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Green Portfolio

  1. 1. We are a product innovation firm. We are in a unique Our expertise in design strategy, design innovation, product position to affect positive realization, and brand expression allow us to help clients clearly define their goals, differentiate themselves from environmental change. competitors, lessen their impact on the environment, and offer solutions that are wholly relevant to consumers. Who we are Product innovators and green advocates.
  2. 2. Our mission. To create strategies and products that affect change and promote sustainable thinking. Who we are Committed to promoting sustainability.
  3. 3. Recycler Partner Manufac Involvement tu Altitude rer Life-cycle assessment A good thing made better. Retire / Recl De s i B.E. Pur .O. c aim O ha ce gn se an in a int Ma up M M at Set- Mark When you’re considering the redesign of an existing product, The results at times may be counterintuitive. For example, in some erial Acquisitio we can help you find ways to make it greener. We begin with a cases the benefits of using a biodegradable part may be more than eting (th life-cycle assessment, an analysis of the materials, energy, wastes, offset by a loss of durability that curtails the life of the product. and emissions that go into the manufacture, distribution, use, and Altitude has both the knowledge to make an informed decision Prep disposal of the product. Armed with this data, we can determine and the experience to make the correct decision. 4Ps e where best to focus our efforts. a n rat ) i on g Di g Use C lea nin str ibu t act ur in 1x Change Making existing products more sustainable. ion Manuf
  4. 4. Green from scratch. A new product line or an emerging technology presents an and maximize appeal? How can we extend the product’s lifespan? exciting opportunity. We can incorporate sustainability into its Is there something we can remove that won’t alter the product’s DNA. To do so, we must consider the big picture. What are consumers effectiveness but eliminates waste? In exploring the answers to these looking for? What behaviors and habits must the product address? questions, we draw upon our breadth of experience as consultants. How can we marry the latest innovations in materials and processes We are constantly exposed to new ideas. An aspect of one project with these consumer concerns to minimize environmental impact could apply to another, cross-pollinating across industries. 5x Change Making inherently sustainable products.
  5. 5. Greening behavior. Design can be a powerful tool for modifying or changing uncovers these critical insights and uses them as the framework behavior. Success hinges on developing a deep understanding of for conceiving of products or services that instill new behaviors current behavior, the values and motivations that shape experience, and experiences. The “magic” lies in satisfying expected value and the emotional connections that make an experience both and emotional demands while sparking change. meaningful and desirable. Altitude’s Design Strategy Team 10x Change Making products that promote green behavior.
  6. 6. MTe 250 2008 Impact. Our footprint. 200 285 MTe CO2 (8.11 MTe CO2 per employee) 150 128MTe 100 In 2008, Altitude emitted the equivalent Global warming is just one of several environmental impact Now that we have this data, we have embarked on a second phase 59MTe 52MTe 50 of 285 MTe CO2 into the atmosphere, or categories that we collectively need to address, but it is one of work: to make the numbers relevant to our daily lives. If we can 47MTe roughly 9.93 MTe CO2 per employee. of the best known and best documented. We decided that make the extent of our carbon emissions tangible to each of us—to 0 Altitude’s Green Initiative should begin with a calculation of how we make it really resonate—then we stand a greater chance of making are contributing to climate change. How much carbon are we putting the behavioral changes necessary to lessen our impact. into the atmosphere each year? We totaled our utility use and our modes of transportation, among other things. We discovered that Altitude generated 163 metric tons of CO2 in 2007. Air Travel 45% Commuting 21% Natural Gas 18% Electricity 16% What we’re doing Measuring our impact. Carbon Footprint 2007 (228 MTe CO2)
  7. 7. Trash month. Even with our recycling program a lot of our garbage ends The results? The experiment certainly got us to think. Most of us were up, well, in the trash. Just how much? Alex Tee, our Green Initia- stymied about what to do with damp paper towels in the bathroom. A tive point man, got curious. He saved all of Altitude’s recycling and few of us secretly threw away trash in others’ receptacles. Some were garbage for the month of July. To his surprise, our recycling made up a astonished at how much trash we accumulated, while others thought relatively small percentage of the pile. the amount of trash was small. Even more telling, after the month was over and trash pickup resumed, we went back to our old habits. To make this point hit home, Alex initiated “Trash Month.” For one Trash Month really showed us the challenges of affecting long-term month, participating Altitude staffers saved their trash and recycling. behavior change. All communal trash cans and recycling bins were removed, even in the restrooms. As Alex puts it, “people would be confronted by their consumption on a daily basis.” What we’re doing Studying our habits.
  8. 8. New take on a familiar friend. When a client of ours asked us to design a new coffee maker, We refined the most impactful aspects of the coffeemaker, such as the we decided to take the opportunity to view the product heating element, non-insulated glass carafe, the ubiquitous clock and through a green lens. The first step in analyzing the environmen- digital interface, among other things. By thinking beyond the plastic tal impact of a product is to set appropriate boundary conditions, we were able to discover a cooler way to stay warm and deliver an which in this case included both the product itself, as well as the improved product experience with reduced environmental harm. use phase. With the impacts understood, we could make informed decisions and incorporate sustainable features, which are not only The results? Environmental Savings – 53,059 Millipoints environmentally responsible, but also economically viable. What we’re doing ‘Green from scratch’ case study.
  9. 9. Responsibility to all. At Altitude, we believe in being accountable—not just to our Altitude Inc. clients and colleagues, but also to the environment and greater 363 Highland Avenue Somerville, MA 02144 humanity. This is why we have launched our Green Advocacy Initiative. It is a commitment to educating ourselves about the is- sues and to being part of the solution. It is a pledge to infuse our 617.623.7600 innovation process with sustainable thinking. What we’re doing Being accountable.
  10. 10. a product innovation firm