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Media press (newspaper)
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Media press (newspaper)


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Published in: News & Politics, Business

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  • 1. Newspaper (The press) Media Sector
  • 2. Size, Shape and structure. • In the United Kingdom there are about 370 bussiness in the newspaper industry. The uk press industry has employed about 1.5million. The revenue of the industry is about 6.6 billion. The newspaper is a big industry so there are many job roles that have to be filled such as Advertising , Circulation, Team leadership, New media printers, Corporate Operations and Delivery vehicles.
  • 3. Different types of newspapers • Tabloid Newspapers contain mostly Gossip from celebrities and material like that. Tabloid are supported by Conservative Party, Right wing labour party and social democrat. • Broadsheet newspapers contains mostly Political and Economical circumstances. Broadsheet is sustained by Social Liberal, Conservative and Liberal democrats.
  • 4. Broadsheet newspapers • The guardian. The owner of the guardian newspaper is Guardian media group (GMG). The guaridian is a national newspaper. The group is owned by C.P Scott the owners of GMG and The guardian go by the name of Trust limited; They’re a British company. The Observer and Auto Trader and other local other media businesses in the UK. • The daily Telegraph. The owner Telegraph media group editor Tony Gallagher founded at’s an international newspaper. Telegraph media Group also owns The Sunday Telegraph.
  • 5. Tabloid national newspaper • The sun. Owned by News UK, Founded in 1964. Its published in the UK and Ireland. It is published by The news group division of News UK , it’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Mike Darcey. They also publish The Sunday times, The times, they supply news around the world. • Daily star. Owned by Richard Desmond founded at 2nd November 1978. Richard is a english publisher and business man. He is also the owner of express newspapers and founder of Nothern&Shell media which publishes various celebrity magazines such as OK!. Daily star and daily express are british national newspapers. Nothern&Shell also own british television network channel 5, they own some adult TV channels such as Red hot TV, Television X and many more.
  • 6. Local newspapers • South London press. Owned by Twindle newspaper and based in stream ham south London. They are a Bi- weekly tabloid newspaper. Twindle newspaper publish over 200 local newspapers in the UK. • London evening standard. A tabloid newspaper owned by Alexander Lebedev, evgeny Lebedev (74%) While daily mail and general trust owns only (24.9%) both daily mail and general trust are free newspapers. They also have industries in radio and websites.
  • 7. DMG media DMG Media is a national mass media newspaper and website publisher in the UK. It is a subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust. They currently have a revenue of £900 million. DMG Media were established in 1905 and is currently based at Northcliffe House in Kensington. It is obligated that the responsibility for Harmsworth Printing Limited which produces all of its Southern England, London and South Wales editions of the national titles out of print works in Thurrock, Oxfordshire, Essex and Didcot. DMG Media is a leading multi-channel consumer media company which is home to some of the UK’s most popular brands, including Mail Online, The daily Mail, The mail on Sunday. ETC. DMG Media is also responsible for administration of companies and developing the Group’s online consumer businesses, which also include Teletext Holidays, and for the group’s UK newspaper printing operations.
  • 8. International • There are many international newspapers that have been translated into english such countries as Poland, Norway, France and every where else. • International herald tribune is a company based in France since 1887. It gets sales in more than 160 countries.
  • 9. Impact of digital technology on the press industry Digital technology such as an Ipad, IPod Touch, IPhone ETC. all have an impact on the press industry. This is because no ones buying actual papers anymore, these companies need money to keep producing the papers. Online news is all free too, so why would anyone wanna spend money? Its also easier to access because you can do from your very own home. These companies are losing sales which is causing a lot of trouble for these companies.
  • 10. How does the Press industry relate to other media industries. The press industry can relate to many other media sectors, such as advertising and marketing, photography & photo imaging and publishing. The newspaper uses advertisements which are paid for by companies because newspapers are publicly known for a source of latest news and information and have build up quite a community. Advertising is used in newspapers to get across to their audience. Photography industry helps give evidence towards what information they are giving out, makes it more believable. Publishing is very similar to newspapers.