Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - June 2010


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The June 2010 issue of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin.

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Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - June 2010

  1. 1. JODO MISSION OF HAWAII BULLETIN - JUNE 2010 (#1163-0610) Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki St. Honolulu HI 96814 Address Service Requested Announcements Page 2, 4 The Life of St. Honen Page 3 O-Bon Chutoba & Chochin Page 5 Order Forms Perpetual Memorial Service Page 6-7 Calendar Page 8 O-Nenbutsu By Rev. Kanjun Nakano Everyday, we live and act hoping that we, and our families will flourish. In so doing, we try to increase our fortune, social position, and honor. However, we will die someday and leave for the Pure Land. When we die, what will happen to our fortune, position and honor? Unfortunately, we cannot take these things with us to the Pure Land. We have to leave everything in this world. The ONLY THING you can take to the Pure Land is your heart. When you have completed your life in this world, what kind of heart are you going to take with you to the Pure Land? Will you be able to take a satisfied heart in that you have com- pleted your life graciously? Or, are you going to carry a heart filled with regrets? Which one will it be? In either case, you don’t have to worry. Amida Buddha will receive any kind of heart. Amida Buddha will accept us with no distinction. Amida Buddha is always watching our hearts while we are living in this world or after we pass away. What kind of heart are you showing to Amida Buddha? Our hearts are full of regrets and sorrow. However, Amida Buddha changes our unclean and evil minds to pure and good hearts by O-Nenbutsu. Let’s live a life so we can always say O-Nenbutsu at anytime and in any place.
  2. 2. Announcements THANK YOU GOEIKA Thank you very much to all who Background Goeika comes from “Goei’ mean- ing poems written by high priests admiring Buddha purchased the Kala Kokua Smoked and ‘ka” meaning song. Although Goeika began Turkey Drumsticks and Sushi Sale during the Edo era in Japan, it was not until after on Sunday, May 23. Weren’t they World War II when Japan lost the war and society delicious! Thank you also to every- was in chaos; the politics, economy and ideology were confused that Jodo Shu felt the creation of Yo- one who helped on May 23. A spe- shimizuko would help the situation. Jodo Shu se- cial THANK YOU to Yvonne Sugi- lected Rev. Kido Matsunami and Rev. Kinsho Su- hara who chaired this event and Aki zuki as their leaders. Rev. Matsunami and Rev. Nishiyama who handled the fi- Suzuki and other people held workshops in Zojiji, nances and for the support re- Chionin, Zendoji and other places. Rev. Matsunami to this day is in his 90’s and remains the head of ceived from Kala Kokua. Yoshimizuko. In Hawaii, Rev. Gido Shimbo initiated the Yo- shimizuryu Eisanka (Goeika) at the Puunene Jodo Mother’s Day Mission in March 1956. The second Temple to be- Celebration gin the Yoshimizuryu Eisanka was Hakalau Jodo Mrs. June Su- Mission in November 1956 under the guidance of zuki sang and Rev. & Mrs. Bino Mamiya. Kohala Jodo Mission played the followed in 1957 under the guidance of Rev. & Mrs. Ryoyu Kitajima. It was then that the ministers’ Shamisen for wives were enrolled in the Eisanka class. Examina- all present at tion followed with 18 members organizing the Yo- the Mother’s shimizuko Puunene Branch in 1959. Workshops Day Service. were held in 1960, 1962, 1963 from which 7 minis- ters’ wives became 5th rank eisho-shi. At the same ******************* time, 9 Kohala members passed the examination to Hilo Meishoin Centennial become 5th rank eisho‑shi. Celebration The first statewide Yoshimizuko Workshop and On June 26, 2010, Hilo Meishoin will examinations took place at Kahului Jodo Mission on be celebrating their 100th Anniversary June 17 to 21, 1975. The Hawaii Council of Jodo since its founding. Also about 200 mem- Missions sponsored instructor Rev. Reishin Ikegami bers from the Japan Yoshimizuko group of Japan to conduct the workshop and examinations. Eight ministers, 8 ministers’ wives and 34 lay mem- will attend this event. Rev. Yubun Nara- bers participated. shiba will be attending on behalf of Jodo Jodo Shu Goeka are poems by Honen Shonin put Mission of Hawaii. to music. In commemorating the 800th Anniversary of Honen Shonen’s passing, the Japan Yoshimizuko Fujinkai Sewing Circle Convention will be held in June in Hawaii. Meeting 6/12 & 6/19 YBA (Women’s association) Sunday School 6/13/10 @ 8:30 a.m. 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. Meeting No Sunday School in June, Any interested person is 6/27/10 @ 8:30 am July and August Page 2 welcome to participate
