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Long assienment

  1. 1. Alex Escudero, Haverstock School, Monday 20th In this presentations I will be talking about the four graphical styles which are cel-shading, abstract, photorealism and exaggeration.
  2. 2. Graphical styles is a creation of a drawing in giving with the rule of mathematics, as in engineering or architecture., graphical styles are changing the look of an item, for example you could change the fill, stroke colour and all the vicissitudes that you make is utterly flexible, if in this supply you do a mistake you could always unbutton it and start again. The styles that will be debated in this performance will be all about celshading, Abstract, Photorealism and exaggeration. The following are the definition of the different graphical styles Cel-shading is a type of non photorealistic rendering design to make it 3D computer graphics appear to be flat. Abstract is emphasizing lines, colours generalized or geometrical forms. Photorealism is the genre of a painting based on using cameras and photographs to gather visual information. Exaggeration means it is an art style for anime and mange typically, this art style is where all the artists exaggerate many things in the game mostly Japanese influencers.
  3. 3. Colour theory is in a visual art, colour theory is a body of a practice guidance to colour mixing and the visual effects of a specific colour combination. The colour wheels: primary colours and secondary colours. The way that colour theory is related to graphical styles because they combine specific colours to it determination, a good example of this style is found in the game (Zelda). In this game they use the colour wheel, primary colours and also secondary colours.
  4. 4. In these few power points I will be talking about all of these graphical styles but in extra detail. Cel-shading is a type of non photorealistic rendering design to make it 3D computer graphics appear to be flat. Cel-shading is often used to mimic the style of a comic book or a cartoon. It is a clear sheets of acetate which are painted on for use in traditional 2D animation. ( few pictures of cel shading in school)
  5. 5. Abstract is emphasizing lines, colours, generalized or geometrical forms. With references to their relationship to one another. For it to be abstract it should not resemble or represent anything real or derived from real life, even in a heavily stylized way. This excludes games with exaggerated visual like ‘’Mark of the ninjas’’ as well as surreal games like the never hood.
  6. 6. Photorealism is the genre of a painting based on using cameras and photographs to gather visual information and then from this creating a painting that appears to be photographic. The term is primarily applied to paining from the United States art movement, it began ate 1960s- and early 1970s
  7. 7. Exaggeration means it is an art style for anime and mange typically, this art style is where the artists exaggerates many things within the game, mostly games with a Japanese influence for example in the game ‘’final fantasy 7’’ the appeal ‘’cloud 'has a huge sword. Another deffinition for exaggeration is also used for emotions, as a character have bigger eyes when sad, and strong characters are muscular... Allot of designers exaggerate things like weapons and vehicles. The characters can use to make the player like them more as the look, feel and shoot more awesome. This gains more interesting their games, as you would rather drive a for focus or a mustang with a rocket launchers, nitres, machine guns, shields and hover cars capability.
  8. 8. Cel-shading is used in (Zelda) I know this because it has four swords and the minish cup, oracles of seasons, and oracles or ages. This game is about a boy that has to find his way through quests that require a knowledge.
  9. 9. Another game that features cel-shading in it is Ben 10:protector of earth. I know this because it looks more cartoonish than in real life for example the watch has lines in it and that would not even have it in real life. This game is allot about a boy that has to fight evil monsters by becoming one himself by the use of his watch.
  10. 10. Another example that has cel-shading in it is futerama this is because it has a humour and its uniqueness. This game is about a team is in an advanced year where everything is 10 times more advanced than now.
  11. 11. Abstract is used in the game donkey Kong I know this because the game is got nothing to do from real life for example Call of duty it is not an abstract this is because it is being done in real life.
  12. 12. Zelda has also go abstract in it this I know because the hero’s shield features a simplified and abstracted style in comparison, unfortunately, the metal used to forge this blade is prone to chipping trees.
  13. 13. Abstract games are Tetris, I know that Tetris is abstract game because there are some elements of luck and a range of goals, depending on the variant, making it difficult formulate definite strategies and tactics.
  14. 14. The games that exaggerate allot is the game dragon ball Z this is because it has things that you could not imagine for example the things that they shoot out of there hands while there human and some of the other things they do is exaggerate on the characters. This games is about street fighting you pick a character and fight against people online.
  15. 15. Another game that exaggerates is ‘’mark of the ninjas’’ I know this because in the characters they are taller and smaller than usual. They way I think it is exaggerated is because they use all this tech based on a game that is ninja style for example in the game they use dogs, ‘’dogs’’ make so much noise and a ninja is supposed to be quit.
  16. 16. Dragons crown is an exaggerated game I would know this because some of the characters are sexist in a way that they stand out in other fantasy art. The person that made this game said ‘’I exaggerated the silhouettes of all the masculine features in the male characters, the feminine fishers in the female characters’’.
  17. 17. Farcry is a game that you have to cure yourself from malaria and go to different territories and pick up food and supplies and all you can gather. This game is photorealism because it looks so life like, what I mean about that I that it looks so much like a photo.
  18. 18. GTA 5 has a real life basis this is because it has great graphics, it has cars exactly like real life for example the begat and the Audi all star in the game GTA 5. this game is about doing missions that participate in robbing banks, also it features online to play with your friends and you kill each other and take their money
  19. 19. The game that is alike to real life is FIFA 13 this is because they have all the players that look alike into real life for example Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo have the same look in the game as in real life. This games if about football.
  20. 20. The genre of some video games in cel-shading are action and adventure the reason that this is cel-shaded is because this game features in the cartoonish style, what I mean by that is that is not real, to make it flat. The target audience is children this is because it is colourful.
  21. 21. The genres of games are sports and shooting games in photorealism, The reason this is photorealistic is because they are really life like, what I mean about that is that they are trying to get the audience to have a real life like experience. What they are trying to do is make the feel like they are in the game. The gender for photorealism is teenagers & adults this is because its more realistic.
  22. 22. The genre of games are RPGs in abstract, the reason why this is abstract is because it is not that much as in real life, what I mean about that is everything that is abstract is not real life. The target audience is not a specific gender or age.
  23. 23. The genres for exaggeration is shooter and action adventure, the reason shooter this is related to exaggeration is that they could have some games where they exaggerate on the gun and on the weaponry. The other reason action adventure has exaggeration is because of the game Alice in wonderland, because of the cats eyes and his teeth they all use exaggeration.
  24. 24. Conclusion What I have learnt about cel-shading is that is a cartoonish style, what I mean about that is it signifies a comic book or a cartoon and it appears to be level. When I'm playing a game I would understand what king of Graphical style it is.
  25. 25. What I have learnt for abstract is that it is not real, for example the game donkey Kong has got nothing to do in real life. For example racing games a real, what I mean about that is you could see yourself in the game. When I find myself playing a game I would be able to identify what game I am playing.
  26. 26. The things I have learnt from photorealism is that it has got something that represents real life, what I mean about that is games like (COD and FIFA) this is because you feel like you are experiencing the game like your truly there. Next time I play one of these games I could classify what type of graphical style it is.
  27. 27. The last graphical style is exaggeration, what I have learnt from that is games such as dragon ball Z this is because it has too many things that exaggerates for example the characters have something weird coming out of their hand. Also another game is Alice and Wonderland; Why? Because it features a lot of fake and inflates the game. I could be able to identify it when I play a game like that.
  28. 28. What I have learnt overall is the 4 graphical styles and identify what game is in what category, as well as that I have also learnt what types of games there are.