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Documentary review

  1. 1. Documentary review In this unit we had to produce a documentary about the Lewis chessmen involving the British museum and chocolate films. The target audience is for the people that know a little bit about them and want more information. When creating the documentary we focused on the conventions that other professional documentaries have such as the death of Biggie and 2pac. This documentary gave me a good idea of how to make a really good documentary. To create our documentary we did some pre-production stuff; we did some of our own research on the Lewis chessmen, which we could use to make it professionally done. We created a Timeline of what info we wanted at what point and what camera shots we wanted during the documentary. Our timeline consisted of Camera shots of the building, Chess pieces and interviews with the staff and some people of the public. I took on various Preproduction tasks to help with making the documentary because it would help a lot, its best to have a plan before making it so you have more time to think of what decisions to make. The things that went well in our documentary was the use of research, it helped with what questions we wanted to ask the public as well as the curator and overall it got us in focus of what we were learning about. In the research and planning we could have improved our timeline; it wasn’t very accurate to the finalisation of the documentary, it almost completely changed. The footage we managed to capture turned out really well; we got some shots of the exterior of the building, the interior; where the chess pieces are kept, the main hall of the building, We got some close ups of the chess pieces, caught the detail of the pieces. During our production sessions some bits went well and some didn’t; a part that went well included the use Final cut pro, over the days we got used to the programme and got good at it. The bad part was getting our footage to do what we wanted, Trimming the clip to the right length to get it to go with other clips etc, also creating the music and getting it from garage band to final cut was hard to do. Sometimes the people in my group didn’t come in which made parts hard to complete. There was a part where the curator was talking about something and pictures where being shown relating to what she was saying which put some professionalism into
  2. 2. it.There were some really cool shots that I was quite pleased with because I used a technique called overlapping on a few shots which gave my documentary a really cool look and fell to it. The editing process started quite messily due to people not being in etc. But as we got better at using Final cut the editing process became more relaxed and it turned out to be very successful because people liked our documentary. During the editing of the clips we decided to use the fading tool, which makes different clips fade into each other, this caused our documentary to look professional. When implementing images we chose to place them carefully; as the curator was talking about where the Chess pieces were found we put a picture up of where she was talking about. The music that we used was created carefully in garage band, we wanted it to be something that would fit perfectly with a olden style documentary, in the end we were happy with what it turned out to be like. The final product The strengths of our finished product The music, the fades, the shots all went together greatly, we even added some humour into our documentary which made the audience chuckle which was a success. The weaknesses of our finished product Apart from the music being great, there were a few parts where the music cuts off and restarts. Compare Plan to Finished product Our original idea turned out to be very different to our plan; they went from basic ideas to advanced professional ideas, which caused our documentary to come together as it did. Target audience I think this was perfect for our target audience because it gave lots of information, which was useful, we know this from people coming up to us and telling us that they didn’t know that before.
  3. 3. Conventions we used In our documentary we used conventions such as doing interviews with experts and the public to give a variation of information; When we interview one of the public and asked them what they think the chessmen are made out of and they didn’t know, then we asked the expert and she told us what they really are made of. Technical qualities and style I think our documentary looks very close to a professional documentary because of the variety of techniques we used, Such as fades, overlapping audio with pictures, giving lots of information and including interviews which brings in other people’s opinions and something’s they might not know. Editing During the editing process we started off clueless but as we got to know how to use final cut pro better, our documentary vastly improved within days, the effects we used in the editing made it look very professional. The music playing through the whole thing was quite hard to do considering the song stopped a few times and we had to make sure it carried on for longer by added the same song onto the timeline. Feedback We got some feedback by some people in the audience, one liked the funny aspect we added into it by asking a member of the public what they think the chessmen are made out of and they didn’t know so then we asked the expert and she told us what they really are made of. One liked the editing, how we used the overlapping technique of woman talking while picture were being shown.