  3. 3. The Life of St. Honen The Founder of Jodo Buddhism in Japan By Rev. Dwight K. Matsunami [published in The Hawaii Buddhism, Sept. 1956 issue] PART 1 It was nearly the same time in the West roaming in the street can be saved only by when the Crusade began to march toward Faith in Amida Buddha. Israel to recapture the Holy Land; Japan was Actually speaking, he was born in 1133 in in a critical condition caused by a series of the family of an official of the province of civil wars which occurred one after another. Mimasaka, the southern part of Japan. At the The central government, firmly established age of eight, sad news reached him. His fa- since the seventh century, was disintegrating ther was wounded by bandits. He thought and through the degeneration of the court bu- contemplated vengeance, but was persuaded reaucracy. The actual power was transferred by his father at his death-bed to forgive the to the hands of the military clans. The pass- slayers. “You should not be revengeful, be- ing of the luxury and grandeur, “Peace and cause if you should do so, other vengeances Ease” of the court nobles in Kyoto, and the are bound to follow, and the cycle of such establishment of the military dictatorship of evil would never cease. So, forgive them, Kamakura impressed the people that this have sympathy for them, and for all men.” world is transitory like morning dew drops. These were the last words for him. Moreover, in these days, storms, droughts and earthquakes followed on the heels of one As he grew up, he fully realized his fa- another which served to make people young ther’s wish although revenge was permitted and old, realize the uncertainty of life more openly in those days of early Japan. St. Ho- keenly than ever. nen made up his mind to enter the priesthood. He therefore spent a disciplinary and studious “Ceaselessly, the river flows, and yet the life on Mt. Hiei for many years. He studied water is never the same, while in the still hard reading the then prevailing teachings pools the shifting foam gathers and is gone, with the expectation that everyone can be never staying for a moment. Even so is man saved only by learning the profound teachings and his habitation.” This is the passage of of Buddhism, but he could not be satisfied en- the famous Japanese classic, “Hojoki” drawn tirely. He was reputed to be the most clever by a wandering Buddhist priest, Chomei of among the priests in Hiei. Yet, if even he was Kamo. Not only did the people so feel and not saved, then how much more so the igno- sing, but the people were all aware of the rant. great changes going on around them. But (To be continued) still, there were no spiritual props. The Bud- dhist leaders of those days could do nothing Thank you to the family of the Late Ha- but indulge in academic studies or only tan- zel Fujihana for sharing the many publi- tric rituals detached from the worldly affairs. cations of The Hawaii Buddhism. The It was at this most eventful period in the past publications have wonderful stories history of Japan, in political and social, reli- and articles, one of which is presented on gious and moral aspects, that St. Honen, the this page. Please let us know if you wish Founder of Jodo Sect of Buddhism, appeared to read more of these articles. Thank you. and proclaimed to the public that the helpless Page 3
  4. 4. O-Bon Service Schedule O-Bon Services will be held as follows: Father’s Day Contest Thursday, August 5: 2 p.m. & 7 p.m. June 20th is Father’s Day or Chi Chi Friday, August 6: 2 p.m. & 7 p.m. No Hi. What do you remember about your Saturday, August 7: 2 p.m. & 7 p.m. Father, Dad, Daddy, Otoosan? Was it all his Sunday, August 8: 10 a.m., followed encouragement he gave to me for doing the best by cleanup that I can do, he worked very hard and showed Sign up for O-Bon Service will begin us that education and hard work are important 2 hours prior to each above listed service. for the future, was it his cooking, was it the This is on a first come, first serve basis. No times you went fishing, was it the stories he phone orders will be taken. told, was it the beautiful house he provided for Toro Nagashi (lantern floating from the us, or the furniture he made or purchased for us, boat: Sunday, August 8 at 8 p.m. (Pier # to the special trips he took us, etc. be announced later). Boat capacity is limited so we must limit this