BBC Radio And Commercial Radio


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BBC Radio And Commercial Radio

  1. 1. Radio broadcasting is audio content available on platforms for people to hear news, adverts, current affairs, debates and Q&A’s. Radio broadcasting is beneficial as it enables a wide range of audience to be updated to the things in which they care about. Radio Broadcasting is one of the most known ways of reaching out to a wide range of people. This works via a wireless transmission over radio waves. Radio can be found on many platforms. It can be listened to on its own radio platform. It is mainly known to be listened to on a radio. This is a device that plays live coverage of different radio stations. Other platforms are, internet on different radio websites and television.
  2. 2. Public Service Broadcasting is broadcasting, which the aim is to give a public service and to benefit people rather than for commercial reasons. All of the BBC's television and radio stations have a public service remit, including those that broadcast digitally.
  3. 3. BBC Radio reaches out to million of people across the united kingdom. BBC radio is one on the most listened to radio companies in the UK. These are some stats enabling us to understand the success and the rise and development of BBC on their radio platform:
  4. 4. What are some national commercial radio stations? Classic FM Absolute radio Talk Sport What are some local commercial radio stations? Capital London Amazing Radio Colorful Radio French Radio London Buzz Asia Heart London National radio is radio that is broadcasted IBC Tamil nationally in no more then one country. Many countries have their own radio stations that they broadcast in their country. Some examples in the UK are capital, heart and absolute radio.
  5. 5. Local and Regional radio is radio that is broadcasted locally in a county or a small town. BBC broadcast a great number of local radio stations in many different areas in the UK.
  6. 6. Digital Radio is radio played through a device such as television or phone. There has been a increase of the use of digital radio stations..
  7. 7. BBC do not work like any other radio or television broadcaster in the UK. Unlike other companies the BBC earn their finances from a fee that everyone with a digital device at home has to pay. This fee is about £145.50 yearly. The advantages of earning your money from TV license is that it is a fixed amount yearly and they will not loose money. There only way possible of loosing money is if a lot of their audience got rid of their TV's and no longer viewed the channel. This is an advantage because this means that the BBC will never go bankrupt because they can easily budget due to the fixed amount of money coming in. The purpose of the BBC is purely entertainment purposes. They produce their own shows and broadcast them on various different channels that they own.
  8. 8. Effect of relying on advertising revenue  If radio stations rely on advertising revenue many people will have to listen to them, if they don’t attract a audience they will not get many partnerships with companies looking to advertise there product. This could effect their financial status in a negative way. How big is BBC radio? -The BBC is served worldwide, it was founded in 1927. it’s headquarters is in the united kingdom, London. It is owned by the BBC. What Is commercial radio?   • • • Commercial radio is the radio stations that earn the money from adverts. Every penny of their earnings is from adverts and this depends on the number of viewers the radio station have on average. Examples of commercial radio are: Capital FM Heart FM Absolute radio FM
  9. 9. What sort of adverts do they have on commercial radio stations? Capital  Two interview breaks every few songs  Ads:  BT Sports / Broadband  Car Insurance  Movie trailers  Flight Travels  Tax AD Heart • Car sales • Debenhams • TalkTalk – TV, Broadband and Telephone • Volkswagen
  10. 10. What companies own commercial radio stations? Do these owners companies own more radio stations? This is Global Limited is a British media and publishing holding company, it owns many companies such as Global Radio, the biggest in the country following acquisitions of Chrysalis Radio, GCap Media and Real and Smooth (formerly GMG Radio). It Is a private company, also it was founded in 2007 and it owns the following radio stations:  Capital  Heart  Classic FM  LBC Radio  X FM  Choice FM  Gold Digital only stations such as:  Chill  The arrow
  11. 11. Do these owners companies have a presence on other media platforms Charles Allen –  Non executive director of virgin media  Executive of ITV PLC. 2004 – 2007  Music company EMI 2008 – 2010  CEO of Granada television Links with other media sectors Commercial radio links to advertising and marketing as commercial radio rely on adverts to gain their money. Also some commercial radio’s advertise games which links it to the gaming industry