Jodo Mission Bulletin - July 2013


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The monthly bulletin of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii for the month of July 2013.

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Jodo Mission Bulletin - July 2013

  1. 1. (#1200-0713JodoMissionofHawaiiBulletin-JULY2013JodoMissionofHawaii1429MakikiSt.HonoluluHI96814AddressServiceRequestedImportant DatesJune 30, 8 am: O-Toba Set Up & General Cleaning - YOUR HELP IS NEEDEDJuly 12-14: O-Bon ServicesAug.16-17: Bon DanceO-Bon Service ScheduleFriday, July 1210:00 am (Hatsubon only)2:00 pm & 7:00 pmSaturday, July 1310:00 am (Hatsubon only)2:00 pm & 7:00 pmSunday, July 1410:00 am
  2. 2. O-Bon Service ScheduleO-Bon Services will be held as follows:Friday, July 12 - 10:00 am (Hatsubon Families Only)2:00 pm & 7:00 pmSaturday, July 13 - 10:00 am (Hatsubon Families Only)2:00 pm & 7:00 pmSunday, July 14 - 10:00 amSign up for O-Bon Service will begin 1 hour before 2 pm and 7 pm services.This is on a first come first serve basis. NO phone orders will be taken.Closing Service will be on Sunday, July 14 at 10:00 a.m. followed by releasing of rain-bow pigeons to lead our ancestors’ spirits to the Pure Land. Cleanup will begin shortlythereafter.Parking Attendants Needed: We are in need of at least 6 parking attendants for each 2pm and 7 pm service. Please call Jodo Mission at 949-3995 if you are able to help directcars to parking spaces. We appreciate your help.O-Toba Service Appointments: If you wish to have prayers offered infront of your O-Toba, appointments will be accepted from 8:00 am to 5:00 pmfrom Wednesday July 3 to 10 a.m. on Sunday, July 14, 2013.Offering of Rice: During O-Bon Services it is customary to offer a bag ofrice. However, monetary donations in lieu of rice are acceptable. “Rice” en-velopes are available in the office. Thank you for your understanding and support.Sr. YBA O-Bon Flower Sale: Please help the Sr. YBA by purchasing a beautiful pottedchrysanthemum ($2.00 each). NO phone orders will be taken. Thank you for your support.Friday, July 12: 9:00 am to 7:30 pm Saturday, July 13: 9:00 am until supply runs outRainbow Pigeons to the Pure Land: For the safety of our membersand ministers, we will release rainbow pigeons to lead our ancestorsspirits to the Pure Land instead of going out to sea at night for threemiles by boat. This is the finale of our O-Bon services and on Sunday,July 14 at 11:00 a.m. in the front yard of our temple. Everybody iswelcome. Come and join us in this beautiful ceremony!Offerings at your O-Toba: The space allowed for each O-Toba is approximately 5.5inches width and 7 inches in depth. SEE page 1 for sample offerings. Most people will offerfoods that the deceased liked, i.e. flowers, fruits, mochi, candies, somen for long generationlife, cucumber and eggplant . [SEE also pages 3 and 4 for more info.]Page 2
  3. 3. O-BON—Additional InformationWithout our ancestors we would not be here today. Thus, we honor them during O-Bon.With our sincere prayer, our beloved ones who have departed from us can have peaceful re-pose of their souls. Also, we can spend thankful and harmonious moment with our ancestorswho have done so much for us.**********************************************************************Page 3Cucumber & Eggplant Dolls During O-BonPlease do not be surprised if you see some form of the Cucum-ber Horse and the Eggplant Cow around O-Bon season [rightphoto from internet]. With a Cucumber, add legs with sticks tomake a horse for your ancestors to return quickly from the PureLand. Make a cow with an Eggplant using sticks for your an-cestors to slowly return to the Pure Land. In some places inJapan, these Cucumber and Eggplant dolls are made and placed at the front door to welcome yourancestors on the first day of O-Bon and on the second day placed at the family altar. On the lastday, the dolls are taken to the river to carry the ancestors back to the Pure Land. But they are nev-er thrown in the river.Parking Lot Repaving: July 22 to August 1There will be no services held at Jodo Mission due tothe repaving of our parking lot.As you can see, we have done a lot of patch work hereand there to cover holes due to rain. We are finally going torepave our entire parking lot. Anyone needing tohave memorial services held during this period willbe asked to schedule them either before or afterthese dates.We apologize for this inconvenience but we dowant to complete this job before our next big event which is the BonDance in August and before more rain comes in winter. Thank you verymuch for your patience!
