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Overview new television programs - September 2013
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Overview new television programs - September 2013


Havas Media Belgium put together an overview of the new season of television programs in Belgium (North + South).

Havas Media Belgium put together an overview of the new season of television programs in Belgium (North + South).

Published in Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. NEW SEASON OF TV PROGRAMS September 2013
  • 3. Entertainment / Show De Grote Sprong Description : “De grote sprong” is a reality show where 18 Dutch speaking celebrities, more commonly referred to as BV, try to master the art of diving. Each week the celebrities perform in front of a panel of judges and a live audience in the Olympic pool of Bruges. Our hosts for this new program are Evi Hanssen en Kürt Rogiers. Broadcast : 30th August, each Friday at 20:40 (during 6 weeks). Het lichaam van Coppens Description : In this new program the brothers “Coppens” have put their bodies at the disposal of the TV viewer’s curiosity by trying to answer their questions and thus finding out the limits of the human body. Broadcast : 5th September, each Thursday at 20:40. Luxebeesten Description : In this series of reports we follow the incredible lifestyle of a variety of pets ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits to even pigs. It also provides us with an intriguing insight in the minds of the pet owners. Broadcast : 4th September, each Wednesday at 20:40.
  • 4. Entertainment The Taste Description : Who’s going to win, The Netherlands or Belgium ? In this new and epic culinary contest we will have competitors from both countries whipping up dishes and attempting to impress four notable chefs. The catch ? All the dishes will be judged in a blind test. Broadcast : End of year. Reclame AUB Description : Advertising is everywhere and at all times but how much of it do we really see and understand ? This fall VTM challenges your memories and sub conscience in a fun and touching gaming program. Broadcast : End of year. Echte verhalen : de Kliniek Description : This scripted reality series takes us through a clinical doctor’s every day life and the path followed from symptom to final diagnosis. Broadcast : 26th August, from Monday to Friday at 18:20.
  • 5. Entertainment & Series New Seasons Programs :  Belgium’s Got Talent  So You Think You Can Dance  Boer Zoekt Vrouw  Rijker dan je denkt  Tegen de Sterren op  Wild van dieren Top Series New seasons :  Aspe  Familie
  • 6. Humor Nonkel Mop Description : Rob Vanoudenhoven wishes to revive jokes. Brace yourself twice a week alongside his four guests and keep the “joke culture” alive. Broadcast : 3rd September, each Tuesday at 22:25 and Thursday at 22:45. Lang Leve Description : In this “mockumentary”, from the hands of the former creators of “Tegen de sterren op”, Jonas Van Geel treats iconic Belgian figures and the public on his review, positive and negative, of their lives. A real eye opener. Broadcast : 3rd September, each Tuesday at 20:40. Funnymals Description : This light entertainment sketch shows involving wildlife clips with comical voice- overs. Funnymals will amuse the entire family with there funny and cheeky animal actions. Broadcast : 26th August, from Monday to Saturday at 19:45. VTM Telefoneert Description : Imagine a famous duo phoning anonymous citizens with unusual questions, stories or jokes and you get VTM Telefoneert. Next time your phone rings, the joke might be on you… Broadcast : 26th August from Monday to Saturday at 18:57.
  • 7. Fiction Zuidflank Description : This autumn, VTM brings a new drama series set in and around Tongeren and Riemst. The “Zuidflank’”tells the story of a successful vineyard with a great wine production breeding envy and conspiracy between two families. Broadcast : 2nd September, each Monday at 21:45 (13 episodes). Connie & Clyde Description : The series is set in and around the relationship agency “Connie & Clyde”. The manager, Connie Coninx, peers into her clients lives in order to find them true love using unorthodox methods and hilarious motivating slogans with the help of her close and indispensable associates. But what about Connie’s own love life ? Broadcast : 4th September, each Wednesday at 21:25 (13 episodes).
