5-12 presentation 'Going beyond Native advertising'


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Going beyond one of the hot buzzword in the media world; native advertising. Comprehensive definition, analysis & case to better understand this hybird format.

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5-12 presentation 'Going beyond Native advertising'

  1. 1. NATIVE ADVERTISING Beyond the buzzword
  3. 3. What is native advertising? • Native advertising is a type of converged media that combines paid and owned content into commercial messaging that is fully integrated into, and often unique to, a special delivery platform • It's sponsored content, which is relevant to the consumer experience, which is not interruptive, and which looks and feels similar to its editorial environment • A form of media that’s built into the actual visual design and where the ads are part of the content
  4. 4. Like, as the advertorial found in print magazine? Yep. But...
  5. 5. What is native advertising? Promoted posts, promoted tweets look just like every other post or tweet or ... on my timeline, however it’s a paid for piece of advertising that emulates the Facebook, Twitter experience Facebook's sponsored posts Twitter's promoted hashtags and tweets Sponsored article on a media outlet
  6. 6. What is native advertising? The intention is to make the advert feel less intrusive and thus increase the chance that a user will interact with it. There is strong evidence that integrating contextually relevant advertising and content for consumers, rather than interrupting them, generates a significantly better response.
  7. 7. Closed and open native advertising Closed Open This refers to brands creating content or profiles within an existing platform – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest – and then promoting its own content using the same look and feel of the respective platform. Here content is created by a brand outside of any existing framework. That content is then distributed via a third-party across multiple platforms. This third-party adapts the content to the various styles and formats of whatever platform it has been published on. Closed certainly offers more advantages in terms of tailoring the adverts and ensuring relevancy and personalisation
  8. 8. Native advertising presents opportunities for the entire ecosystem
  10. 10. On social media, most ads are seamlessly integrated into a user's feed In-stream social native ads look, feel, and function seamlessly across mobile and PC, which is precisely what brands want, as they seek to build crossdevice campaigns Facebook ads in the newsfeed achieve 37-times higher click-through rates and a 47% lower cost-per-click than traditional placements in the right-rail sidebar (source: Havas Media Brussels) 80% 20% 100%
  11. 11. Overall BE Market News Feed Investment 2012 – H1 2013 32% of Total Investments are MOBILE FEED
  12. 12. LinkedIn jumped on the bandwagon… …and launched Promoted Updates in July of this year.
  13. 13. Twitter Ads now available in Belgium Twitter started the native-social ad trend with Promoted Tweets in early 2010. The social network is now among the most influential voices in arguing that TV and digital ad spend can work hand-in-hand. But the availability of the advertising platform in Belgium is very recent.
  14. 14. But also: Content Integrations
  16. 16. Facebook: Promoted Post
  17. 17. Twitter: Promoted Tweets and Accounts
  18. 18. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  19. 19. Foursquare: Sponsored Listings & Promoted Updates
  20. 20. Instagram: Ads
  21. 21. Future : Pinterest ads
  23. 23. What’s Social TV? Social television refers to technology that supports communication and social interaction via a second screen, in either the context of watching television, or related to TV content. While the TV show is broadcasted, the channel will encourage people to comment with the show on different social platforms through a dedicated #. #jo2012 People talking via Twitter thought a dedicated # will help inscrease the visibility of the TV show on the Social Media platforms. # # # # The generated conversation starts generally on Twitter or thought a dedicated app that is connected to Twitter.
  24. 24. What are the advantages of Social TV? • Benefit from direct TV content to kick back and surf on the community’s interactions. The debate has been initiated on TV and continues on Twitter • Reach simultaneously a high number of people and redirect them on social networks to drive traffic • Create additional content from the TV show • Implement advertising formats synchronized with broadcasted TV shows
  25. 25. Advertising formats on Twitter Promoted account Format: Recruit new followers Builds an active community of advocates and influencers based on their interests. The promoted account will appear in the « Who to follow » section of Twitter or during a search. Promoted tweet Format: engagement Targets timelines to amplify your reach and engagement to the right users when they are connected on Twitter. Pay only for engagement: clics, retweet, follow, reply, bookmarked. Promoted trend Format: Reach visibility / Branding It’s a 24 hours exclusivity that enable your # to be amongs the most trendy. Trends are popular topics happenning right now on Twitter. Because these Trends are placed prominetly next to a user’s timeline, they get mass exposure. The main objectif is get maximum reach of the op. 12/6/2013 :: 25
  26. 26. Auchan Case – Optimising TV show sponsorship with native advertising • Objective : Top Chef’ sponsorship optimisation during one month • • Increase of visibility, reach & engagement via products, Auchan content in the broadcasts and contest. Means • • 4 sponsored trend during 1 month (each day of broadcast  #TopChef = 1st in Twitter trend Sponsored tweets (at each show’s highlights, a sponsored tweet about cooked product was live)
  27. 27. Auchan Case – How to buy native advertising? (mid February- mid March) CPM CPC Promoted Account Specific targeting Whole campaign Promoted Tweets Whole campaign Premium Placement No Premium Placement 2 PPA in February Whole campaign 1 day duration for each PPA 4 Sponsored Trends #TopChef 1 ST duration : 1 day Online during 18/02 and 25/02, broadcast days of Top Chef Online during 18/02 - 25/02 - 04/03 and 11/03, broadcast days of Top Chef
  28. 28. Auchan Case – Types of promoted tweets Trend rate 28,3% These are promoted tweets from the last #TopChef trend (11/03)
  29. 29. Auchan Case – Twitter results Promoted accounts Cost/Follower : 1,08 € (vs. 1,5 € benchmark Twitter) Promoted tweets  Linked to Top Chef program 600 000 impressions Engagement rate : 7,18% (more than 47 000 engagements) Cost per engagement : 0,17€ ! 4 Sponsored trends #TopChef  Online during Lives! 45 000 000 impressions 120 000 impressions of associated tweets Average of 29 750 tweets with #TopChef registered for each trend Average engagement rate per trend : 4,50%
  31. 31. We Are Tennis: relevant owned content Content excellence: BNP Paribas Fortis successfully claimed the tennis territory on social media in Belgium
  32. 32. We Are Tennis: sponsored
  33. 33. We Are Tennis: high publishing frequency and live coverage
  34. 34. Trusting the top 3 most engaged brand community all year long
  35. 35. We Are Tennis: results Owned onthly Reach .450.963 OTS 9 Total Impressions Av. Monthly Reach 23.290.320 66.071 Earned OTS 40 Paid Total Impressions Av. Monthly Reach 145.151.936 1.450.963 Global ed nthly Reach 66.071 Owned OTS 9 Earned OTS 40 Total Impressions Av. Monthly Reach 9.008.204 238.656 Total Impressions Av. Month 9.008.204 238. OTS 3 Total Impressions Av. Month 23.290.320 66.0
  36. 36. Native advertising on Xbox HD advertising on the biggest screen of the house Average CTR from 1 to 8% Campaign from 5K€
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