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Media - audience classification

  1. 1. Institutions – Ciaren Cawley 12E Local Multiplexes: Odeon Cinemas Catchment area: Located in Camden Town, to attract tourists and young people, as they are likely to have the time spare, to watch movies at any given movie listing, with no standing job loyalties, for example. Amenities:Odeon’s amenities, range from winning prizes, to points, to holiday trips. I think that Odeon holds these sorts of offers, to make it an incentive for moviegoers to feel that it’s worth their while, to involve themselves in the goings-on of the company. On top of that, beyond what movie screenings Odeon has, that alone – I don’t think, makes enough money. So for amenities to be up and running, make for greater spending in the customer. Scheduling: The showings range from 3pm to 9pm, because in order to garner the optimum of customer numbers on any given day, Odeon must make their viewing times if not broadly set in distance between each other, at least varied to some degree. Everyone hasdifferent timely times for activity, and with this, it preserves and caters for it. Cinema Experience:While not divergent in any massive way comparative to other cinemas of different brands, it provides areas for which customers can purchase foods. And aside from that, the only other quality to it is that, it is a multiplex cinema - which means it houses more than one screening room for where, movies simultaneously run.
  2. 2. Emphasis:Although Camden’s Odeon cinema isn’t exactly humongous - if it were truly desired by its managers, there could be designated areas for which merchandise is sold. But that isn’t the case for this cinema. So I suppose its emphasis is solely on the most recently released movies, which are displayed and advertised in cased posters that are scattered around almost the entirety of the complex. Locality:Given that this multiplex cinema is of the Odeon chain, distinct local touches on things that would otherwise be the same for example: the types of food sold, or independent films based in and around Camden aren’t publicised by Odeon by being featured. Now, there are two reasons for this: The first reason, being that because this Camden cinema is of the Odeon chain (a chain of cinema venues that are located all over the UK),personalised adornments unique to Camden, just isn’t a priority. Namely because again, it is one of many and isn’t even a large or main Odeon cinema. Secondly, given that Camden is such a hotspot for tourism, ‘locality’ just isn’t something worth promoting, as it is in a lot less force than it would be in other, more enclosed or residential areas.
  3. 3. Independent and Art House Cinemas Renoir Cinema Catchment area:According to Wikipedia’s page: ‘’Historically, Bloomsbury is associated with the arts, education, and medicine’’. So with that in mind, it’s no wonder why a type of movie theatre that screens more obscure and nonconformist films, would be based here; in place of the more generic multiplex, or just located here with multiplexes being a nonfactor even. Multiplexes being ‘generic’, in how the screened movies’ respective directors, look to establish a mass appeal, with a sizeable and widespread demography, with as big of a profit turnout as it possibly can be. Independent and Art House Cinemas on the other hand, they don’t need or look to cater to such a broad audience; screeners and directors alike. As to then make their releases flavourless and pandering: In spreading themselves far too thin. They pertain to a particular audience in mind; and so, in that – independent movies and cinemas, will always have their own places of viewing, by partition of cinematic taste to that of the mainstream. Amenities: With the cinema’s amenities, the company has looked to lessen the prices for patrons/customers with whom have membership. With features like: complimentary tickets, DVD’s and food and drink. Furthermore, members then receive more tokens of membership, with membership-exclusive: newsletters, access to members’ phone booking line, priority booking and so on and so forth. I think this has been implemented in full force, as it acts as an incentive to any and all cinemagoers, to stay loyal to Curzon, and them only. In only the customers spending their made movie-reserved money on them. By adding these freebies and made-cheaper resources, Curzon is
  4. 4. Scheduling: Aside from the lone 2:45pm and 5:30pm and 7:35pm timeslots - 1:00pm and 3:30pm and 6:00pm and 8:00pm, are all the time periods for which people can watch the cinema’s most recently acquired movies. Those times have been chosen in essence of them being varied comparatively with each other. In short, with a broadened range of screening times, the cinema can expect to see a greater profit margin, given that time constraints, have been combatted against; and made benign. Cinema Experience:A cinema experience at Curzon would be one of diversity, given that one would spoilt for choice in what they could do inside, as well as outside the cinema itself. One example of this being, the amounts of restaurants in partnership with the cinema. This also extends to discounted prices/freebies at places like museums, gyms, dental practices, health Clinics and so on. I feel that the cinema has gone to these lengths in order to further its relevance to people’s lives, beyond the confines of the cinema itself, to capitalise on a lot of people’s shared tendency, to be drawn to things that they’re familiar with; as oppose to something that they’re unfamiliar with. And with its bolstered presence within members’ lives, it’s going to favour the cinema, in having reoccurring custom.
  5. 5. Emphasis:Of course the cinema’s emphasis is its main selling point – the screened movies. But alongside this, I think the privileges package extended to members of the Curzon club, is what its emphasis is put onto too; given that there’s four separate sections dedicated to perk-giving. Locality:Aside from chosen amenities based on the nearness of the cinema to some of these held amenities, most of the features of Curzon aren’t influenced that greatly on location. It’s been omitted from use, as being only a branch of series of other cinemas, individuality is not what it gains from. The amount of on hand cinemas there are, in numbers ultimately.