  • 8. Actuality Alloo uit de gevangenis Description : Report series where Luk Alloo interviews prisoners he earlier met in Leuven Centraal which have now been released. Broadcast : 5th September, each Thursday at 21:40. De Kroongetuigen Description : What takes place in the mind of criminals and what happens after the crimes have been committed ? The “Kroongetuigen” takes us behind the nine crime scenes in Flanders in the form of a documentary mixing survivors testimonies, court appearances and police evidence. Broadcast : End of year. Prematuurtjes Description : We all know that live is a gift we all should treasure. “Prematuurtjes” shows us to what extend by folllowing the evolution of new born babies and their struggle to hang on to what seems natural for us. Broadcast : End of year.
  • 9. Humor En toen kwam ons ma binnen Description : To embarrassing to be true ? Guess again ! A new program with shameful but very recognizable situations. Broadcast : 2nd September at 20:35. BEET! Description : Nobody is safe any more for practical jokes with this new program. Manou Kersting will be “the man” teaching us the ancient art of pranking. Broadcast : End of year. Superstaar (Second Saison) Description : The Flemish humorist Gunter Lamoot presents us his weekly and absurd view of what can be found on television now and in the past. Broadcast : End of year. Crimi Clowns (Second Saison) Description : The concept remains the same, the characters are clowns during the day and thieves by night. Only this year, they will come over as more surprising, intelligent and beyond all violent. Broadcast : End of year.
  • 10. New Series Hannibal Description : “One of the most fascinating literary characters comes to life on television for the first time : psychiatrist-turned-serial-killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. In this new drama from Bryan Fuller, based on the characters from Thomas Harris' classic novels, we see where this incredible story began.” (source NBC) Broadcast : End of year. Dracula Description : 19th century Dracula descends in London in search for the science behind electricity and the urge to avenge himself for the dark curse thrown upon him centuries ago condemning him to eternal night. All of this gets blurred when meeting a woman strongly resembling the one he lost his heart to. Broadcast : End of year. Chicago Fire Description : The show follows the lives of the firefighters and paramedics working at the Chicago Fire Department at the firehouse 51. Broadcast : End of year.
  • 11. Series & Movies & Documentaires Movies :  The girl with the dragon tattoo  X-Men : First Class  Captain America : ‘The first Avenger’  Transformers : Dark of the Moon  Colombiana  Fast Five  Rise of the planet of the apes  Bridesmaids  … New Seasons Programs :  Inbox ‘De keuze van Lemmens’ Top Series New seasons :  Game of Thrones  Spartacus  Person of Interest  Strike Back  Bones  The Big Bang Theory  Homeland  The Walking Dead  ...
  • 12. Sport UEFA Champion’s League Description : VMMa has yet again acquired the exclusive rights for the UEFA Champions League for this season. On the program : live matches, summaries, a weekly magazine and of course the kick-off of the European Cup along with the European Super Cup finals. Broadcast : TBC.
  • 13. New Series The fall Description : Follow Stella Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson, a senior police officer investigating a string of murders in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Broadcast : End of year. De Waarheid Description : How far can lies take you when trying to keep up appearances ? Find out by watching this scripted reality based on true facts and highly emotional stories. Broadcast : 2nd September, from Monday to Thursday at 20:35.
  • 14. Series & Movies Series :  Lost in Austen  Call the midwife  Overspel  The Killing Movies :  Never let me go  Last Night  What’s your number ?  Monté Carlo !
  • 15. Entertainment De Ideale Wereld Description : Otto-Jan Ham surfs on the wave of current events assisted by a pre-eminent guest from the world of sport, culture, politics, science, … Together, they try to draw out lessons from the present to reach the Ideal World using complex theoretical models and useless movies. Broadcast : 2nd September, from Monday to Thursday at 19:40. De Slimste Mens ter Wereld Description : New season presented by Tomas Van Den Spiegel. Broadcast : 2nd September, from Monday to Thursday at 22:00 (during 10 weeks). De val van 1 miljoen Description : ONE million CASH. Two candidates have to answer eight multiple choice questions correctly in order to win the jackpot. Sounds simple ? How about adding thrilling sweats, increasing heart beats and a ticking clock… Luckily for the viewers and the players Evy Gruyaert takes of the edge by asking questions and calming the nerves. Broadcast : 30th August, each Saturdays at 20:40.
