Jodo Mission Bulletin - May 2013


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The May 2013 edition of the monthly newsletter of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii.

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Jodo Mission Bulletin - May 2013

  1. 1. JodoMissionofHawaiiBulletin-MAY2013(#1198-05123JodoMissionofHawaii1429MakikiSt.HonoluluHI96814AddressServiceRequested2013 BON DANCE SCHEDULEOF JODO SHU TEMPLESIsland Temple Phone No. Dates TimesOahu Betsuin 949-3995 Aug 16 to 17 6:30 pm – 9:30 pmHaleiwa 637-4382 July 26 to 27 7/26: 8 pm – 10 pm7/27: 8 pm – 11 pmBig Island[Hawaii]KurtistownCall Rev. Miyazaki(808) 935-6996August 3 8:00 pmHilo July 12 to 13 7/12: 7:30 pm7/13: 8:00 pmHakalau August 17 8:00 pmHamakuaCall Rev. Wansa(808) 775-0965August 10 6:30 pmKohala July 13 6:30 pmHawi August 3 6:30 pmMaui Kahului Call Rev. John Hara(808) 244-0066August 10 7:00 pmWailuku June 28 7:00 pmLahaina (808) 661-4304 July 6 7:00 pmKapaa (808) 822-4319 August 2 to 3 7:30 pmKauaiKoloa (808) 742-6735 July 5 to 6 7:30 pm
  2. 2. Page 2Special Needs: For those whodo not want to climb many stairs,see below:Elevator: Please note that wedo have an elevator which is locatedon the seaside of the Temple. Pleasering the bell at the back door of theTemple for assistance.Service in Ikoi Hall: If youwould like to have your service onthe first floor, you may do so byrequesting the service be held in IkoiHall instead of walking up the stairs.Sunday School ActivitiesOn March 31,Rev. Narashibaled SundaySchool studentsin Jizukuri Se-vice. SundaySchool studentslearn aboutBuddhism. They enjoy each other’s fellow-ship. On this day, the students celebratedSophie Narashiba’s 8th birthday.On April 7, Sophie Narashiba represented JodoMission by offered flowers to Baby Buddhaand poured sweet tea on Baby Buddha at theHawaii Buddhist Council’s 2013 Buddha DayCelebration held at Honpa Hongwanji HawaiiBetsuin. She also played the koto and sang“Sakura” during the entertainment portion.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Getting Reading for O-Bon:Many of you have signed upfor your O-Toba. Now, itmay be time to think aboutwhat you will offer at your O-Toba.Please share your family’s tra-dition regarding the O-Toba. Thereare some families that probablycoordinate what they are bringingand what type of container they areusing. Some are so neatly stackedwhen so many families come to thesame O-Toba. We would like tohear from you. Thank you.
  3. 3. Page 3Wedding Services, Baby Blessings,House Blessings, Car Blessings areavailable upon request.Wedding Services: If you are planningto get married or know someone who isplanning a wedding or if you would like torenew your wedding vows, you are wel-come to recommend our Temple. Topledge eternal love between husband andwife to Amida Buddha is very important.Baby Blessings: May Amida Buddha’slove surround our children with love.House Blessings: May your newhouse, apartment, home be blessed.Car Blessings: May your new car keepyou safe!Please call 949-3995 for an appoint-ment.Gardeners’ CornerEggshells can be used in mulching orthey can be used to lighten the soil so whenyou eat your eggs in the morning, please donot just throw them away.Green onions purchased at the store canbe given a new lease on life by cutting thewhite portion near the roots and plantingthem in the ground or in container pots.Slugs in the garden: Slugs can destroya garden. Have you tried throwing salt onthem? There are those who purchase com-mercial slug killers to get rid of slugs. Haveyou tried using coffee grounds from yourmorning coffee? Coffee grounds sprinkledon the soil can deter slugs and snails. How-ever moderation is the key. Also strong cof-fee like espresso in the garden may not be aseffective.Any helpful hints you would like to shareare most welcome. Please with yourhints. Thank you.Kashiwa Mochi1 box mochiko koshi an or tsubushi an1 cup flour T-leaves; banana leaves;2 cup water or avocado leaves1/3 cup Wesson oilMix all above ingredients. Stir until very smooth. Add little waterif it gets too thick but keep stirring as it gets smoother. Make asmall ball and flatten to place a small scoop of koshi an or tsubushian and cover the an. Place mochi on T-leaf. Steam for 20minutes.Children’s Day (May 5)In Japan, since 1948, May 5 has been a national holiday known as“Children’s Day” or “Kodomo no hi”. This national holiday in Japan was de-creed to celebrate the happiness, health and growth of all children. Most nota-ble are carp shaped streamers. The carp was chosen because it symbolizesstrength and success and according to Chinese legend, a carp swam upstream to become adragon.Kashiwa mochi are rice cakeswith azuki beans wrapped in oakleaves. Here in Hawaii, youmay use T-leaves or avocadoleaves or banana leaves.Children’sDay aroundthe world.
