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Employee Identity Theft Presentation

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Ppt Employee Pres

  1. 1. Welcome to your Privacy and Security Training regarding Identity Theft. My name is______________ and I am an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
  2. 2. Identity Theft Privacy & Security Meeting The purpose behind the sensitive and Non-Public Information policy is to protect the Non-Public Information (NPI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) your employer collects from customers and employees. This information can be names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, drivers license numbers, account numbers, social security numbers, etc. Basically any data that identifies an individual and could be used to steal his or her identity.
  3. 3. We will cover: Your responsibility as an employee is to protect Non-Public Information (NPI) effects on your company (New Laws) Review Your New Security Policy What is IDT? Show you and your family how you can create a mitigation plan when you become a victim of identity theft
  4. 4. Sensitive and Non-Public Information Policy BACKGROUND The risk to the company, its employees and customers from data loss and identity theft is of significant concern to the company and can only be reduced through the combined efforts of every employee and contractor. PURPOSE The company adopts this policy to help minimize the risk to employees, customers, contractors and the company from damages related to loss or misuse of sensitive information. This policy will: Define sensitive information. Describe the physical security of data when it is printed on paper. Describe the electronic security of data when stored and distributed. SCOPE This policy applies to employees, contractors, consultants, temporary workers, and other workers at the company, including all personnel affiliated with third parties.
  5. 5. Sensitive and Non Public Information Policy POLICY Definition of Sensitive Information Sensitive information includes the following items whether stored in electronic or printed format: Personal Information - Sensitive information consists of personal information including, but not limited to: Credit Card Information, including any of Payroll information, including, among other the following: information: Credit Card Number (in part or whole) Paychecks Credit Card Expiration Date Pay stubs Cardholder Name Pay rates Cardholder Address Cafeteria Plan, Check Requests and associated paperwork Tax Identification Numbers, including: Social Security Number Social Insurance Number Business Identification Number Employer Identification Number
  6. 6. Sensitive and Non Public Information Policy Medical Information for any Employees or Customers, Corporate Information - Sensitive corporate including but not limited to: information includes, but is not limited to: Doctor names and claims Company, employee, customer, vendor, supplier, Insurance claims confidential, proprietary information or trade secrets. Prescriptions Proprietary and/or confidential information, among other Any related personal medical information things, includes: business methods, customer utilization information, retention information, sales information, Other Personal Information belonging to Customers, marketing and other Company strategy, computer codes, Employees and Contractors, examples of which include: screens, forms, information about, or received from, Company’s current, former and prospective customers, Date of Birth sales associates or suppliers or any other non-public information. Proprietary and/or confidential information Address also includes the name and identity of any customer or Phone Numbers vendor and the specifics of any relationship Maiden Name between and among them and the Names company. Customer Number
  7. 7. Sensitive and Non Public Information Policy Any document marked “Confidential,” “Sensitive,” Desks, workstations, work areas, printers and fax “Proprietary,” or any document similarly labeled. machines, and common shared work areas will be cleared of all documents containing sensitive The company personnel are encouraged to use common information when not in use. sense judgment in securing the Company Confidential Information to the proper extent. If an employee is uncertain Whiteboards, dry-erase boards, writing tablets, of the sensitivity of a particular piece of information, he/she etc. in common shared work areas will be erased, should contact their supervisor/manager. removed, or shredded when not in use. Hard Copy Distribution When documents containing sensitive information are discarded they will be placed inside a locked Every employee and contractor performing work for the shred bin or immediately shredded using a company will comply with the following policies: mechanical cross cut or Department of Defense (DOD) approved shredding device. Locked shred File cabinets, desk drawers, overhead cabinets, and any other bins are labeled “Confidential paper shredding storage space containing documents with sensitive and recycling”. If you need any assistance in information will be locked when not in use. locating one of these bins, please contact a . supervisor/manager. Storage rooms containing documents with sensitive information and record retention areas will be locked at the end of each workday.