  • 16. Entertainment Geubels en de Belgen Description : Geubels and the Belgen is about everything that already happened or is on the verge of happening in our life. How should we handle our first kiss, our second job, rainy weather during a stay at the sea side... We get to see it all in this program and get useful guidelines for a successful life along the way ! Broadcast : 5th September, each Thursday at 21:10. Onze dochter heet Delphine Description : Broadcasted in this two-part chronicle is the relationship between Sybille de Selys Longchamps and the newly retired king of the Belgians, Albert II, on the one hand and their daughter Delphine Boel on the other. We are granted the view and full access to historical photographs and documents after 40 years of silence. Broadcast : Tuesday 3rd & 10th September at 21:05. Ik wil ook een lief Description : A series of reports on young people looking for a serious relationship, but having to overcome their physical or mental disability, often hampering with taking the first step. Broadcast : 17th September, each Tuesday.
  • 17. Entertainment & Sport New Seasons Programs :  Komen eten  Goe gebakken  De Rechtbank  De Moestuin volgens Wim Sport :  Moto GP  F1  Cycling  Red Devils (6th September & 11th October)
  • 18. Series & Movies New season of series :  The Blacklist  Under the Dome  Blue Bloods  Castle  Criminal Minds  CSI : New York  Elementary  The Mentalist  Vermist  … New season of movies :  Pirates of the Caribbean  The Tourist  Cowboys and Aliens  Harry Potter  …
  • 19. Entertainment Astrid in Wonderland Description : Fourth season ! Follow the amazing life of Astrid Bryan in Hollywood. As glamorous as ever and with her typical sense of humour while remaining firmly upright in her Louboutins. Broadcast : 20th September, each Friday at 20:40. SINGL3S Description : Three young Flemish “single ladies”, have retreated themselves to a summer house and engage in a real date marathon. A hundred men present themselves with only one goal : becoming their new (boy)friend. Watch out for Katinka, Jessy and Alize are looking for their dream man ! Broadcast : 11th September, every Wednesdays evening. New Seasons Programs :  Zo Man Zo Vrouw  De Huisdokter  Checklist  Storywood
  • 20. Series Scripted Reality : Beschuldigd Description : New scripted reality series. Each episode follows a family that talks about their changing family situation, after a family member is being accused of a crime. What are the reactions of the family and their entourage… Broadcast : 16th September, every weekdays. Alles uit Liefde Description : True stories on the screen. Every week a Flemish woman is torn when forced to make an unexpected and difficult decision out of love for her husband, lover, family or child… Broadcast : 18th September, every Wednesdays evening. New season of series :  Grey’s Anatomy  Private Practice  Hawthorne
  • 22. Entertainment What do I Know Description : A brand new interactive quiz thanks to the second screen ! Three celebrities measure themselves against 100 students and viewers. Viewers get to answer the questions interactively and for free by ways of the websites and mobiles applications provided by Broadcast : To be determined, at 20:20. Belgium’s Got Talent (season 2) Description : It’s an adaptation of Britain’s Got talent presented by Julie Taton & Jean- Michel Zecca and a jury consisting of Maureen Dor, Carlos Vaquera and Paul Ambach. Broadcast : 22th September, each Sunday at 20:20. L’Amour est dans le pré (season 5) Description : Sandrine Dans presents the series wherein the viewer gets insight into the daily life of a few candidates competing for the love, sympathy and affection of a number of bachelor farmers. Broadcast : In October, each Tuesday at 20:20. Retour au pensionnat à la campagne Description : Reality show wherein 24 adolescents make a comeback in a 1950’s strict boarding school for 4 weeks in an attempt to pass the same graduation certificate as their grand-parents. Broadcast : In October, on Tuesday evening.
