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The ever-evolving digital industry.

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  1. 1. ANALYSIS
  2. 2. The fragmented technology landscape
  3. 3. How to covert Internet users into Buyers/Prospects• Interaction : loyalty marketing based on users’ behavior on the net• Personalized message : real time control since each of them is unique• CRM Optimization : effective CRM data base to response directly to their need
  4. 4. Digital marketing toolsSEM SMO Mobile Marketing DISPLAY
  5. 5. Search Engine Marketing SEO/Commercial links- Prediction of the campaign’s performance- Improving the offer thanks to users’ involvement- Semantic Web Google ads- Multi-channels traffic control- Optimization of the mobile search campaign- Prospect’s conversion tools- Take into account the international users profile
  6. 6. DISPLAY : The interactivity is the new solution• Improve the effectiveness, the impact and increase the click rate.• The Remarketing feature to suggest to the user to come back with personalization tools.• Use of the appropriate web format• Including the Eye tracking rules• Choose the right web site• Animated ads or not, be on the right place at the right moment
  7. 7. Social Media Optimization• Facebook as starting point• Retweets, opinions and votes of users as a effective tool to assess the popularity rating of a web site• Multi-channeling referencing (improved by Google+ in particular) to reach the target of B2C campaigns
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing To expand your brand To attractTo gain the new loyalty customers To generate income
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing to expand your brand• To make accessible your brand at any time• To reinforce the impact of your multi-channel campaign• To benefit from the innovative image of the mobile (smartphones, …)
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing to attract new customers• To approach the clients to promote products and services• To generate traffic to the point of sale• To create a clients’ database
  11. 11. Mobile Marketing to generate income• To propose an additional sales network• To stimulate the impulse buying• To monetize the audience of your mobile site (Google Adsense, display, applications, …)• To drive the sales in the point of sale
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing to gain the loyalty• To drive the loyalty campaign• To allow the clients to access their personal area• To guarantee the clients a better follow-up of their reservations, orders and purchasing• To optimize the after-sales service
  13. 13. Nero
  14. 14. Nero : Campaign analysis• Media : Print (point of sale, press, billboard)• Target : Increase Loyalty and improve positioning towards competitors• Strategy : - Simple, warm and uncluttered images - Copy write inspiring a Neighborhood feeling and describing warmly the consumers’ feelings with basic food (bread, soup, coffee,…) according the seasonal mood
  15. 15. Gulf
  16. 16. Gulf : Campaign analysis• Media : TV and Web• Target : To confirm the leadership. Increase and strengthen the clients’ confidence with the historical reminder and the added-value-creating capacity to the community• Creative Strategy : - Combination of the present (racing car) and the past (date of brand’s creation) - Sepia-toned video showing a racing car - The tone of voice : ask questions and to end the ad with the obvious answer - Snapshot on the brand’s logo
  17. 17. Miller
  18. 18. Miller : Campaign analysis• Media : Mobile• Target : To offer a real world application to increase attendance in the points of sale (Bars/Clubs)• Strategy : - Invitation : “Be part of it” (It’s Miller Time) - Access easily : Addresses and maps - Find the right Bar/Club for you : live video
  19. 19. THANK YOUHava Sari – hava.sari@gmail.com - +44 7849 02 67 35