  4. 4. Bits of Knowledge of BuddhismVol. 27 A Story of Family Ties (July 2013)By Rev. Yasushiro WatanabeBeginning in May ministers write O-Toba almost every day. The Bonservice and Bon dance are the most familiar events to us. Today, I’d like totalk about the origin of the Bon service. It is coming soon!This is the story. St. Mokuren was one of the greatest students of SakyamuniBuddha. Mokuren developed a special ability to see through everything everywhere.One day he looked for his late mother and found her in the hungry ghosts’ world. Shewas reduced to skin and bones. What happened to her? Mokuren was very upset. Hetried to feed her, but he couldn’t. The food changed into ash just before she ate it.How could he save his mother? He rushed to Buddha asking for his instruction.Buddha said to Mokuren, “The monks have finished 90 days of training and willhold a meeting on July 15. If you entertain them with a delicious meal, I’m sure thatyour mother’s sins will be taken away and she will be rescued from the hungry ghosts’world.” Mokuren followed Buddha’s teaching and served food to the monks. As ex-pected, his mother was released from her suffering. Buddha also said, “On the sameday, you should offer food and drink to your ancestors and your family. If you do so,I’m sure that your ancestors will be saved and your present family will enjoy a healthyand long life.” This is the original story of the Bon Service. According to Buddha’swords, every summer we hold the Bon service to show our respect and thanks for ourfamily and ancestors.You might have a question about this story. How come Mokuren’s mother fellinto the world of hungry ghosts? It is a hell of starvation. A hungry ghost is punishedfor his/her bad deeds. Was his mother bad? I don’t think so. She must have been agood mother. However, Buddha teaches us that our destiny depends on our deeds inthis world. If so, what did she do in her life?She raised her son to be successful. I guess, paradoxically, that’s why she fellinto the world of hungry ghosts. As every parent knows, raising children is not alwayseasy. The mother gave lots of love to Mokuren. A life in those days was more difficultthan today. She was sometimes too strict with her son. She sometimes committed asin to protect her son. I’m afraid that she devoted all of her energy to raising Mokurenand happened to break a Buddhist rule in her hard life.St. Mokuren realized the truth about his mother’s terrible situation. He remem-bered that his mother had worked hard to raise him. He was living a peaceful life be-cause of his mother’s devotion. So, Mokuren thought that he was responsible for hismother’s suffering and he should do everything to save her.In this way, the story of the Bon service tells us how much our mothers love us.This is a good opportunity to show thanks for our parents and grandparents. It’s also agood chance to give love to our children and grandchildren. During the Bon season, Ihope that you remember the link between your family members and have a wonderfultime with your family.Page 4
  5. 5. HOLD MEMORIAL SERVICESfor Your Loved Ones’ Date of PassingIn Buddhism, memorial services areobserved on the date of passing, which comesevery year, and at the anniversaries, whichcome every 4-6 years (please refer to the chartof anniversaries as posted on the right).At the memorial services, the family offersflowers, food and incense to Amida Buddhaand their loved ones. Of course these offer-ings are meritorious, but it is most requiredthat the family willingly recite “Namu AmidaButsu (I take refuge in Amida Buddha)” bear-ing sincerity toward the deceased person. It isan opportunity for the family not only tohonor the deceased person but also to clarifythe meaning of their lives, by learning the im-permanent nature of life and appreciating thelink of lives of their ancestors. Service can beobserved at Jodo Mission of Hawaii or at yourhome altar.ANNIVERSARIES –2013Anniversaries Year of Passing1st year 20123rd 20117th 200713th 200117th 199723rd 199125th 198927th 198733rd 198137th 197743rd 197147th 196750th 1964100th 1914* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *PHOTOS: YBA CONVENTION HELD ON MAUIJune 7, 8, 9, 2013Members at Lahaina Jodo Mission prepar-ing for barbeque banquet!Maui was the host island for the recent YBA Convention.Above is a group photo at the Wailuku Jodo Mission. OahuYBA members: Jo Ann Matsuo, Akiko Nishiyama, Peggy andClifford Miyamoto attended with Rev. Yubun Narashiba.Everyone enjoyed themselves and renewed old friendshipsamong the Jodo Shu members! Page 5