  8. 8. Sensitive and Non Public Information Policy Electronic Distribution ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Every employee and contractor performing work for the company will comply with the following policies: Management will have the responsibility to adopt, implement and enforce this policy and ensure that Internally, sensitive information may be transmitted using it is followed by employees and contractors. approved company email. All sensitive information must be encrypted when stored in an electronic format. DEFINITIONS Encryption The translation of data into a secret code. Encryption is the most effective way to Any sensitive information sent external must be encrypted and achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, password protected and only to approved recipients. you must have access to a secret key or password Additionally, a statement such at this should be included in that enables you to decrypt it. Unencrypted data is the email, called plain text. “This message may contain confidential and/or proprietary Hard Copy A printout of data stored in a information, and is intended for the person/entity to whom it computer. It is considered hard because it exists was originally addressed. Any use by others is strictly physically on paper, whereas a soft copy exists prohibited. only electronically.
  9. 9. Use of Confidential Information By Employee Use of Confidential Information by Employee I, ______________________, as an Employee of _____________________, do hereby acknowledge that I must comply with a number of State and Federal Laws which regulate the handling of confidential and personal information regarding both customers/clients of this company and its other employees. These laws may include but not be limited to FACTA, The Privacy Act, Gramm/Leach/Bliley, and ID Theft Laws (where applicable). I understand that I must maintain the confidentiality of ALL documents, credit card information, and personal information of any type and that such information may only be used for the intended business purpose. Any other use of said information is strictly prohibited. Additionally, should I misuse or breach, any personal information of said clients and/or employees; I understand I will be held fully accountable both civilly and criminally, which may include, but not limited to, Federal and State fines, criminal terms, real or implied financial damages incurred by the client, employee, or this company. I have received a copy of the company’s Sensitive Information Policy and Plan. I understand and will fully comply with its provisions along with all other rules and regulations the company has in place regarding the handling of confidential information so as to protect the privacy of all parties involved. I also acknowledge that I have participated in a company sponsored Privacy and Security Identity Theft Training Program. _________________________________ Employee _________________________________ Witness _________________________________ Date
  10. 10. Some Ways To Help Protect Your Identity! 1. Review a current copy of your credit report. 2. Make sure you shred “junk mail” and unwanted credit card offers! 3. Opt out when you receive Privacy Statements – You must write them to stop companies from sharing your information. 4. Do not carry your Social Security Card - keep it safe at home. 5. Do not carry extra credit cards. 6. Photcopy the contents of your wallet and store in a safe place. 7. Do not mail bill payments and checks from home. Use locked mailboxes. 8. Do not print your Social Security Number or Drivers License Number on your checks. 9. Order your Social Security Earnings and Benefits statement and check it for accuracy. 10. Examine charges on your credit card statements each month. 11. Never give your credit card number or personal information over the phone unless you initiate the call. 12. Do not respond to Phishing emails or click on links that appear to be from a trusted source.
  11. 11. How We Protect You… You can reduce your risk and exposure to Identity Theft and have access to legal counsel with the… Identity Theft Shield and Life Events Legal Plans are offered by two NYSE companies, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and Kroll Background America
  12. 12. The Best Answer takes A Suite…
  13. 13. Identity Theft Shield Credit Report & Continuous Monitoring You will receive an up-to-the-date credit report through Experian. Your credit files will be regularly monitored. Suspicious activity will be brought to your attention, providing you with early detection. You will receive prompt notice if any new accounts are opened in your names or if derogatory notations are added to your credit reports.
  14. 14. Identity Theft Shield Restoration Services As an Identity Theft Shield member you will have Licensed Investigators working for you! Responsibility for Kroll Fraud Solutions Group will cease when Kroll receives verification from you that your Identity Theft issue has been resolved.
  15. 15. Life Events Legal Plan 70 to 80% of the time your identity is stolen you will need an attorney. The Life Events Legal Plan provides the complete coverage you need.
  16. 16. Who Is Covered By The Membership? 1. The member. 2. The member’s Spouse. 3. Never Married Dependent Children Under 21 Living At Home. 4. Dependent Children Under Age 18 For Whom The Member Is Legal Guardian. 5. Full Time College Students Up To Age 23 Never married, Dependent Children. 6. Physically Or Mentally Challenged Child Living At Home.
  17. 17. Have You Ever… Been overcharged for a repair? Tried to return a defective product? Received a traffic ticket? Had debt management issues? Signed a contract? Rented or purchased a home? Prepared or updated a Will?
