A digest of the media news from Jan to June 2014: digital transformation is going on !


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A digest of the media news from Jan to June 2014: digital transformation is going on !

  1. 1. 2014 Media Review Jan – Jun: overview on media news and innovations
  2. 2. DAILIES
  3. 3. Het Belang van Limburg is now available on tablets. Wider access to content with pictures and videos; an interactive version specially created for numerical tablets. The sport results will also be available as well as a direct broadcast of major events. Innovations in 2014 Metro launched its new mobile website Metrotime.be for smartphone and tablet. A team of editors is dedicated to this new web content. A section allows the readers to publish their own messages via Twitter thanks to the hashtag #kissandtweet.
  4. 4. Innovations in 2014 L’Echo and De Tijd New websites for these two newspapers. They will be more responsive and it will be easier to share articles. A recent study also showed that readers of both newspapers are mostly influencial people, aka « Trendsetters ». They act as ambassadors of the brand; they represent an ideal target for advertisers.
  5. 5. Innovations in 2014 De Morgen The flemish newspaper decided to change its format as from mid- september 2014. It will be half smaller than today’s format. The new website gives a more interactive and richer content. Newsmonkey The free online newspaper launched in January 2014 attracts more than 900,000 unique visitors per month. They work with social media in order to build up their visibility & awareness. The content is available on PC, tablet and smartphone. Express.be Native Advertising Solutions tries to establish their leadership into native ads. The company already uses Newsmonkey and decided to create a partnership with Express.be. It will allow advertisers to reach various audiences in an optimal way.
  7. 7. Le Soir Magazine offers Soirmag+ online as well. Soirmag+ offers a new reading experience for tablet iPad and Androïd. The purpose is to complete the already existing offer of Le Soir Magazine. This medium uses the content of the magazine and adds new multimedia content with pictures and videos online. Innovations in 2014
  8. 8. Juillet 2014: Lagardère gives away Première to Groupe Rossel and Psychologies to 4B Media. 2 out of the 10 titles put on sale since October 2013 were acquired by the french speaking belgian press. Groupe Rossel wishes to develop its expertise in the movie field with the acquisition of Premiere. Concerning 4B Media, (composed of: Rossel, Edition Ventures, Deficom group and Olidipoli) the acquisition of Psychologies is an investment in the healthcare and well-being sector. The other titles on sale were acquired by the Groupe Reworld Media. Innovations in 2014
  9. 9. Roularta Media Group May 2014: CFO Magazine strengthens its offer by proposing ‘CFO TV’. TV programs will be used to improve global expertise in this field. Innovations in 2014 June 2014: An HR Paper and CFO Paper will be available in addition to Trends-Tendances. July 2014: The apps for the magazines were improved to ease the access to content with an additional help function.
  10. 10. TV Magazine May 2014: Ciné-Télé-Revue becomes digital. Readers can now download the content of the magazine via an app. June 2014: Humo also launches its tablet version to improve the content of its magazine. Videos, pictures and audio will be available. July 2014: Two versions of Story are available. A complete version composed of the TV guide and a lighter version which doesn’t contain the guide. Innovations in 2014
  11. 11. Innovations in 2014 P-Magazine June 2014: The website Football Nr10.be decided to publish a weekly paper dedicated to football (one week before the beginning of the world cup). It was spread with the P-Magazine and also on digital format. The goal is to provide an additional content to all the fans of Belgian Football. Chief decided to reposition itself and goes digital. Still published on a monthly basis, the content will be more interactive on tablet.
  12. 12. Feel.it by the creators of Feeling. Feel.it is a new weekly magazine available only on tablet. They offer contents about fashion, beauty, cooking, culture and traveling. Picture galleries are available, activities as well as audio and video clips. Users can also find the location of places they like, book a restaurant and even share pictures with their friends. Innovations in 2014
  13. 13. Sanoma Media Belgium In May 2014, the group launched the website Magstore.be which allows the reader to buy magazines on this e- commerce platform. Innovations in 2014
  14. 14. 3 Suisses and La Redoute reconsider their strategy. These pioneers wish to review their strategy and get rid of their big catalogue reconsidering their business model. 3 Suisses and La Redoute have to compete the leaders in digital retail. Innovations in 2014
  15. 15. DIGITAL
  16. 16. Innovations in 2014 March 2014: Beweb signs an agreement with Culture G. The group owns around 80 websites on videogames, manga, cinema and comic books. Beweb will be in charge of the sale of advertising spaces. June 2014: Ligatus acquires vesseo GmbH.
  17. 17. Innovations in 2014 The social networks Facebook and Twitter claimed an solid expertise in the ‘social TV’ field.
