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Grahpical style irene

  1. 1. Irene Mickiewicz Haverstock school 18/10/13
  2. 2. * This presentation will be about Graphical style in video games. We will also be talking about the big 4 different art styles which is photorealism, abstract, celshaded(anime/cartoon stlye) and exaggeration(opposite to photorealism) in video games also colour theory.
  3. 3. * Colour theory can relate to graphical styles in games by lots of ways by adding colour to depending the mood or type of the game it is for example if it was a little children’s games you would expect to have bright colours in a cel shaded not dark and dull or another way or if it was a photorealism in a first shooter war game you would expect to have dull dark colours to fit with the game another way I can explain is Costa the coffee shop for example it has red and different type of shades of red and we associate red with warmth and hot and on a cold winter day we see this and our brain process a warm place with warm drinks they serve there and in a warm hot café.
  4. 4. * Photorealism is a type of graphical style which makes the video game look more life like and more realistic then any other game. You will see this type of graphical style mostly in type games like GTA, Battlefield, or Morden Warefare which makes it looks real and make you feel your in that game itself and its mostly an RPG game.
  5. 5. * For Example MW3 Call of Duty: In the picture beside we can see how realistic and real it looks by the background of the trees and mountains and this also shows a town getting bombed and we can see the explosion and has the colours and how it would look like in real life. Also how it’s more 3D and mostly this game genre is first person shooter video game.
  6. 6. * GTA V: In this screen shot in GTA we can see how life like it looks and we can tell by the background that they are in the sea in but near to a town as we can see a bridge and buildings, the colour looks grey so it makes it look like a foggy and miserable. But what also makes this looks so realistic is the toning and shading of the buildings which also looks 3D and pops out more rather then just flat 2D drawings. Also this is an open world action-adventure video game.
  7. 7. * Battlefield: In this screenshot of a game called battlefield this shows how realistic it can be of being in a war, as you can see the army characters in there shows similar looking’s to a real person in real life. The background shows smokes as in war there’s lots of bombing and fires this makes it even more realistic to the gamer who’s playing on their consoles. Also in all photorealism game there are extra shading looks more 3D. Also all the series of Battlefields are a first person shooter video game.
  8. 8. * Photorealism is most commonly used in first shooter, action and adventure games. As a player as if your in a war and your shooting you want to make the experience as realistic as you can and this makes the feeling of playing the video game more fun and more life like. Adding the right tone and colour can make a big difference as if your in a car in GTA you got to see bright defined colours depending on the mission your doing as if your in MW3 and the background is all grey and gloomy it makes the player feel more like the game is real because you wouldn’t go to a warzone and see bright colours of flowers and everything pretty so making sure the colours and everything looks real make the game more life like.
  9. 9. * Cel shaded is a type of graphical style that is mostly seen and used in cartoon/anime video games which is mostly age rated for younger children. You will mostly see this type of graphical style in the old version of Mario, games that’s been promoted by films and companies for example Ben 10, Bratz and Zelda.
  10. 10. * Zelda: In this screenshot of Zelda we can see how it looks more drawn cartoon/anime looking. It is a high fantasy action-adventure and puzzle solving video game. We can see how the bright colours make them stand out but does not show any photorealism’s because no one has bright yellow coloured hair with blacked out eyes and you can clearly see how the graphical style is here and shows no realistic features. This game would be more suitable around for younger children to 7+.
  11. 11. * Ben 10: In this graphical style we can see how the anime comes out to make it a cel shaded and looks cartoon. In this game is an action/adventure game and we can see here in this screenshot a battle between a huge monsters between these other people and Ben 10 in a circle. The colours they use are bright colours to make it stand out more then anything else Ben 10 is a media franchise so many products goes out to selling the name under of Ben 10 and they mostly do this to promote it.
