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Bitmap and vector (Amad)

Bitmap and vector (Amad)






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    Bitmap and vector (Amad) Bitmap and vector (Amad) Document Transcript

    • In thisreportI will Iwill be explainingdigitalgraphicstechnology,bitmap, andvector,factorsthat affectquality,output,organisation,andoutputandcapturingimages. Bitmapimagesare made up of verysmall andtinypixels.Bitmapimagesare one of the twotypesof digital graphicimages.One advantage isthatitisextremelyquickandeasytouse.One disadvantage of a bitmapimage isthat itcan’t be enlargedor scaled;if it isthenit will lose quality.If scaledor enlargedthe picture will turnouttobe unclear.Thismeansthat Bitmapimagesare resolution dependent. Pixelsare the smallestpartof a bitmap(raster) image.Thispixel will have asingle colour.If you zoomin farenough,or scale a bitmapimage up,youcan see itspixels. Alsoitis the smallestcontrolledelementof ascreen.Each pixel onascreenemitsred,greenandblue light.By changingthe levelsof eachcolour(red,greenandblue) yourscreenisable toproduce every possible colour,thisappliestoall screenssuchas yourlaptop,televisionandphone screens. Commonbitmapfiles:.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png, .tif,.tiff,.bmp. Commonbitmapprogrammes:paint,Photoshop Commonbitmapimages:photographsandpaintings Vectorimagesare the secondtype of digital graphicimages.Vectorismade of points,linesand curves- the image isbuiltanddisplayedthroughmathematical expressions. One Advantage of Vector imagesare that it can be scaled(re-sized) andwill notlose clarityorquality.One disadvantage is that ittakesway too longto create.Alsothe file sizes mostlyare too big;thisisdue to the higher resolutionof the images.Becauseof thisitmaybe difficulttosendthe picturesviaemail.Also storingonline wouldtake upalotof space. Commonfile formats:.ai,.cdr,.ps,.pdfs Commonvectorgraphicprogrammes: Adobe illustrator,CorelDraw,freehand Commonusedof vectorgraphics: Drawing,illustrations,cartoons
    • Thisimage illustrates the differencesbetweenabitmapimage anda vectorimage.Vectorimages, evenwhenzoomedin,keeptheirresolutionthisisbecause vectorimagesare made outof mathematical co-ordinates, whichare scaledwiththe image tokeepitsquality.Asaresultof this vectorimagestendto have largerfile size. Thisimage alsoshowshowa bitmapimage losesitsresolutionwhenzoomedinto.Thisisbecause bitmapimagesare resolutiondependant, thismeansthatwhateversize they’re createdat,iswhat theyremainat. Factors whichimpactimage quality: Compression:thisiswhenyoutrytoreduce the size of a file,perhapstomake iteasiertosendto someone else. By compressingthe image youlose data,thismeansyoulose quality. Resolution:thisisthe size of an image.It ishow many pixelstall,andwide,animage is. The higherthe resolution,the betterthe quality. Howeverthismeansthe file sizeislarger. Thisimage demonstratesthe differentresolutionsdependantonscreensize.Thisshowsthe differentoptionsbasedonx&y-axis.The higherthe resolution,the sharperthe images. Output How an image will be outputtedoftendeterminesthe kindof mage itneedstobe. Outputs:print(paper),screenandonline Print:printingusesthe CYMK colourpallet(cyan,yellow,andmagenta,black) Screen:use pixelstodisplayandimage,sousesthe RGBcolourpallet(red,green,blue) Image capturing
    • People generally thinkthatthere isonlyone wayof image capturing,viausinga digital camera.This howeverisnotthe onlyway,there are 2 otherwayssuch as; 1. Scanning an image whichhasbeendrawn.Thisimage cannotbe resizedwithoutlosing quality. A scannerisan inputdevice,andwill transferthe datainto the computer. 2. Digitallydrawing an image in Photoshopwithasketchpadandstylus.Thisimage canbe resized,providingitisbeingdrawnasa vectorimage. Thisisa inputdevice,howeverthis one letsyoudraw the image straightonto the computer. 3. Usinga digital camera. Simplytakesaphoto whichissaveddigitally.Storedasabitmap image,sowill lose qualityif re-sized.
    • Thisis a inputdevice.Thatcapturedimagescannotbe resizedwithout losingit’squality. Storage File size- the largeranimage is,orthe higheritsresolution,the largerthe file.Thiscausesittobe harderto email,longertodownload andTakesupmore space in a computer’smemory.