  4. 4. A n n o u n c e m e n t sSunday School5/12/13Mother’s Day Service 10 a.m.Fujinkai Meeting(Women’s association)May 5 @ 8:30 amIkoi HallSewing Circle5/11 and 5/25/138:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.Any interested person is welcometo participate♫Children’s Choir “Malama”♫No Practice in MayYBAMeetingNO Meetingin MayPage 4May 12th Is Mother’s Day(Haha No Hi)Mother’s Day is celebrated as an expres-sion of love and appreciation to mothers.Please come to our Mother’s Day Serviceon May 12 at 10:00 a.m.Hawaii Buddhist Council’sMemorial Day ServiceEveryone is cordially invited to theMemorial Day Service, sponsored by theHawaii Buddhist Council:When: Monday, May 20at 9:30 a.m.Where: Punchbowl CemeteryHawaii Buddhist Council is made up of seven (7)Buddhist denominations: Higashi Hongwanji Missionof Hawaii, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, JodoMission of Hawaii, Koyasan Shingon Mission ofHawaii, Nichiren Mission of Hawaii, Soto Mission ofHawaii and Tendai Mission of Hawaii.Flowers Needed for Lei Makingon Friday, May 24, 2013Please bring Plumeria or other small flow-ers for leis to Jodo Mission on Thursday,May 23, 2014.Everyone is invitedto join us on May 24,2012 beginning at 8am for our MemorialDay lei making project.Please come and help us sew leis for our vet-erans at Punchbowl Cemetery. Lunch will beprovided.Apology for April BulletinWe apologize for the condition of theApril Bulletin you received. We had aproblem with the requirements of theU.S. Postal Service. THANK YOU FORYOUR PATIENCE and THANK YOUFOR READING OUR BULLETIN.
  5. 5. Page 5The Introduction of Buddhism into Japan (8)From Kamakura through Tokugawa Periods (1192 - 1868)ZEN BUDDHISMIt is said that Zen (Ch’an in Chinese) type of Buddhismwas originally founded by Bodhi-dharma, an Indian monkwho came to China around 6th century A.D. The object ofZen is self-enlightenment or the perfection of one’s personali-ty by meditative discipline, self-sacrificing action in daily life,and an earnest endeavor to benefit mankind. This is becauseman cannot separate himself from society of which he is apart. Because of great wisdom, the enlightened one dose notlinger in the illusory world of birth and death, and because ofgreat compassion, he dose not linger in the world of enlighten-ment. Because the path has no end, he continues to strive evenafter he has attained enlightenment (Satori in Japanese).Many different methods of instruction to lead people to the attainment of Bud-dhahood have been used by Zen masters. Two denominations of this type of Bud-dhism were founded in this period. They are the Rinzai denomination founded in 1191by Eisai and Soto denomination founded in 1224 by Dogen. Although several centu-ries prior to those dates, Zen Buddhism of China was familiar to Buddhists in Japan, itwas during this Kamakura period when they became independent denominations forthe first time. Because Zen had infinite meaning for the details of one’s own dailywork, it spread among the general public, especially among the Samurai warrior classduring