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Annual Report 2008
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Annual Report 2008


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Havern School provides a specialized education program for elementary and middle school students with diagnosed learning disabilities. …

Havern School provides a specialized education program for elementary and middle school students with diagnosed learning disabilities.

Utilizing a 4:1 student to staff ratio, master teachers, occupational therapists, and speech/language pathologists provide a comprehensive program of intervention services.
Our ultimate goal is to create confident learners who will continue to achieve success beyond Havern School.

Havern School is a nationally recognized community of professionals, parents, families, and friends working together to address the individual academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.

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  • 1. HAVERN SCHOOL Successfully Educating Children with Learning Disabilities Since 1966 Annual Report 2007-2008
  • 2. HAVERN’S STEPS TO , LEARNING SUCCESS A supportive learning environment...
  • 3. ABOUT OUR SCHOOL ABOUT HAVERN SCHOOL Havern School provides a comprehensive curriculum while teaching children with learning disabilities in a dynamic and nurturing environment. At Havern, the pattern of academic failure is broken and children are challenged to reach their potential. Our students are primary and middle school children ages 5 - 14 with average or above average intelligence and a diagnosed learning disability. Our Approach is to provide a specialized education and intensive remediation program for the whole child. Speech/language and occupational therapists, experienced teachers, and additional therapeutic and enrichment staff deliver an integrated curriculum of core academics and interventions while emphasizing the organizational and social skills which are key to success. Art, music, drama, and technology are essential components of our supportive, creative and innovative environment. 1
  • 4. Experienced faculty... Highly skilled teachers and therapeutic professionals understand how all types of minds learn and translate diagnostic information into individualized instructional activities. Havern faculty employ a wide variety of innovative strategies to make learning engaging and fun. 2
  • 5. Dear Havern Families and Friends, Dear Friends of Havern, There are many highlights to share from As chair of the Board of Trustees, I have the honor Havern School’s 42nd year (2007-08)! of serving with caring fellow trustees who volunteer great amounts of time, talent, and treasure to help A sunny day in May served as the fulfill the school’s mission. Our most important backdrop for the ribbon cutting and task is supporting the school as it is now dedication ceremony for our new while envisioning what it can be in the future. and long-awaited playground. After three years of fund raising, physical labor Our current Trustees reflect a broad spectrum of business, civic and and great anticipation, parents and LETTERS professional experience in our community. Their expertise and diverse students had a joyful opportunity to play on the new equipment. perspectives are an invaluable asset to Havern and to our students. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to everyone who supported us in making the playground a reality. This year, trustee leadership in three major fundraisers helped secure vital income for the school. The Golf Tournament, Havern Annual While waiting for the new play area to be completed, Havern students Giving Campaign and the Garden Party all provided significant remained active by walking more than 2,400 miles as part funding for scholarships, operating costs, and technology upgrades. of the Havern Star Marathon. Ninety-seven laps around the campus loop equaled the 26.2 miles necessary to complete As always, the Board’s standing committees focused on the financial direction the