  18. 18. Innovations in 2014 Pinterest Veritas, a belgian retailer dedicated to women fashion and style takes advantage of the involvment of women on that social media to generate visits and sales on their website. 83% of the users are wealthy women ready to spend their money.
  19. 19. OUT OF HOME
  20. 20. Innovations in 2014 January 2014: JCDecaux Belgium becomes the media representative of advertising spaces of Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA). JCDecaux is the new media rep of the STIB/MIVB for a period of 12 years. 122 digital screens will be set up as well as « twin » screens; two screens set next to each other so as to enhance communication creativity. June 2014: JCDecaux Netherlands spread 4G antennas in the bus shelters of Amsterdam in partnership with Vodaphone Netherlands. The goal is to expand the network cover offered to clients of the operator. They also wish to create services and products accessible to everyone.
  21. 21. Innovations in 2014 January 2014: Check-in on Foursquare and win a Soundbar Samsung. You only had to check-in next to one of the billboards to engage in the contest. The user is then redirected towards a mini website of the brand. The same operation was performed earlier to promote the prepaid sim card Pay&Go Max from Proximus. May 2014: Magnum offered a personalised ice cream. When you checked-in on Foursquare, the user was given an unique code in order to obtain his personalised Magnum in near « pleasure stores ».
  22. 22. Innovations in 2014 January 2014: Black Snails in Belgium. Telenet obtained the rights to broadcast an american TV serie trailers inside bus shelters which were transformed into pirate boats. March 2014: Clear Channel Outdoor launched « Connect ». Advertising billboards equiped with NFC tags allow consumers to discover extra content via their smartphone. It makes OOH platforms more mobile and interactive.
  23. 23. Innovations in 2014 June 2014: Virtual Penalty Tour Coca-Cola. Passers-by and travellers were invited to test their football abilities shooting in the air to reach a virtual goal on a screen in front of them. This event happened in the following stations Bruxelles Midi, Bruxelles-Central, Anvers-Central, Liège and Namur. BetFIRST also revealed the results of the matches live on Play screens in the stations. It allowed commuters to follow the results on the screens. Outisde game periods, the following matches were announced as well as offers available on the website.
  24. 24. IP Radio created Audio Mid-Roll, advertisement only dedicated to radio stations on the web. It concerns Bel RTL, Radio Contact, Nostalgie Sud, Nostalgie Flandre and Fun Radio. This tool allows to increase the impact of campaigns on digital platforms. Innovations in 2014 April 2014: Google for belgian radio stations. The radios RTBF, Bel RTL, Radio Contact, Nostalgie and Fun Radio decided to speed up their digital transformation, developping a common radio player. The listener has the possibility to access the content he wants. He only needs to enter a keyword in the search engine to find the radio and contents he likes.
  25. 25. Innovations in 2014 Jan 2014: Radionomy, n°1 digital radio in the world. Radionomy acquired the player Winamp and the platform Shoutcast. This platform hosts more than half of the radios on the Internet.
  26. 26. TELEVISION
  27. 27. Stievie: The app allows to watch up to 10 flemish channels live or pre-recorded. April 2014: An extension is now available on Google Chromecast which allows to transfer the Stievie signal towards the TV screen. Innovations in 2014 March 2014: A cooperation agreement between Telenet and Medialaan was signed. It allows the audience to watch all the Medialaan programs via Yelo TV . They can also record their programs on tablet, PC and smartphone.
  28. 28. Innovations in 2014 Shazam for TV. « Shazam for TV » allows an interaction between TV advertising and mobiles devices. This solution is handled by Belgacom Skynet. Mai 2014: RTL launched the game Connect. The second screen is used to engage the audience synchronizing the TV content with an app in real time. The viewer is active enhancing engagement towards the channel via specific quizz
  29. 29. Innovations in 2014 June 2014: Telenet invests in SBS Belgium. Telenet aquired 50% of De Vijver Media shares sold by the group Sanoma. The group keeps on innovating in the flemish multimedia market. Netflix confirms its arrival in Belgium for September 2014. Known for its wide selection of TV programs in streaming, Netflix is also known for its original productions (« Orange is the new black », « House of cards »). Netflix is investigating in local productions, exclusively accessible for the subscribers. The Belgian operators try to counter the offer proposing their own service of video on demand.
  30. 30. CINEMA
  31. 31. Top 10 Belgium Box-Office 2014 (Jan-Jul) 499.355 391.205 293.113 265.452 332.106 252.659 242.955 330.347 306.588 238.276 # tickets sold by film
  32. 32. According to two american studies, the owners of smartphones and tablets tend to go more regularly to the cinema. These tools allow them to obtain information instantly: previews, trailers, schedules, prices, … Innovations in 2014 Twitter and Vines appear on cinema.
  33. 33. Sources
  34. 34. THANK YOU christophe.durot@havasmedia.com