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  • 07/17/12
  • Like all media moving out of its infancy, search and search marketing have found itself becoming increasingly specialized
  • Self-directed consumers armed with increasingly sophisticated technology… At some point they take the control into their own hands, not just for media consumption but how they interact with each other…. As well as themselves… The result is what we call Social Media. At its core, however, is a marketplace and a consumer set more in sync based on the availability of technology to meet very basic social needs. We as marketers are only BEGINNNING to tap into this new dynamic. We like to call this social media… but at some point, (just like the term SMARTPHONE) the term ‘social media’ may fall out of favor as ALL media and technology becomes social.
  • Like all media moving out of its infancy, search and search marketing have found itself becoming increasingly specialized Consider the fact that rough 1 of 4 search queries takes place OUTSIDE the big three search engine brands – Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This independent query figure was 1 in 5 at the end of 2008
  • Future of Search

    1. 1. The Future of Search;New Frontier or Next Generation?
    2. 2. Agenda 1. Discuss the evolution of search & consumer behavior 3. Provide insight into how search technology is mirroring this 5. Explain the implications for brands and the need to reflect this change with a focus on using search plus the combination of social & mobile as their primary consumer connection point07/17/12 :: 2
    3. 3. The world wide web has always been an intimidating place
    4. 4. Search has become the digital connector“The conscious and intelligent One example of this is Anonymous:manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an importantelement in democratic society. Those who manipulate thisunseen mechanism of society constitute an invisiblegovernment which is the true ruling power of our country.” Edward Bernays, The father of public relations
    5. 5. As consumers, we’re used toonline information & shopping
    6. 6. Search has become critical to the digital experience Searching as a behavior is not going away
    7. 7. Searchers are maturing faster than advertisers There is a need to grow with the searchers and increase their degree of Searching specialization Consumers are growing more adept at seeking and sharing and seeking the right information at the right place and at the right time Query depth is naturalizing, engines are specializing While existing search players are evolving, many new players have entered the fray This means no engine is too small to ignore & you cant ignore the search experience on your own site(s)
    8. 8. Search behavior has accelerated a paradigm shiftfrom….PUSH to…. Love Me? PULL
    9. 9. This access is changing mainstream media Social sharing features reach mainstream media & ecommerce Both are making a play for searchable, on-demand TV Search means newcontent accessed faster & often its UGC first
    10. 10. Social search is a new battleground• On an average month, there are over 21B searches across the Internet but only ~14B of them happened on the major search engines• So 30-40% of total Internet search activity exists outside of the big five’s domains• YouTube alone had ~88MM monthly unique searchers• Fastest growing search category on YouTube is brand commercial queries• Facebook has over 46MM unique monthly searchers• LinkedIn has roughly 5MM unique monthly searchers• Kids 12-to-17 years old are only 11% of Twitter
    11. 11. Search + social are together evolving how we live digitally Weaving a digital experience … Search is a direct result of the growing ability of digital media to meet societal needs & consumer comfort through fragmented content sources and technology Social Needs Digital Activities Family / Relationships Discovery Health / Fitness Content / Visitation Finances / Retirement Communication Work / Career Shopping / Commerce Religion / Community Membership Education / Training Mobile Access Home / Real Estate Video / Gaming Recreation / Leisure Sharing / Collaborating Social has always been a key ingredient in the growth of digital
    12. 12. The engines know this Algorithms are updating daily to use social as an indicator of relevance and recency to enhance search results07/17/12 :: 12
    13. 13. Video search is key to social07/17/12 :: 13
    14. 14. Fragmented search behavior beyond Google Search activity shifting to mobile handsets, specialized apps, as well as location, content, and brand-driven environments Mobile now has 29MM unique searchers and they are more engaged than web-based searchers (almost 2-1) examples: examples: News & Info Geo-Social Trends Recommendation Mobile Wi-Fi Commerce Mapping & Directions 1 in 3 searches are now local Search is specializing which is driving fragmentation
    15. 15. Increasingly search is also local07/17/12 :: 15
    16. 16. And everything is mobile, including search In many countries there are more phones that citizens07/17/12 :: 16
    17. 17. So optimize your site Site Optimize 1 2 User opens Real-Time Scraping mobile site http://m.shoes.co m Mobile, brand-compliant 3 Template Applied07/17/12 :: 17
    18. 18. Google sees the future value here07/17/12 :: 18
    19. 19. Why Now? Ubiquitous web access1. Broadband penetration3. Smartphone adoption5.
    20. 20. What does this mean? Content CommunicationsLive events, experiential Search Your Blogger outreach & digitalactivity, digital content, is a Brand Here word of mouth, viralTV shows, webisodes / seeding, socialviral video, contests, apps bridge networking strategy,and widgets, stories, active listening, CRM,stunts and visual and communityidentities management Plan & budget for search first in order to tie it all together
    21. 21. Google knows what this means too, so should you Converting Searchers use more non-branded keywords in early funnel searches 67% more credit for Non Branded keywords07/17/12 :: 21
    22. 22. Technology is required to adapt to dynamic personalized searchSponsored listings Social results Video/image listings “Wish list” results News results Shopping results Bookmarked page results Organic listings Filtered by web history results*With user permission, of course! 07/17/12 :: 22
    23. 23. Integration is the key to successful SEM/SEO07/17/12 :: 23
    24. 24. So use search as a very large, real-time focus group ds s tren Keyword: Investment ting at lytic king fund arge t stage s g Ana ight Trac eath TUsin ive ins ben ection Funds diffe r ento dr sel Initial Prompt Information Gathering the s on F ocu terms Execution ch sear How to differentiate Choosing a fund between funds? Case studies Financial Comparison Tools Fund changers How to select a Savingmanager fund for retirementLock in period? Fund management costs Informed vs. Un- Compare funds Investment calculators informed (new) performance  Test messaging  Align affiliate strategy  Extend TV and print media executions  Enhance in-store promotions  Influence live event marketing 07/17/12 :: 24
    25. 25. Set a measurement action plan• As digital access fragments & traditional digitizes, it all becomes more searchable and requires better tracking• Engagement alone is not a metric, know the value of each touch point• Cross channel measurement is critical to good SEM
    26. 26. Search needs strong analytics more than everFor every $90 USD spent driving trafficonly $1 USD is spent converting that site visitorThe opportunity for advertisers is tosegment, target, and retarget their traffic
    27. 27. Some key take-a-ways  Plan for search early in the budgeting process  Leverage all other media & communication efforts  Optimize search for mobile, social, & local  Segment & retarget search traffic  Test messaging in search first  Optimize all digital assets to be search friendly  Focus on relevant content  Experience optimization07/17/12 :: 27
    28. 28. Thank you!Rob GriffinEVP, Product Development Obrigado!Havas Digital Gracias!rob.griffin@havasdigital.com Merci! Grazie! Arigatô! Vielen Dank! Terima Kasih! 谢谢您 ! 07/17/12 :: 28