the Kamakura period.Zen art has permeated all phases of Japanesecultures. For example, Japanese temple architec-ture, songs of Noh drama, poetry such as Haikuwhich consists of 17 Japanese syllables, calligraphy, and many other Japanese arts were greatly influenced byZen sprit. Tea was introduced by Eisai; the founder of the Rinzai denomination, from China, and tea-ceremonybegan after Zen spirit of concentration.The Rinzai denomination always has attracted many intellectuals and members of the ruling class, while theSoto denomination has spread much more widely among the common people. (To be continued)From Understanding Japanese BuddhismPublished by The Japan Buddhist FederationBodhi-dharmaEisaiDogenNohTea CeremonyCalligraphy
  6. 6. O b i t u a r i e sThe Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincerecondolences to the family members and lovedones of the following members who have recentlyleft this world for the Pure Land.Tomeko Fujioka 91Kenneth Takeo Tarumoto 74Jodo Mission Office Hours:Monday to Saturday8am—5pmSunday & Holidays8am—3pmPhone: 949-3995Website: www.jodo.usRev. Yubun NarashibaHead MinisterRev. Kanjun NakanoResident MinisterRev. DwightNakamuraRetired MinisterPage 6Rev. YasuhiroWatanabeWhat is “Perpetual MemorialService?” (Eitaikyo)This record of a perpetual memorial serviceand is called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When thedate of death occurs for a person listed on thisrecord, the ministers pray for that individual dur-ing the morning service. The prayers will contin-ue each year for as long as Jodo Mission ex-ists.Anyone can be included in it. You may putyour own name on the list, too. This also helpswhen it is difficult to have memorial services.We also welcome you to attend the morningservice at 8:30am.How to applyStop by the office, and fill out the applicationform. Each name costs $200. After the applica-tion is accepted, the name will be listed on therecord. HELP NEEDEDFor Nokutsudo/ColumbariumOur Nokutsudo or Columbarium hasgrown and is still growing. We need morehelp with cleanup, especially for the newNokutsudo/Columbarium. If you are ableto help, please contact the Temple at 949-3995 with possible times you are able tohelp.If you are able to help only some-times, please also let us know . Yourhelp is most appreciated. Thank you.Apology for March Eitaikyo List: Weapologize for incorrectly spelling the deceasedperson’s name and incorrect date of death inMarch Bulletin:3/15: Suematsu Namba
  7. 7. 1 Tome IwamotoTome Toishigawa2 Bishop Buntetsu MiyamotoEtsuo Nakagawa3 Mitsuyo NakaharaThe Fukunaga FamilyMitsuko Sakai4 Eikichi HiroujiThe Miyamasu FamilyTamotsu TakaokaToshio Yoshioka5 Sadaichi MitoThe Mito FamilyMichie MakinoThe Makino & Okamura FamilyMorita Kokubun6 Tokusaburo Fukuda (2)The Fukuda Family (2)Tora Kanayama (2)The Kanayama FamilyHitoshi NittaKamato UyeharaTamayo MatsumoriLaurie T. ChoKazuo KarimotoKuma TateiMasaru Morimoto7 Minetaro KatagiriThe Katagiri & Imamiya FamilyTsuyako KishiiKiyoshi HiranoSatoru Miura8 Toshiko KusunokiTami KawasakiThe Kusunoki