to Hatsubon (first In 100 words or less, please send in your O-Bon) families. If you are part of a thoughts to Jodo Mission by Saturday, June Hatsubon family, please sign up for this event 19th. at the office and you must be at the announced Please come to our Father’s Day Service Pier by 8 p.m. on June 20th at 10 a.m. Private O-Toba Services If you would like to request a private Mother’s Day Contest O-Toba prayer in front of your O-Toba, The following 3 responded to Contest—all winners! please call the Temple at 949-3995 to Himawari Kaneda: Dear Mama, schedule your appointment. Appoint- ments for this private O-Toba Service Thank you for making delicious bento lunches. will be accepted from 8:00 a.m. to 6:45 Let’s play with the sand on p.m. on Wednesday, July 28 through the beach together. Also, Sunday, August 8. let’s race in the swimming pool. Let’s play with a Mother’s Day Contest (cont’d): ball. Next time, when you are tired, I will massage JoAnn Matsuo: My mother, Gail Ma- your shoulders. Thank you tsuo, is probably best remembered for her Mama. kindness. She believed that you measured kindness not by how nice you could be to Sophie Narashiba: I others, who were kind to you, but by how Above are Himawari, Sophie and like to go to the Honolulu kind and forgiving you were to those who JoAnn Zoo with my Mama. I like showed no kindness. to also go to the Aquarium with her. Also, I like to go Albert Pine said, ‘What we do for our- to the beach with her. I wish my Mom would take me selves dies with us. What we do for oth- to the Children’s Discovery Center, too. ers and the world remains and is immor- I enjoy making cupcakes with my Mom. I like tal.’ breaking eggs and mixing the cupcakes. I like to see Please remember kindness is not de- how my Mom will mix after me and see what will hap- creased by sharing. pen. Happy Mother’s Day! Page 4
  5. 5. O-BON CHUTOBA ORDER FORM O-Bon Services will be held Thursday, Aug. 5th to Sunday, Aug. 8th, at Jodo Mission of Hawaii DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2010 YOUR NAME(お名前):___________________PHONE(お電話番号):_________ On which day are you coming? NAME OF DECEASED(亡くなった方のお名前): (いつお参りにこられますか?) 1.____________________________________________________________ Please circle date and time. Thu, August 5 2:00 pm or 7:00 pm 2.____________________________________________________________ Fri, August 6 2:00 pm or 7:00 pm 3.____________________________________________________________ Sat, August 7 2:00 pm or 7:00 pm 4.____________________________________________________________ Sun, August 8 10:00 am Or Cannot attend the service One Chutoba is $ 7.00 × Total of Chutoba ______ = Total $______ (中塔婆 1本 7ドル) (本数) (合計) FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Order accepted by : _______________ Date accepted : _______/______/ 2010 ( In person / Mail / By phone ) Received by : _______________ Date paid : _______/______/ 2010(Cash / Check # __________ ) Write_______ ( Cut ) ORDER FORM FOR CHOCHIN (LANTERN、ちょうちん申し込み用紙) DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2010 YOUR NAME (お名前):________________PHONE : (お電話番号) :_________________ NAME OF DECEASED(亡くなった方のお名前): 1.____________________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________________________ LARGE(大)__×$10.00 + SMALL(小)____×$7.00 = TOTAL(合計)$______________ FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Order accepted by : _______________ Date accepted : _______/______/ 2010 ( In person / Mail / By phone ) Received by : _______________ Date paid : _______/______/ 2010(Cash / Check # __________ ) Write_______
  6. 6. What is “Perpetual Memorial Obituaries Service?” (Eitaikyo) The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends This record of a perpetual memorial its sincere condolences to the family service and is called Eitaikyo in Japa- members and loved ones of the following nese. When the date of death occurs members who have recently left this for a person listed on this record, the world for the Pure Land. ministers pray for that individual during the morning service. The prayers will Mr. Tokio Nishikawa 81 continue each year for as long as Jodo Mr. Alexander Jitsuo Sakuda 97 Mission exists. Anyone can be included in it. You may put your own name on the list, too. This also helps when it is difficult to Wedding Services and Baby Blessings have memorial services. We also wel- are available upon request. come you to attend the morning service If you are planning to get married or know at 8:30am. someone who is planning a wedding or if How to apply you would like to renew your wedding vows, you are welcome to recommend our Stop by the office, and fill out the ap- Temple. To pledge eternal love between plication form. Each name costs $200. husband and wife to Amida Buddha is very After the application is accepted, the important. name will be listed on the record. Baby Blessings: May Amida Buddha’s love surround our children with love. Please call for an appointment. Jodo Mission Office Hours: Monday to Saturday Your Opinions 8am—5pm Your opinions are important to us. Please feel free to send your opinions to Jodo Mission of Sunday & Holidays Hawaii, 1429 Makiki St., Honolulu, HI 96814. 