Conventions of newspaper article


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Conventions of newspaper article

  1. 1. Newspaper article
  2. 2. Headline/ pictures /Caption for photo • Headlines are important in newspaper article because it attracts readers when you see good headline you would get tempted to read the first paragraph and find out what it is about. • You would often see pictures on the newspaper article and it would be a picture to match the headline, readers like to see pictures to give that visual look of the story. • There's captions for the photos, to make the readers understand what's happening in the pictures.
  3. 3. Columns/Paragraphs (short)/First para sums up story • Newspaper articles is all written in columns its just they way its laid out and looks better like that. • newspaper articles would usually have short paragraphs because they want the readers to keep reading and it just part of the lay out to have columns and short paragraphs. • They would have first paragraph sum up the whole story, they do this because they want the readers to read that short paragraph and if they don’t like the story to move on and don’t waste time reading paragraphs just to find out the full story.
  4. 4. Information/ quotes / interviews facts and opinions • Newspaper article is going to have so much information about each story they going to put up, they would talk about the history, and get in some much detail about the story. • Quotes- newspaper article would have quotes of what people said and that’s helpful for the readers because it’s what the person said not what they put in their mouth so its more reliable. • Interviews- newspaper article would have some interviews of audience and quote what they said. • Facts and opinions- they would have facts and statics and then have peoples opinions to find out what the public think of the situation.
  5. 5. tabloids Tabloid newspaper subtitles and headlines are more eye catching and usually not formal, its informative and has funny stuff on it which catches the readers eye and make them want to read more. The pictures on the tabloids newspaper its not like the broadsheet newspaper, its more informal has celebrities pictures on it they could be half naked they wouldn’t care it’s anything to catch publics eye. They would have short paragraphs to keep the readers interested and keep the reading. Tabloids use columns but not on the front page usually. Tabloids newspaper are more scandal and gossip stories, they only talk about the hot trending topics mostly celebrities, and is known like that around the industry. They have interviews with celebrities so they can quote stuff about what they said and make the stories more interesting. Tabloids are known for using short and snappy quotes to catch readers eyes. Some facts and statics are true but all of them are not true so you have to be careful.
  6. 6. broadsheets Broadsheet headlines and subheading are more serious and informative about real serious situation happen in the world , they don’t have celebrities gossip and trending topics, that’s why its more respected by the public. Pictures on broadsheet newspapers are serious and no half naked pictures of celebrities, its formal. Paragraphs are short and professional and its in more details. The statics and information that they give is more reliable because of its history. The interviews they do is more serious and don’t have any informal languages. There not that much colour its more white and black and bit of colour you wouldn’t see broadsheet newspaper that’s all pink.
  7. 7. • Form: Newspaper article • · Structure Paragraphs, columns • · Content: News, current affairs, information, facts, opinions, statistics • · Technical conventions: • · Mode of address: Formal, serious – depends on the newspaper. Can be more informal if it is a tabloid.