circuit - many students walked more than one marathon! and strategic planning needed to ensure that Havern continues to thrive. While the students and teachers worked diligently towards academic Havern School has been successfully educating children with achievement in the classroom, big gym and therapy centers, they learning disabilities for over 40 years. We owe this longevity to our also enjoyed participating in the school science fair, annual art generous donors, a dedicated and talented staff, and hardworking show, sock hop, drama skits, choir concerts, rocket launches and committed trustees. We celebrate these achievements and many exciting field trips. The Havern community certainly and look forward to the challenges of the coming decades. enjoyed working and playing together! It was a terrific year. Thank you for your continued support, Warmly, Denise Small Cathleen Pasquariello, M.Ed. Chair, Board of Trustees Head of School Havern School 3
  • 6. Individualized strategies... PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: • Each student’s comprehensive program is closely monitored and flexible, adapting as needs change. • On-site intervention is delivered by a staff of speech/language and occupational therapists and a social skills specialist. • Small class size (from 10-15 students), a student-to-staff ratio of 4:1, and small group instruction reinforces and sustains learning. • Research-based, systematic instruction is implemented in all subjects. • Teachers in art, music and drama, as well as an on-staff librarian contribute to a strong fine arts program. • Digital classroom instruction includes both practical and creative computer skills. 4
  • 7. MORE ABOUT HAVERN Havern School was founded in 1966 by the Sisters of Loretto to meet the needs of children with learning disabilities. In 1970 Havern became an independent, secular school governed by a Board of Trustees. Today Havern develops the skills of our students by focusing on their strengths while addressing individual learning challenges. Havern envisions a future for students in which they mature into self-sufficient and confident adults. Our beautiful hilltop campus encompasses 12 acres and is located in Littleton, Colorado, just a few miles southwest of downtown Denver. Facilities include a digital classroom; a state-of-the-art playground and sports court; a library; a dedicated art room; and a large gymnasium with stage and climbing wall. 5
  • 8. Positive attitude... 6
  • 9. HAVERN CENTER, INC. Statement of Financial Position May 31, 2008 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION UNRESTRICTED TEMPORARILY PERMANENTLY 2008 TOTAL RESTRICTED RESTRICTED ASSETS Current Assets Cash & Cash Equivalents $283,838 $58,500 $342,338 Accounts Receivable 5,160 5,160 Prepaid Expenses 23,763 23,763 Furniture & Equipment, at cost 151,169 151,169 Leasehold Improvements 242,395 242,395 (207,359) (207,359) Less Accumulated Depreciation Investments (cost of $855,976) 1,011,990 162,500 1,174,490 Other Assets 1,390 1,390 $1,512,346 $58,500 $162,500 $1,733,346 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Wages Payable $184,842 $184,842 Prepaid Tuition & Deferred Income 108,865 108,865 Other Accrued Expenses 10,688 10,688 TOTAL $304,395 $304,395 NET ASSETS 1,207,951 58,500 162,500 1,428,951 $1,512,346 $58,500 $162,500 $1,733,346 7
  • 10. 4:1 student to staff ratio... 82% of the cost of educating a Havern student is covered by tuition. 2007-2008 REVENUE EXPENSES 3% 6% 4% 11% 7% 11% 76% 82% Program Tuition Assistance Contributions & Private Grants Tuition & Program Fees Management & General Resource Development Events Interest, Dividends, & Misc. 8