8am—3pm Your opinions will be treated confidentially. Rev. Yubun Narashiba Rev. Kanjun Nskano Rev. Dwight Nakamura Head Minister Resident Minister Retired Minister Page 6
  7. 7. EITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for June 1 Tatsuo Nonaka Murakami's Baby 13 Charlse Harumi Takabayashi Kazumi Mizuta Jeane Sachiko Ebisuzaki Yoshimi Maruuchi 2 Takayo Fukuda Harumi Takabayashi Edward Isamu Kimoto The Fukuda Family Yasuichi Nakai 14 Masuzo Konaka 23 Isamu Yonemoto The Nakai Family The Konaka, Yano, The Yonemoto Family Kikue Tejima & Hayashi Families Yoshio Higa The Tejima Family Kiichi Morisako The Higa Family Yasu Kawamura Katsuko Sakakibara Yoshiko Hamasaki 4 Rui Yasumoto Shigeki Narahara Jonosuke Arakawa Shizutaro Kimura Kosuke Takara Fujiko Teruya 15 Yoshio Morita The Morita Family 24 Yoshito Ebisuya Katsu Yokoyama The Ebisuya Family Kikutaro Higashide 5 Kamematsu Kano The Higashide The Fujii Family The Kano & Watanabe Families & Fuyukawa Families 25 Hana Mitsutani Shuichi Arakawa Albert Akira Sakuda The Mitsutani Family Yoshikazu Ebisuzaki Nobuyuki Nishida Tamon Yamaguchi 16 Onichi Chinen Yukio Hirata Japanese Marines The Chinen Family Akio Neison Tagami 6 Chujiro Nishimura Chiyo Heirakuji Harry Noboru Matsumoto 26 Fuji Yano The Nishimura Family Iwao Oki The Yano, Konaka, Matsu Wakagi & Hayashi Families The Wakagi Family 17 Natsu Kawamura Daizo Kawamura Tomo Daitoku The Kawamura Family The Kawamura Family The Daitoku, Fujimoto, Senjiro Ogawa Mokunosuke Taniguchi & Kawauchi Families Ichiro Nakatsuka Isamu Nakano Shinichi Fukuda The Hirotsu Family Keigo Soma The Fukuda Family Claris Sadako Yamamoto Miyoshi Takara 18 Bunkichi Kamimura 27 Ron Kiyoshi Amasaki 7 Ayako Morikawa Tama Morita Akira Shimoda The Morikawa Family The Morita Family Taki Asai Chiyo Mori 28 Shintaro Masuda Kichi Kunihisa Hatsuyo Yoshikawa The Masuda & Asamura Families Shina Kotake Kame Uyehara Ryoshichi Himuro The Himuro Family 8 Soichi Hirano 19 Kiyomatsu Ueno The Hirano & Kaneko Families The Ueno Family 29 Kumanosuke Morikawa The Hirota Family Shinei Kanehira The Morikawa Family Saku Yokoyama The Kanehira Family Sadamu Yanagihara Mitsuru Ogi The Yanagihara Family 9 Sueko Tanimura Kenichi Naito Kinuyo Karimoto The Tanimura Family Sam Saburo Taniguchi Ziu Takaoka Kenzaburo Ishii Kiichi Takaoka The Ishii Family 20 Hisataro Yanagihara Shizuko Heirakuji Emi Kawamoto The Yanagihara Family Grace Setsuko Kawafuchi Naoji Yokoyama 10 Hosuke Miyagawa Moushi Kobashigawa 30 Hana Ishizaki The Miyagawa Family Kame Uyehara Tsurue Nagaishi Ariki Fujimoto Ichitaro Matsuda The Nakauye Family Hisako Mitani John Yoshito Nakauye 21 Sumi Takeda Mieko Ono Koei Takara The Takeda Family Komanoshin Masatsugu 12 Bunjiro Umemoto Teruo Masatsugu The Umemoto Family Ayako Tasaka Mitsuyoshi Okamura The Okamura Family 22 Isuke Iwasaki
  8. 8. 8:30am Morning Service Jodo Mission of Hawaii Everyday June 2010 Phone: 949-3995 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 10:30am Maunalani **3:15 pm YBA Convention on Maui Visitation Jodo Shu hour (June 4-6) 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 10am Obetsuji Service 10am CCH visitation 8:30 Sewing Class 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 8:30am Fujinkai Meeting **3:15 pm 8:30 Sewing Class 10:00 Sunday Service Jodo Shu hour 11:15 Board Meeting 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 9:00 Japan 10am Father’s Day Service Yoshimizuko Convention 27 28 29 30 8;30 YBA Meeting 10 am Juzukuri Service June 26: Hilo Meishoin Centennial Celebration June 30: DEADLINE: Chutoba & Chochin Orders ** Jodo Shu Hour Radio K-ZOO (AM1210Khz, Japanese July 25: O-Toba Set Up - Your help is needed to set up the O-Tobas. station) July 30=31 Haleiwa Jodo Mission Bon Dance Aug. 1: General Cleanup = Your help is needed to do general cleaning of the Temple prior to O-Bon Services Aug 5-8: O-Bon Services at Jodo Mission of Hawaii Aug 20, 21: Bon Dance at Jodo Mission of Hawaii Sep 17-10: Lay Persons & Fujinkai Convention on Maui