  • 23. Entertainment Les reines du shopping Description : 5 varying women passionate about shopping, embark in a competition with an imposed theme and limited budget under the expert eye of Cristina Cordula (former top model/styling consultant) to win 1.000€. with the best makeover. Broadcast : End of year, at 16:30. Le Chef des chefs Description : In this game show with Yves Mattagne and Sandrine Corman, four anonymous (no chefs or apprentices) face on their culinary knowledge. Broadcast : End of year, at 20:20. Le Meilleur pâtissier Description : Each week 13 amateur bakers compete each other and are tested on every aspect of their baking skills in this show presented by Faustine Bollaert, and Cyril Lignac among others. Broadcast : A Monday in October, at 20:20. Top Chef Description : Stéphane Rotenberg presents the fifth season of this Franco-Belgian reality show (broadcast on M6 and RTL-TVI) in which chefs compete in culinary challenges. Broadcast : End of year, at 20:20.
  • 24. Entertainment Special evenings :  Diana (25th September)  Adamo 70 years (November)  Grand Jojo (December)  Patrick Bruel (December) New Seasons Programs :  Un diner presque parfait  Septante et Un  60 secondes chrono  Total Blackout  …
  • 25. Magazines Controverse Description : Dominique Demoulin, has been presenting this Sunday debate since 2011 where police, experts and citizens share their views on the news of the week. Broadcast : 1st September, each Sunday at 11:55. Les orages de la vie Description : Stéphane Pauwels invites famous people to talk about their extra-ordinary life experiences. Broadcast : 15th September, each Sunday at 19:50.  Coûte que coûte  Docs de choc  Enquêtes  I Comme  Images à l’appui  Indices  Place royale  Reporters  Tout s’explique  Face à face  L’invité  …
  • 26. Humor Series  Pirette, les gens d’en bas  Marc Herman  Votez pour moi  Les Experts (Las Vegas, Miami)  Bones  Grey’s anatomy  The Good Wife  Dr. House  NCIS  Medium  …
  • 27. Series Chicago fire Description : The American television drama follows the lives of the firefighters and paramedics working at the Chicago Fire Department at the Firehouse of Engine 51. Broadcast : To be confirmed. Elementary Description : A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes set in present-day New York City, with Sherlock as a former consultant to Scotland Yard and a recovering drug addict, and Lucy Liu in the role of Dr. Joan Watson. Broadcast : To be confirmed. Touch Description : In this American thriller drama television series, a widower struggles to raise his 11-year-old autistic son Jake. Along the way he discovers that Jake can communicate through the use of numbers and data patterns allowing him to predict future events. Broadcast : To be confirmed.
  • 28. Series Awake Description : In this American police drama, a detective lives two alternating parallel lives after a car accident reinforcing his uncanny ability to solve crimes using details from both realities. But the question remains… which one of his “realities” is real ? Broadcast : To be confirmed. Devious Maids Description : American television comedy-drama co-produced by Eva Longoria, centering on four ambitious Latina maids in Beverly Hills, a murder and the truth behind the demise of the victim. Broadcast : To be confirmed. Mistress Description : A drama about the scandalous lives of four girlfriends, their involvement in an array of illicit and complex relationships and their struggle to self-discovery as they brave the turbulent journey together. Broadcast : To be confirmed.