  18. 18. Title I – Preventive Legal Services These services are available to you immediately when you enroll! Phone Consultation on an unlimited number of matters. For Example: Debt Management issues, Foreclosure and Real Estate issues and Garnishment issues. A Letter Written or a Phone Call Made on an unlimited number of personal issues for you and your family. An Unlimited Number of Personal Contracts and Documents Received, Up to 10 Pages each. Standard Will Preparation and Yearly Updates includes: Living Will, Healthcare POA, and Simple Children’s Trust Under Title I, a letter or phone call per subject matter is available to you at your Provider Attorney’s sole discretion. Nevada residents limited to 50 hours of telephone consultation per year and five personal legal documents reviewed per year. In New York, these benefits are provided at a reduced fee. Check benefit availability in your state/province.
  19. 19. Title II – Motor Vehicle Services Moving Traffic Violations can cause an increase in your auto insurance Your Provider Law Firm will assist you or your covered family members with moving traffic violations at no additional cost. Your Provider Law Firm will defend you or your covered family members when charged with Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, or Vehicular Homicide at no additional charge. These Services are available just 15 days after enrollment! Under Title II, for representation under this benefit you must have a valid drivers license and be driving a properly licensed motor vehicle. Your membership helps you with the cost of representation for moving traffic violations and defense of motor vehicle related criminal charges. You are responsible for any court costs, fines and related fees. Pre-existing conditions, charges of DUI/DWI, hit and run, drug related matters and unmeritorious cases are excluded. Commercial vehicles with more than two axels are not covered. In New York, these benefits are provided at a reduced fee. Check benefit availability in your state/province.
  20. 20. Title III – Trial Defense If you or your spouse face a civil suit or job-related criminal charges, your Provider Law Firm will provide up to 60 hours of service – at no added cost – to defend you. Additional pre-trial and trial services are available at a 25% discount from the Firm’s standard hourly rate. The longer you keep your membership in force, the more valuable it becomes! 1st year – 60 Hours (2.5 pre-trial hours / 57.5 trial hours) 2nd year – 120 hours (3 pre-trial hours / 117 trial hours) 3rd year – 180 hours (3.5 pre-trial hours / 176.5 trial hours) 4th year – 240 hours (4 pre-trial hours / 236 trial hours) 5th year – 300 hours (4.5 pre-trial hours / 295.5 trial hours) Under Title III, Trial Defense services cover the member and spouse for covered civil actions which arise out of the performance of the covered person’s employment responsibilities. Not covered are dissolution of marriage, separation, annulment, child custody or other divorrce-relatted matters, bankruptcy, charges of DUI/DWI, or drug related matters. Acts or matters occurring prior to the membership that give rise to a lawsuit even though the lawsuit may be filled after enrollment are excluded as pre-existing conditions. You may use your 25% discount and the unlimited toll-free consultation benefit for any of these exclusions. In New York, these benefits are provided at a reduced fee. Check availability in your state/province.
  21. 21. Title IV – Federal Tax Audit Legal Services Up to 50 hours of Provider Law Firm services once you receive written notice from the IRS that you are being audited or if you are requested to appear at the IRS office regarding your tax return. Coverage for this service begins with the tax return due April 15th of the year of enrollment. Under title IV, This portion of the plan does not cover audits of Schedule C only, charges of tax fraud or evasion, corporate trust or business returns. In New York, these benefits are provided at a reduced fee. Check benefit availability in your state/province.
  22. 22. Title V – Preferred Member Discount Any other legal services not otherwise covered by the membership are available at a 25% discount from the Provider Law Firm’s standard hourly rate. This benefit offers you a significant discount for assistance with issues such as Bankruptcy, Divorce, Child Custody issues, DUI/DWI, Drug related matters, etc. You can however, discuss these issues with your Provider Law Firm under your Legal Consultation Benefit. Pre-Existing Matters Can also be Covered Under this benefit.
  23. 23. Legal Shield The Legal Shield gives you and your family 24/7/365 day access to legal consultation in the event of an emergency anywhere in the United States and Canada. Detained or Arrested Injured in an Accident Outstanding Warrants Involved in matters of Child Custody To contact your Provider Law Firm, simply call the toll-free number on your Legal Shield Card. You will reach the Pre-Paid Legal offices. You will then be put in contact with your Provider Law Firm, so you can consult with an attorney about your detainment. This coverage is available even if this event is the result of an Identity Theft. Drug and Alcohol Matters are excluded. The Legal Shield Service will not apply if the member is alleged to be under the influence of/or impaired by alcohol, intoxicants, controlled substances, chemicals or medicines, whether prescribed or not; the member is alleged to be involved with domestic violence or stalking; and/or the member is being detained for outstanding warrants. Check benefit availability in your state.