  • 11. HAVERN CENTER, INC. Statement of Activity May 31, 2008 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITY UNRESTRICTED TEMPORARILY PERMANENTLY 2008 TOTAL RESTRICTED RESTRICTED SUPPORT AND REVENUE Contributions and Private Grants $46,515 $137,575 $184,090 Tuition and Program Fees 1,402,245 1,402,245 Events (less donor benefits of $37,506) 68,983 68,983 Interest and Dividends 43,789 43,789 Miscellaneous Income 5,920 5,920 Total Support and Revenue 1,567,452 137,575 1,705,027 Net Assets released from restrictions due to 97,575 (97,575) satisfaction of program restrictions TOTAL SUPPORT AND REVENUE AND 1,665,027 40,000 1,705,027 RECLASSIFICATIONS FUNCTIONAL EXPENSES Program Services Havern School 1,251,797 1,251,797 Tuition Assistance 179,198 179,198 1,430,995 1,430,995 Supporting Services Management and General 110,022 110,022 Resource Development 101,845 101,845 211,867 211,867 TOTAL EXPENSES 1,642,862 1,642,862 CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (Operating) 22,165 40,000 62,165 UNREALIZED GAIN (LOSS) ON INVESTMENTS (27,104) (27,104) CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (4,939) 40,000 35,061 Net Assets, beginning of year 1,212,890 18,500 162,500 1,393,890 Net Assets, end of year $1,207,951 $58,500 $162,500 $1,428,951 9
  • 12. Enthusiastic volunteers... .. Summer Camp 2007 Spring Sock Hop Pajama Night at the Book Fair 2008 Garden Party 10
  • 13. PARENTS FOR HAVERN PARENTS FOR HAVERN Havern School is enriched by a team of deeply dedicated volunteers, some of whom have been with the school for many years. Havern also has an active parent association, Parents for Havern (PFH). The association sponsors numerous activities that enrich the learning environment and foster a spirit of community at Havern, such as in-house educational presentations and special celebrations. In 2007-08, some of the sponsored activities included: Class Field Trips Buddy Breakfasts Staff Appreciation Week Staff Birthdays Thanksgiving Family Luncheon End of Year Carnival and Cookout Volunteers for PFH helped raise funds to support these activities through: Sally Foster giftwrap sales $3674.80 Scholastic Book Fair sales $1554.55 Holiday Store sales $267.00 Grocery Certificate sales $1400.00 Ski Club $154.50 PFH volunteers also make the invaluable contribution of time to chaperone field trips, read or tell stories to the students, organize classroom events, serve weekly hot lunches, help with school mailings, and much more. Volunteers donated a total of 2248 hours of their time to Havern in 2007-08, a remarkable number for the size of our school. 11
  • 14. Community spirit... 12
  • 15. ANNUAL GIVING: ANNUAL GIVING Why We Give Havern’s Annual Giving Campaign is a vital part of fundraising at the school. Money donated to the campaign is used to underwrite the school’s general operating fund. Although income from the Annual Giving Campaign is important to the school, 100% PARTICIPATION is the goal, rather than the dollar amount raised. When awarding grants to schools, philanthropic foundations consider the percentage of board members, staff, and families contributing to the annual fund to be a more important factor than the individual amounts given. In 2007-08, participation levels were: Havern Faculty and Staff: 100% Havern School Board of Trustees: 100% Havern School Families: 38% 13
  • 16. Dedicated donors... 14
  • 17. 2007 Annual Giving Campaign Donors Adriana Aguilar Darren & Alicia Elmore Francis & Peggy Keenan Pete & Mary Kate Savarie Mr. & Mrs. William D. Armstrong Denise Ensslin Bob Kern Dorothy Scheopner, S.L. Jerry J. Appelbaum, M.D. Dean & Sylvia Evans Doug & Margie Kidd Bud & Kathy Schroeder Willis Ashby & Karen Burch Jonathan & Cheryl Fair Mary Ann Knutson Lori Schultz Amalia Arredondo Charles & Julie Farwell Drs. Bruce & Michaela Kolberg Bill & Kathy Selchert Roger & Carole Baer Michael & Debbie Feiner David & Lynn Kotecki Mr. Edward C. Shaw David & Lisa Bailey Mrs. Alberta Fiedler Richard A. Krebs, M.D. Karen Shom Mr. Paul A. Bailly Linda Ford Chris & Susan Lane Erin Shrago & Gary Hoggan Phil & Kathy Barenberg Pat & Katie Forshey Anne F. Lannon Jeff & Mary Simley Karyssa Barrett Michael Frank, M.D. Chris & Deborah Laschinger Ben Skupsky David & Leslie Barth David & Shirley Franklin Joe & Happy Lear Dr. & Mrs. James Small THANK YOU! Natalie Blecher H. E. Frech & Carol Primeau Bill & Becky Levy James & Carol Small Kendall & Frances Bodden Robert and