  • 29. Movies  Les Schtroumpfs  Black Swan  Pirates des Caraïbes  Fast and Furious  La Couleur des sentiments  X-Men  Titeuf  La planète des singes  Source code  Cheval de guerre  Rio  Identité secrète  Cars 2  Narnia  John Carter  Morning Glory  Twilight 2  …
  • 30. Series VIOLETTA Description : Violetta tells the story of the trials and tribulations of a musically talented teen upon her return to her native Buenos Aires after years of living in Europe. Broadcast : 2nd September, from Monday to Friday at 18:15. Glee (season 3) Description : Glee is an American musical comedy series revolving around the Spanish teacher Will Schuester’s hopes and attempts at restoring the former glory of McKinley High School’s choir. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed. New season :  Mac Gyver  Magnum  Top Models  Les Simpsons  S.OD.A.  Inspecteur Barnaby  Les Experts  …
  • 31. Sport Sport :  UEFA Champion’s League  UEFA Europa League  Home games of The Red Devils Qualification Match for WC 2014 (15th October)  Wimbledon and other tennis tournament
  • 32. Entertainment La Nouvelle Star (season 10) Description : Based on the successful Pop Idol program, La Nouvelle Star is a French TV talent show (broadcast on M6) with a four headed jury, the submission of the viewer’s vote and visiting singers. Broadcast : 9th or 16th October, Wednesday at 20:00. Pekin Express (season 8) Description : Reality showing how various couples deal with the challenges, pitfalls, language barriers, tension and communication malfunctions when hitchhiking around the world to win the race. Broadcast : 16th November, each Saturday at 20:40. Touche pas à mon poste Description : TPMP is a French talk show with Cyril Hanouna devoted to TV news and media news (broadcast live on D8). Broadcast : 2nd September, from Monday to Friday at 19:00. Les Anges de la téléréalité Description : Gathering former candidates of French reality shows and imposing them to coexist in a mansion in the US results in the making of “Les Anges de la Téléréalité” (broadcast on NRJ12). Many guest stars are expected to appear in celebration of 10 years of reality TV in France. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed.
  • 33. Entertainment New :  Allo Nabilla  Les sosies à Hollywood  Les Marseillais à Miami  La belle et ses princes presque charmant  Ma Maison à Courchevel New season :  Les ch’tis à Las Vegas  Les ch’tis à Mykonos  X Factor USA  Un nouveau look pour une nouvelle vie  La Folle Route  La France à un incroyable talent  La Meilleure Danse  Belle toute nue  …
  • 34. Series Trinity Description : New series ! Charlotte Arc enrols in the prestigious Trinity College, determined to uncover the truth about her father’s death, then professor at the college. Nothing is what it seems at Trinity ! Charlotte and her new friends progressively find out that there are many secrets and mysteries to be unravelled … Broadcast : 6th September, each Friday at 20:40+21:30. New :  Girls  The L.A. Complexe New season :  Nip Tuck  Medium  Supernatural  Grey’s Anatomy  Cold Case  …
  • 35. Versus Description : Versus invites viewers to attend a series of unexpected duels. The proposed duels are always designed to cause doubt as to the outcome. Who is the fastest, a world-renowned athlete vs. a racehorse ? Who’s the strongest, a 2 CV vs. 2 horses ? Who’s the loudest, a chorus of the Opera vs. supporters of the Red Devils ? VERSUS doesn’t show only the opposition of two unexpected opponents, but also and especially the “show of the doubt”, directed and amplified in an elimination game in which 30 candidates participate. Broadcast : In October. Entertainment The Voice Belgium (season 3) Description : 56 talents – 4 coaches – 1 winner. The Voice Belgium is a new show gathering 56 talents chosen after a casting all around Belgium. The participants first made blind auditions to ensure that the coaches’ choice are merely made in function of the voice and not the appearance. During each show, the public votes for the best singer. The final winner gets the opportunity to sign a contract with SONY Music. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed. Performances in Saison II (2012) : 12,9% Rat – 31,6% Shr 18-54y.
  • 36. Entertainment Comme un Chef (season 3) Description : The program follows the course of six new candidates from each of the six Chefs. They will be tested and evaluated in a series of seven broadcasts on La Une. The menu for this third edition ? Six chefs representing no less than 10 Michelin stars ! The candidates can, once again, rely on the experience of Candice Kother, food writer, and Lionel Rigolet, Head of “Comme Chez Soi” and sponsor of the issue. Broadcast : In October. Performances in Saison II (2012) : 10,2% Rat – 26,4% Shr 25-44y SG 1-4. Cap 48 Description : Cap 48 is an organization founded in 1957 running the collection of funds intended primarily for persons with disabilities in the French Community and the German Community. Its slogan is “For that disability is not a disability, even if we are all different”. Broadcast : Sunday 13th October.