  24. 24. Don’t Wait Until Your Identity Is Compromised or You Have A Legal Issue! We provide these services to over 1.5 million families in North America. Most employees see the value of this membership immediately. If you think your family deserves these benefits you can activate your membership today, through payroll deduction, by completing the application in your folder. Your benefits are effective immediately and you can access your Provider Law Firm today by calling the number listed on your Will Kit.
  25. 25. Payroll Deduct Amount Legal Services, Legal Shield Legal Services, Legal Shield, & Identity Theft Plan IDT And Safeguard for Minors Weekly $5.98 Weekly $6.21 Bi-Weekly $11.96 Bi-Weekly $12.42 Semi-Monthly $12.95 Semi-Monthly $13.45 Monthly $25.90 Monthly $26.90 Your membership is portable and may be continued at no additional cost if you leave your employer.
  26. 26. Payroll Deduct Amount Legal Services & Legal Services, IDT Plan Identity Theft Plan And Safeguard for Minors Weekly $5.75 Weekly $5.98 Bi-Weekly $11.50 Bi-Weekly $11.96 Semi-Monthly $12.45 Semi-Monthly $12.95 Monthly $24.90 Monthly $25.90 Your membership is portable and may be continued at no additional cost if you leave your employer.
  27. 27. Payroll Deduct Amount Stand Alone IDT Plan Stand Alone IDT Plan And Safeguard for Minors Weekly $2.99 Weekly $3.22 Bi-Weekly $5.98 Bi-Weekly $6.44 Semi-Monthly $6.48 Semi-Monthly $6.98 Monthly $12.95 Monthly $13.95 Your membership is portable and may be continued at no additional cost if you leave your employer.
  28. 28. Payroll Deduct Amount Stand Alone IDT Gold Plan Stand Alone IDT Gold Plan And Safeguard for Minors Weekly $3.68 Weekly $3.91 Bi-Weekly $7.37 Bi-Weekly $7.82 Semi-Monthly $7.98 Semi-Monthly $8.48 Monthly $15.95 Monthly $16.95 Your membership is portable and may be continued at no additional cost if you leave your employer.
  29. 29. Payroll Deduct Amount Legal Services & Legal Services, IDT Gold Plan IDT Gold Plan And Safeguard for Minors Weekly $6.44 Weekly $6.67 Bi-Weekly $12.88 Bi-Weekly $13.34 Semi-Monthly $13.95 Semi-Monthly $14.45 Monthly $27.90 Monthly $28.90 Your membership is portable and may be continued at no additional cost if you leave your employer.
  30. 30. Application Please Complete Everything “Highlighted” in Yellow.
  31. 31. Confirmation of Mitigation Plan Identity Theft Protection and Legal Service (Proof of offer of a Mitigation Plan) As an employee of _______________________ located in ____________________, acknowledge that a Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., independent sales associate made available to me the Identity Theft Shield and a Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. membership.  Identity Theft Shield: o Initial credit report and guide on how to read the report o Continuous credit monitoring o Identity restoration in the event of a theft  Life Events Legal Plan: o Preventive legal services provided through a network of independent provider attorney law firms in each state and province o Phone Consultation with Attorneys/Review of Documents/Phone Calls and Letters for any legal matter and issues regarding identity theft including concerns regarding my: 1) drivers license, 2) medical information, 3) social security number, 4) character/criminal identity, and 5) my credit identity and information o A Will for me and my spouse o Motor vehicle moving violation representation o Trial defense o IRS audit o Legal Shield 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when arrested or detained o Discounted rate for other legal services I have seen the presentation with the specific benefits, limitations and exclusions of these plans. The company made these benefits available to me at my expense. ___ I have decided to enroll. ___ I have decided not to enroll in the plan. Name: _____________________________ Date:_______________________ Signature: __________________________ Witness:_____________________
  32. 32. Activate Your Credit Monitoring Thank You !