Margery Fridstein Ida Lombardi Mike & Kathy Smid Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bowes Pamela Gerard & Tarek El Gammal Nancy & W. Berkeley Mann, Jr. Pat Smid Zach K. Brinkerhoff, Jr. Amy Giovanini & Ben Ahrens Jeff & Donna Martin Marlene Spero, S.L. Andrew & Maggie Bronson Kernan R. Giovanini Jeanine Matney John & Bernadette Spillane Beth A. Brown Doug Meier & Kris Giovanini Bill & Kathryn McKibbin Audrey Starbuck Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. Joseph & Jane Giovanini Anna M. McLellan The Rick & Kae Stoddard Family Fund George & Amy Burnett Nancy Giovanini Kenneth & Melva Meier Mr. David Thomas, III Cletus & Elizabeth Byrne Larry & Jan Glassburn Sosh Meier Donald & Nanette Trott Carroll & Mary Campbell Heather Goeddel John & Amy Messenger Loye & Jenny Troxler Frances D. Campbell Spaulding & Cynthia Goetze Mrs. Priscella Moore Rachel Turner Rengers Robert & Janet Campbell Gilbert Goldstein Michael Moser Joseph & Sue Vacilek Lori A. Cardenas Emily Roet & Michael Goodman Kelsy Moses Marty & Dale Wagner David L. Carlson Phyllis Goodman Catherine A. Mueller, S.L. John & Carol Wall Susan K. Chabin Amy Goyette Peter & Betty Ney Steve & Nancy Watson Robin Christie Sarah Gregory Eileen R. Nickel Mr. John Weckbaugh Sarah Cooksey Steven & Patricia Gulevich Bart & Dorothy O’Connor Grayce A. Weirich Mr. & Mrs. J. Wilson Craighead Janet Frickey Gustafson Jerry & Cherie Ogden Charles & Helen Wempe Brian & Maria Cunningham Paul E. Gustafson Richard R. Olson Don & Pam Wendell Penelope Currier Steve & Gisele Hall Michael & Cathleen Pasquariello Joy & Misty White Brian & Kristin Dale Roger & Yvette Harris Meg Perkins Mary Catherine Widger, S.L. Sally Dalton Peter & Liz Hesse Vernon & Diane Plotts Michele Williams Nick & Lynn Davis Harold & Linda Hills Michael & Susan Price Robert & Judith Wurtzebach Keith Decker Tiffany Hinkle Craig & Sherri Pritchett Peter & Callie Zelasko Dr. & Mrs. Colman L. Dell Jim & Mary Liz Holmes Erna Lou Pyle Stephen Zinanti, Jr. Betty Denker Steve & Carol Hopp Gordon & Miriam Reed Tasha Zoller & Kent Freed Mike & Nancy Diefenderfer Dan & Dawn Horvat Joan Rich Dr. & Mrs. Matt Dorighi Jill Hoylman Jennifer Rodgers Tamara Dunlap Peg Johnson David & Becky Romero Joseph & Trish Dunn Jay & Sandra Johnson Bill & Carol Rossi Stephen Duree Helen B. Jordahl Dora M. Samudio Robert & Theresa Eisinger Scott & Denise Kaplan Maura Saracusa 15
  • 18. SUCCESS!! Continuation Ceremony May 2008 16
  • 19. Major Contributors to Havern School ($5,000 and up) 2007-2008 Natalie Blecher Drs. Bruce and Michaela Kolberg ECA Foundation Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. Estate of Louis Black Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver THANK YOU! George and Amy Burnett J. K. Mullen Foundation Mike and Nancy Diefenderfer Sisters of Loretto Dean and Sylvia Evans Dr. James and Denise Small Joseph and Jane Giovanini Roger and Sharon Sollenbarger Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation Weckbaugh Foundation, Inc. Zarlengo Foundation Thank You from Havern’s Students!
  • 20. HAVERN SCHOOL Board of Trustees 2007-2008 David C. Barth Cathy Mueller, SL Peter D. Bowes Erin Shrago, Psy D. Amy Burnett Denise B. Small Mike Diefenderfer Steve Watson Matt Dorighi, M.D. John Weckbaugh Gisele Hall Don Wendell Elizabeth Hesse Mary Catherine Widger, SL MISSION STATEMENT Havern School provides a specialized education program for elementary and middle school students with diagnosed learning disabilities. Utilizing a 4:1 student to staff ratio, experienced teachers, occupational therapists and speech/language pathologists provide a comprehensive program of intervention services. 4000 South Wadsworth Boulevard Littleton, Colorado 80123 Our ultimate goal is to create confident learners who will continue to achieve success beyond Havern School. (303) 986-4587 Havern School is a nationally recognized community of professionals, parents, families and friends working together to address the individual academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.