  • 37. Magazines Mise au point Description : This Sunday debate on RTBF is presented by Olivier Maroy and the political reporter Baudouin Remy (exit Thomas Gadisseux). Broadcast : 1st September, each Sunday at 11:25. On n’est pas des pigeons Description : This consumer magazine presented by Sébastien Nollevaux and Michael Miraglia (also broadcast on the radio Vivacité) decrypts marketing codes daily so that consumers can make their choices without fear of being cheated. Broadcast : 2nd September, from Monday to Friday at 18:30. Devoir d’enquête Description : This magazine with Malika Attar threads about judicial investigations and their final course. Broadcast : Wednesday at 20:15. Questions à la Une Description : Bruno Clement presents this magazine and leads the investigation in Belgian society. Broadcast : Wednesday at 20:15.
  • 38. Movies  Intouchables  Tintin et le secret de la licorne  The Artist  Harry Potter et les reliques de la Mort – Part 2  Case départ  De rouille et d’os  Drive  Green Lantern  Johnny English le retour  La vérité si je mens 3  Le prénom  Les infidèles  Les Tuches  Polisse  Sexe entre amis  Sherlock Holmes : Jeu d’ombres  Sur la piste du Marsupilami  Very bad trop 2  ...
  • 39. Series The Mentalist (season 5) Description : This police procedural series follows the lead of the fraudulent “psychic” Patrick Jane as consultant to the Californian Bureau of Investigation where he uses his various skills as a “mind reader” to solve crimes and personally chase the madman known to the law as Red John. Broadcast : 22nd August, each Thursday. Performances in SEP12 : 9,5% Rat – 21,0% Shr 25-54 SG 1-6. Crossing Lines Description : The International Criminal Court’s special crime unit investigates (serialized) crimes committed across the European borders and hunts down their perpetrators. Broadcast : 3rd September, each Tuesday. The Following Description : A charismatic serial killer is traced by an FBI agent when becoming the precursor of a cult of murderous believers. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed.
  • 40. Series Person of Interest Description : Recruited by the reclusive billionaire Harold Finch, former CIA officer John Reese sets out to prevent predicted crimes in NY City using an ingenious data (extracted from omnipresent surveillance) adapting computer. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed. World Without End Description : This follow up of “The pillars of the Earth”, set on the eve of the Hundred Years' War and the outbreak of the Black Plaque, chronicles the life an hurdles of the townspeople of Kingsbridge. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed. A tort ou à Raison Description : This police series gives us a view on the Belgian legal system through the eyes of a judicial quartet consisting of a lawyer, a policeman, a court reporter and a legal judge. Broadcast : 19th November, each Tuesday. Unforgettable Description : Carrie Wells, suffering from hyperthymesia, reluctantly enrolls in NYPD’s homicide unit trying to unravel some of her own fleeting memories after a series of unfortunate events. Broadcast : In September.
  • 41. Sport Coupe du monde FIFA 2014 - Brazil Description : On top of broadcasting all matches in this 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup from Brazil, fans are treated by La Une and La Deux with the qualifying games in Scotland an Croatia. Broadcast : 6th September and 11th October. Cycling races Description : Experience all the major cycling races from your seat: paddling from le Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, World Championship team/individual, Paris- Brussels, Liège-Bastogne-Liège … to beyond. Broadcast : In September. Sport :  F1  Mémorial Van Damme  Roland Garros  Moto GP & Moto 2  … Cofidis Cup, La Coupe de Belgique Description : Named after its sponsor, the Cofidis Cup is one of the two major football competitions in Belgium. Broadcast : In September.