FamilyTsuru KitamuraThe Kawasaki & Nakagawa FamilyYasuo KagiharaThe Kitamura FamilySeki Tamura10 Sada KuriharaThe Kurihara FamilyThe Ajimura FamilyThe Ito Family (Stillborn)Shinichi Takenouchi11 Masataka FukudaThe Fukuda FamilyShuzo MitsutaniThe Mitsutani FamilyAyataro NanbuThe Nanbu FamilyKimiko FujiiKikuyo HayashiKinuyo MatsuiMatsuichi Onaga12 Konosuke TsudaThe Tsuda FamilyKimie TakaokaMieko TakaraYasu OgiKenji Otani13 Konzo NakaiThe Nakai FamilyHikoichi HiraiThe Hirai FamilyMoushi UeharaTeruo SawamuraFumiko YogiKenichi HayashiTeruo SawamuraThe Sawamura FamilyBetty OshitaKatsutoshi Kano14 Kiku MiyashigeThe Goto FamilyThe Miyashige FamilyFui YamatoThe Yamato FamilyToshio KaramatsuKiku MatsumotoKura HaradaShinichi Yanagihara16 Kamekichi HayashiThe Hayashi FamilyKozo OkamotoPeggy Miyako Ogi17 Hiromu HayashiWallace Kazuyo SakaiHelen Miyoko Fujikami TamashiroHanako Thelma Ogawa18 Hatsuyo YamamotoThe Yamamoto FamilyTadami UemotoChizuko KotoHaru ShimizuThe Kawabe FamilyThe Mitsujiro Kurashige FamilyKiyoshi NaraharaKayoko MiyamotoToshiko Yamanaka19 Kamechiyo UyeharaFumio Fujiwara20 Sukeo MatsunoThe Matsuno FamilyHatsue TsudaThe Tsuda FamilyKamei AkamineHaruyo IwamotoKoan TakaraBenzo Takahashi21 Fuji YamamotoThe Yamamoto FamilyShigeko FujikamiThe Fujikami Family22 Tsunekichi TamanahaThe Tamanaha FamilyMasuo TomitaHaruo NakagawaHoward Seishi Kobayashi23 Hichizo Nishimura (2)The Nishimura & Aoki FamilyHarukichi HirohamaThe Hirohama FamilyIshi OnagaThe Onaga & Nakamura FamilyThe Nakamura FamilyTomoko HayashiKenzo Hashimoto24 Zensuke YokomichiThe Yokomichi & Kondo FamilyKaizo Goto (2)The Goto & Miyashige FamilyKichizo YamamotoThe Yamamoto FamilyTakeji OgataKiseno NakanoSatsuki NakanoKamazo TeruyaNatsu Muramoto25 Keiichi MineishiThe Mineishi FamilyKazuo ShidakiThe Shidaki FamilyYoshio NishimuraShinsuke UchiumiMinoru YamaneYonosuke IkutaThe Takazawa FamilyJiroichi Otani26 Senkichi FukudaThe Fukuda FamilyFukuji MuranakaRikio KunihisaMitsuki KimotoToshiko Higa27 Kichi HisamuraTorakichi MiyaoTakashi Saiki28 Iro YamaneMisao YasudaShuso GushikumaShurei GushikumaKamaru GushikumaKama Gushikuma29 Mayo YamamotoThe Yamamoto & Suzukawa FamilyYazaburo ShojiThe Shoji FamilyJoji SakaguchiTomiko YamanakaHaruo KitoThe Kito FamilyHatsuko ToishigawaSumie Ito30 Tamezo YanagiharaThe Yanagihara FamilyHeikichi IchidaThe Ichida FamilySetsu YamamotoMackay Umeichi YanagisawaTsunejiro IwamotoYoshiko Moritsugu31 Hideo KuniyukiIchiro ObaraTahei HaradaEITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for MayPage 7
  8. 8. SunMonTueWedThuFriSat12345678910111213141516171819202122232548amLeiMakingEvent258:30amMorningServiceEverydayMay2013JodoMissionofHawaiiPhone:949-399510amMother’sDayServicewithSundaySchool10amSundayService8:30amSewingClass8:30amSewingClass268:30amFujinkaiMeeting10:00amObetsujiService10amMemorialDayService27ComingEvents:June7,8,9YBAConventiononMauiJune30:GeneralCleanup&O-TobaSetup—WeneedyourhelpJuly6-7:HaleiwaO-BonServicesJuly1213:O-BonServices;10:00amHatsubononly2:00pm&7:00pmJuly14:O-BonService:10:00amAug16-17:OurBonDance11:45amBoardMeeting28293031