Hirano & Kaneko Families The Hirota Family Saku Yokoyama 9 Sueko Tanimura The Tanimura Family Kenzaburo Ishii The Ishii Family Emi Kawamoto 10 Hosuke Miyagawa The Miyagawa Family Ariki Fujimoto Hisako Mitani Mieko Ono BerthaTakako Homareda 12 Bunjiro Umemoto The Umemoto Family Mitsuyoshi Okamura The Okamura Family 13 Charlse Harumi Takabayashi (2) Jeane SachikoEbisuzaki 14 Masuzo Konaka The Konaka, Yano, & Hayashi Families Kiichi Morisako Katsuko Sakakibara Shigeki Narahara 15 Yoshio Morita The Morita Family Kikutaro Higashide The Higashide & Fuyukawa Families Albert Akira Sakuda 16 Onichi Chinen The Chinen Family Chiyo Heirakuji Harry NoboruMatsumoto Iwao Oki 17 Natsu Kawamura The Kawamura Family Senjiro Ogawa Ichiro Nakatsuka The Hirotsu Family Helen Miyoko Oda Hachijiro Homareda 18 Bunkichi Kamimura Tama Morita The Morita Family Chiyo Mori Hatsuyo Yoshikawa Kame Uyehara The Uyehara family Kay KimikoYamamoto JaniceYoshiko Kitashiro 19 Kiyomatsu Ueno The Ueno Family Shinei Kanehira The Kanehira Family Mitsuru Ogi Kenichi Naito Sam SaburoTaniguchi Kikuyo Morioka Miyoshi Akashi 20 Hisataro Yanagihara The Yanagihara Family Naoji Yokoyama Moushi Kobashigawa Kame Uyehara Ichitaro Matsuda Hisakichi Yamamoto Wade Kenji Sakai 21 Sumi Takeda The Takeda Family Komanoshin Masatsugu Teruo Masatsugu Ayako Tasaka Suzuko Shigehara Yoshito Charles Oshita 22 Isuke Iwasaki Murakami's Baby Kazumi Mizuta Yoshimi Maruuchi Edward Isamu Kimoto Moshi Takara Takara’s Baby 23 Isamu Yonemoto The Yonemoto Family Yoshio Higa The Higa Family Yoshiko Hamasaki Jonosuke Arakawa Kosuke Takara Kihachi Kishimoto 24 Yoshito Ebisuya The Ebisuya Family The Fujii Family Tokiko Karakake 25 Hana Mitsutani The Mitsutani Family Nobuyuki Nishida Yukio Hirata Akio Nathon Tagami 26 Fuji Yano The Yano, Konaka, & Hayashi Families Daizo Kawamura The Kawamura Family Mokunosuke Taniguchi Isamu Nakano Keigo Soma Claris SadakoYamamoto 27 Ron Kiyoshi Amasaki Akira Shimoda 28 Shintaro Masuda The Masuda & Asamura Families Ryoshichi Himuro The Himuro Family Kiyoichi Oshiro 29 Kumanosuke Morikawa The Morikawa Family Sadamu Yanagihara The Yanagihara Family Kinuyo Karimoto Ziu Takaoka Kiichi Takaoka Shizuko Heirakuji Grace Kawafuchi 30 Hana Ishizaki Tsurue Nagaishi The Nakauye Family John Yoshito Nakauye Koei Takara Gerald Kenji Sato EITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for June Obituaries The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincere condo- lences to the family mem- bers and loved ones of the following members who have recently left this world for the Pure Land. Thomas Hiroaki Furuike 83 Herbert Kazumi Doi 90 Fusaye Mizuta 99
  8. 8. SunMonTueWedThuFriSat 1234567 891011121314 15161718192021 22232425262728 2930 8:30amMorningService EverydayJune2014JodoMissionofHawaii Phone:949-3995 10amJuzukuriService 8:30amFujinkaiMeeting 10:00amObetsujiService 10:00SundayService June30:DEADLINE:Chutoba&ChochinOrders July13:O-TobaSetUp&GeneralCleaningbefore O-BonServices-YOURHELPIS NEEDED. July18-19HaleiwaJodoMissionBonDance July25-27:O-BonServicesatJodoMissionofHawaii Aug15-16:BonDanceatJodoMissionofHawaii 8:00SewingCircle YBAConventiononHilo YBAConvention—Hilo 10:00SundayFather’s DayService 8:00SewingCircle 10:00amSundayService 11:45BoardMeeting FujinkaiMeeting (Women’sassociation) 6/1@8:30a.m. SundaySchool NoSundaySchoolin June&July SewingCircle 6/14&6/28 8:00–11:00am YBA:ConventioninHilo:6/6to6/8