  • 42. Rendez-vous en terre Belge Description : What if television could be used to bring communities together, to distinguish differences, to fight against the rejection of the “other” ? These impertinent questions form the basic challenge launched to a few Belgian famous people. With curiosity, open mind en humor, in their suitcase these participants get ready for a social experiment on Belgian soil. Broadcast : In 2014. Panique pas papa ! Description : This unique anthropologic experiment challenges 4 fathers to take care of their children, aged from 6 months to 4 years, and all the daily household chores without the help of their spouses watching carefully from afar. Will this result in a revolution of the sexes ? Broadcast : 19th September, each Tuesday, in prime. Entertainment Un Gars, un Chef ! Description : New ! “Un Gars, un Chef !” replaces “Sans Chichis“. For all the one’s with watering mouths, the kitchen doors re-open with Adrien Devyver and Gerald Watelet diving into the culinary world and reporting on viewers’ questions besides giving away a multitude of do’s and don'ts. Broadcast : 16th September, from Monday to Friday at 17:20.
  • 43. Series House of Cards Description : In this political thriller drama set after M. Thatcher’s tenure, the amoral congressman Francis Urquhart manipulates and schemes to become PM with the help of his conniving wife and led by revenge on those who did him wrong. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed. Arrow Description : This action-adventure series portrays billionaire playboy Oliver Queen and his change into an arrow bearing vigilante after his presumed death of 5 years. His stranding on a hostile island has left him with a huge sense of righteousness. Broadcast : 1st September, each Sunday. Revolution Description : This post-apocalyptic fiction takes place 15 years after an instantaneous global shutdown known as “the Blackout”. A small revolutionary group takes up arms in revolt against its authoritarian regime. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed.
  • 44. Series Plus belle la vie Description : This French day-to-day soap series depicts the lives of the inhabitants of the Mistral neighborhood, port city of Marseille. On 2012, the series reached a milestone with the release of its two thousandth episode. Broadcast : Daily and a special prime broadcast the 12th September at 20:25. Game of Thrones Description : This fantasy drama series chronicles the faith of the members of 7 noble houses in a civil war for the Iron Throne and total control of the mythical land of Westeros and Essos. Broadcast : 1st September, each Sunday. Series :  Smallville  Chuck  Eureka  Nurse Jackie  La Source  ...
  • 45. Movies  Madagascar II  Les chroniques de Spiderwick  Public ennemies  Transformers 2 : La Revanche  The Town  BloodDiamond  Le Pacte  Le Guetteur  Post Impact  Le jugement dernier  ...
  • 46. Entertainment The Biggest Loser Description : After a an initial weigh-in, 2 groups of 3 candidates compete by aiming for the highest percentage of culminated weight loss and a grand total of $ 250,000. Various challenges and temptations are featured along the way. Broadcast : Mid-October. Tahiti Quest Description : Presented by Benjamin Castaldi, this new adventurous program will involve five families, each consisting of two adults and two children, and is set in Tahiti. The families will face each other in the different challenges lying ahead. Broadcast : Date to be confirmed. Miss Belgique Description : Miss Belgium, established since 1929, is the prestigious national beauty pageant contest in Belgium. Since 1969, the winner of the title gets to represent our country in international elections such as Miss International, Miss World and even Miss Universe. Broadcast : In January.
  • 47. Entertainment One (Wo)man show : Description : Laughter guaranteed when watching a array of comedy shows, like Florence Foresti’s among. Broadcast : Tuesday in Prime-time. Top programs New Season :  Les enfants de la TV  Catch  90’ enquêtes  Reporters  Confessions intimes  Baby Boom  Hell’s Kitchen Tous Ensemble & Extreme MakeOver Description : A 5 headed team consisting of an architect, a carpenter, and several decorators select families considered as the most deserving of a entire renovation of their homes. Only prevented on arrival of the team, the families have no choice but to surrender the keys of their home to the charitable volunteers in the hope of having their dreams come true after years of hardship and struggle. Broadcast : In September.