  6. 6. ObituariesThe Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincerecondolences to the family members and loved ones ofthe following members who have recently left thisworld for the Pure Land.Mitsuko Takemoto 97Misao Sumi 92Minoru “Mino” Sanemitsu 87Rose Kikue Hata 96Jodo Mission Office Hours:Monday to Saturday8am—5pmSunday & Holidays8am—3pmPhone: 949-3995Website: www.jodo.usRev. Yubun NarashibaHead MinisterRev. Kanjun NakanoResident MinisterRev. DwightNakamuraRetired MinisterPage 6Rev. YasuhiroWatanabe2013 BON DANCE SCHEDULEOF JODO SHU TEMPLESIsland Temple Phone No. Dates TimesOahu Betsuin 949-3995 Aug 16 to 17 6:30 pm – 9:30 pmHaleiwa 637-4382 July 26 to 27 7/26: 8 pm – 10 pm7/27: 8 pm – 11 pmBig Island[Hawaii]KurtistownCall Rev. Miyazaki(808) 935-6996August 3 8:00 pmHilo July 12 to 13 7/12: 7:30 pm7/13: 8:00 pmHakalau August 17 8:00 pmHamakuaCall Rev. Wansa(808) 775-0965August 10 6:30 pmKohala July 13 6:30 pmHawi August 3 6:30 pmMaui Kahului Call Rev. John Hara(808) 244-0066August 10 7:00 pmWailuku June 28 7:00 pmLahaina (808) 661-4304 July 6 7:00 pmKapaa (808) 822-4319 August 2 to 3 7:30 pmKauaiKoloa (808) 742-6735 July 5 to 6 7:30 pm
  7. 7. 1 Kichi YanagisawaThe Yanagisawa FamilyYone IshidaYoshikazu Kakimoto2 Toyo TojoThe Tojo FamilyTsune UchiumiMinoru ShigetaKikuyo Gonhata]Ellen Kimiko Hedani3 Tamayo YanagiharaRobert Yoshimura4 Setsuyo SugiharaThe Sugihara FamilySumiyo YamanakaKajo TeruyaIsami YoshikawaThe Yoshikawa FamilyKajo TeruyaThe Yamanaka FamilyMasaru Taira5 Asao TakaraShige IkedaFred Yutaka SakudaDonna Haruko Furutani6 Takaichi HamadaThe Hamada FamilyMiki AjimuraThe Ajimura FamilyTakezo IshidaYosuke Mitsutani7 Hisa AkimotoTaki IshimotoSeiji OgawaKenneth Sugio Ito8 Yoshio FurumotoKamado TakaraHiroshi ArakawaSueko KiyamaShigeko Shimamoto9 Kameichi OkamuraMatsuyo KamiokaKumataro GonhataMasashi Kimura10 Tatsu YanagiharaThe Yanagihara FamilyShina KayaThe Kaya & ShimazakiFamilyKeizo NagataThe Nagata FamilyYojiro YamashinaUkichi NakanoFuji Kitagawa11 Toyo NanbuThe Nanbu FamilyFusa Murakami (2)The Murakami FamilyThe Yamamoto FamilyShigeyo IpponsugiIwao Asaumi12 Hideo HigashiKamesaburo GushikenAkiyo YanoMorio YanagiharaToshiji Oka13 Kazuichi AkimotoBunji AokiThe Aoki FamilyToki YamamotoThe Yamamoto FamilySetsuyo NittaYai Ouchi WatanabeSadako Asaumi14 Takao AmanoKanichi MoritaFukutaro NagataHaya KamimuraKazuo KamimuraKanichi Morita15 The Nakagawa FamilyThe Koike FamilyThe Fujisue FamilyDoris Chiyoko HayashiFlorence Satoko Law16 The Juichi YamadaFamilyThe Fujii FamilyThe Shikata FamilyThe Nishii FamilyThe Okazaki FamilyHaruo OkaharaThe Okahara FamilyR. Toyoji TominagaTetsuichi Umemoto17 Ito TanimuraThe Tanimura FamilyKome NishiguchiThe Nishiguchi FamilyTakiko AmakawaYumei UyeharaTomoe Yoshioka18 Hisako FujihanaThe Fujihana FamilySeiji NakagawaMiyoji AokiMasutaro KunihisaTokiyo MasakiMasaaki MaruichiOkiyo MatsumotoMatsu Sadoyama19 Misae HigashiharaThomas TamotsuHamada20 Gonshichi ShintakuFukuji IkedaKatsumi ImadaAyako Hibi21 Shigeru NakataUsuke OdaKamekichi Toyofuku22 Keisuke KimuraThe Kimura FamilyTakeo MatsunagaMotohiro TanimuraMatsuyo Miyagi23 June Junko YamashitaKeizo OdaSadako Kishimoto24 Masako Narahara25 Matsuno MishinaThe Mishina FamilyMasuo YanagiharaThe Yanagihara FamilyThe Kimura FamilyThe Weiss Family(Stillborn)26 Naosuke NakamotoThe Nakamoto &Sakagawa FamilyToshio FujimotoThe Fujimoto Family27 Sakutaro KoyamaThe Koyama FamilySayoko TakaokaHatsu MaruichiYoichiro WatanabeYone Tarumoto28 Koichi OgiSadamu IwamotoMiyoko OharaDarin Sueo FurutaniFumiko Iwamoto29 Kansuke YanoThe Yano, Konaka &Hayashi FamilyMitsuo SakakibaraChiya WadaPauine Aiko Nakamura30 Noriaki MasudaThe Masuda & AsamuraFamilyKinosuke KitamuraThe Kitamura FamilyToshisuke IwamotoNoriaki MasudaMatsuo HirayasuBishop ShutesuMiyamoto31 Haruo NakanoKameyo HayashiUsano YamaneKatsumi YanoEvelyn Chieko FujitaEITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for July
  8. 8. SunMonTueWedThuFriSat123456789101112131410:00O-BonServiceClean-upAfterService15161718192021222324252627282930318:30amMorningServiceEverydayJuly2013JodoMissionofHawaiiPhone:949-3995EVENTS:July12-14:O-BonServicesatJodoMissionofHawaiiJuly26-27:HaleiwaJodoMissionBonDanceAug16-17:BonDanceatJodoMissionofHawaiiHaleiwaBonDanceO-BONSERVICES10:00amHatsubonFamilies2:00pmand7:00pmNOSUNDAYSERVICE8:00O-TobaKuzushi10:00SundayService(ObetsujiService)11:45BoardMeetingParkingLotRepaving:July22toAugust1—NOSERVICESParkingLotRepavingJuly22toAugust1—NOSERVICES