Final Evaluation


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Final Evaluation

  1. 1. Unit 11- Activity 4: Final Evaluation Introduction: This Report will be a Evaluation of my work during Unit 11. It will include how I designed my design and my Final Product. I designed my website like this because it gives the audience an idea how to go through the website and give more information about my hero.
  2. 2. Design • I have designed this website they way I done it because you can know all the information and link back to all the pages you want to get information off like Merchandise which gives you information about clothes and accessories my hero. Also I started my design by making an idea on paper suggesting how I’m going to design my website. I annotated my idea and made buttons and add pictures on PowerPoint because to give me an idea about what I will do In my next step
  3. 3. Final Product • I made my website by using PowerPoint to help my idea so I can design it on Dreamweaver. Firstly I started using PowerPoint by making buttons for my Home, Biography, Merchandise, Ordering comics and Media Page. Then I designed by banner and my logo so I can have a idea what I'm going to design. Secondly I chose a background colour which suits by Hero. Lastly I annotated by design by giving information about my hero background, html colour codes and about my buttons. Then I saved each buttons and each page to my assets folder. Then I used a program called Dreamweaver because it’s a web design and development application which helps be creating my buttons and adding features to it. I have used this tool on the right for my website because it help my buttons to link with the pages
  4. 4. Evolution of my Work • My design is very different to my final product design because I added a light blue shadow which tells the audience when you press the button it shows a blue light shadow. That’s the only change I have done between my design and my final product. I also changed the background to white because it would be suitable but the blue background was for the design on Power Point. These screenshots shows what I have done to my work by adding a blue light shadow when touch the button but on the left screenshot picture it shows that without touching the button it’s the normal buttons as usual
  5. 5. Evaluation of My Progress • I have learnt how build a website and design a website and how to use html colour codes. I also learnt how to Dreamweaver properly. This help me during the course of Unit 11 because I leant new things like linking buttons to its page and how to make the buttons more stand out. Also this develops my website skills because I learnt how to make a website and how to build and design a website as well.
  6. 6. Conclusion • In my conclusion I will be talking about what I have progressed and how this will help me in the future. Firstly I have progressed by making a website. Also it helps me in the future because I can produce my own website.