  • 48. Serie Vampire Diaries Description : Elena Gilbert is torn between her love for 2 eternal adolescent brothers and a wicca witch best friend in the town of Mystic Falls. Underneath the surface of the sleepy town lies a world of mystery, magic, and intrigue. Broadcast : In September. Gossip Girl Description : Delving into the world of upper-class privileged and wealthy Manhattan teens does come with a price! All the juicy secrets get out by the blogger known as “Gossip Girl”. A group of friends tries to figure out his/her identity and whereabouts whilst dealing with their own complicated lives. Broadcast : Mid-october. Season Series :  Medicopter  H  Monk  112 unité d’urgence  7 à la maison  Alerte Cobra  Une femme d’honneur
  • 49. THANK YOU
  • 50. For question/information, please contact Audiovisual Services For North : Julie Devaleriola - 02 349 15 78 For South : Yvon Collette - 02 663 18 46 Go also here: Or here:
  • 51. APPENDIX
  • 53. North - VMMTV  VMMtv is the commercial leader in the North with 5 channels in its portfolio :  VTM – 2Be – Vitaya – Jim – VTMKzoom  VMMtv combines more of its TV advertising with video online offers and manages its own content on YouTube.  VTM is a family channel with its very own entertainment productions. VTM is the commercial leader in the North, reaching a large target and focusing its programming on PRP18-54. VTM maintains its successful horizontal programming with new programs in prime time.  2BE has a tighter, younger and masculine oriented profile. 2BE broadcasts block buster films, famous american series and international football competitions besides its own local productions.  Vitaya is a trendy and female oriented lifestyle channel. It broadcasts films and drama series. Besides those, Vitaya focuses its programming on topics ranging from health, travel, gardening, fashion, lifestyle and the art of cooking.
  • 54. North - SBS  SBS is the challenger in the North with a lot of different brands :  VIER – VIJF – Nickelodeon North – Nickelodeon South – MTV North – MTV South – TMF – Discovery Channel  VIER is a generalist channel, reaching a large public but focusing its programming on PRP18-54. After a one year collaboration with the productions house Woestijnvis, we noticed a small increase of audiences although slightly under previous expectation.  VIJF is especially dedicated to women. No important modification in the programming so far, VIJF continues broadcasting the combination of local productions, international series and Hollywood films.
  • 55. South - IP  IP maintains its leadership in the South with 3 complementary channels and 2 digital channels :  RTL-Tvi – Club RTL – Plug RTL – Star TV – Contact Vision  IP increases the use of TV advertising combined with online video offers and/or second screen interactivity.  RTL-Tvi is a generalist channel with a large target, very close and similar to its viewers. The programming focuses on PRP18-54 with information bases, magazines, films, US series, and general entertainment ranging from contests, games, reality TV to humour.  Club RTL still focuses on children during daytime and is more male oriented in the evening. Club RTL broadcasts international football matches as well as tennis tournaments. Club RTL also offers famous US series and well-known films.  Plug RTL is dedicated to young minds between 15 and 34 years old. The programming is set on a non-conventional tone with thematic evenings in focus like horror, lifestyle, reality TV shows and famous US series for a tighter target.
  • 56. South - RMB  RMB is the challenger in the South with 5 national channels in its portfolio :  La Une – La Deux – La Trois – Be TV – AB3  Big challenge for the public channels with The Voice Belgium season III.  RMB combines TV advertising with online video offers and/or second screen activity.  RMB is currently looking for new alternatives in its commercial policy to skirt the new RTBF rules without product placement.  La Une is a generalist channel, focused on magazines, qualitative news and entertainment. La Une reaches a large audience but the main target remains the PRP18-54.  La Deux is complementary to La Une. La Deux reaches several targets like children during the day, men with live sport broadcasts and youth in general with US series.  AB3 is a family channel with its programming mainly based on films, series and famous animation films.
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