  12. 12. * The older version of Mario: As you can see here in this screenshot of the old version of Mario it has minimal amount of detail and you can see how cartoon like this is. Also you can see the pixels forming together around the objects in the screenshot showing how old this really is. Mario is mostly platform video games. You can see how brightly the colours are to make it stand out and not to make it look boring to make it look more attractive.
  13. 13. * In cel shaded video games the main genres mostly commonly used in this type of graphical style is mostly, platforms, action-adventure, puzzle solving and high fantasy games. This is because with a cartoon/anime graphical art style you cant do much with the type of game genres its always best to keep it simple and colourful and this makes the player feel like it’s a real cartoon game.
  14. 14. * A abstract game is mostly a minimalistic game and doesn’t really have a theme just a background and something simple like a board game, card or tile. The genres are usually strategy and puzzle games. Abstract doesn’t have adventures and hi-tech graphics and animations.
  15. 15. * Rymdkapsel: Is an is a minimalist real-time strategy video game. It’s a single player game. As you can see in the picture below it has little detail, background and theme and its mostly blocks which you have to move it around in a certain way on the space station like a puzzle. This game is mostly on mobile devices.
  16. 16. * Antichamber: As you can see below this game is a single-player first-person puzzle-platform video game. This also has little detail and much more easy structure as you can see more shapes then compared to cel shaded and photorealism. This game also includes mind-bending elements of psychological exploration through little messages of advice to help the player figure out solutions to the puzzles as well as adages for real life and points of views.
  17. 17. * The unfinished swan: It’s a single player puzzle video game for playstation. It’s involves solving puzzles to slowly reveal the world around them to the player. It’s genre is adventure game. The game starts with a completely white space in which the player, a boy named Monroe, is chasing after a swan that has escaped a painting this shows how simple the graphical style is and it is actually just like an abstract art that’s why we use this as an graphical style.
  18. 18. * Abstract more of a simple, plain and more of a basic designed to a game mostly with a simple background and the genre of the games are mostly puzzle solving games and it’s makes it more simple to use if it was a puzzle game rather then making into a exaggerated or cartoon/anime.
  19. 19. * Exaggeration is another type of graphical style as you can tell in the name of the graphical style you can imagine the games is everything exaggerated to a point which does not look cartoon or either photorealistic but it makes everything stand out more.
  20. 20. * Final Fantasy: As you can see in this screenshot how exaggerated everything looks it does not look cartoon like or either photo realistic. It’s a fantasy and science fantasy roleplaying video games RPGs. You can see how big the sword is compared to the person and to be realistic its impossible for a person to carry that. This type of genres are tactical role-playing, action role-playing, massively multiplayer online role-playing, racing, third-person shooter, fighting.
  21. 21. * Pokemon: Pokemon is seen mostly as a cel-shaded (anime/cartoon) but now with the modern video gaming there’s a few games of pokemon that is actually more exaggerated. Most of them are the main series of role-playing video games (RPG). There’s other genres such as action role-playing, puzzle, and digital pet games. It is the second best selling video game franchise worldwide. It’s mostly on the nintendo-ds.
  22. 22. * Devil may cry: Is a video game of five action-adventure hack and slash video games with a modern dark fantasy and gothic setting. As you can see this is very exaggerated by the weapons they have compared to the persons size and the movements of the fight that you wouldn’t see in photorealism. And everything here is standing out making it look real but imaginary as well.
  23. 23. * Xenoblade: Is a science fiction role-playing video game. The genre is action-role playing, open world and it’s single player mode. As you can see here it’s a clear example of how exaggerated everything looks the weapons and the swords are much bigger then a normal human can hold and the background you wouldn’t see it in real life of the mountain cliffs are more rigidly and out of no where there seems to be a spaceship and it is really imaginative and very graphical.
  24. 24. * Exaggeration is a high graphical video game. It’s a very imaginative and not serious game. Everything is exaggerated to a point where it’s not life like anymore. I would mostly see this type of style of art in Chinese cartoons anime with those big eyes and looks less of a cartoon but not life like at all. It’s makes more dramatic and more defined.