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This is the latest instalment of our best practice series "Is Social Media more Hype than Hope?". Gaetano Squillante, ex-global head of social and digital at Adidas, and who currently leads digital strategy efforts across Havas Media APAC, presents a compelling piece on why social media efforts should be seen as part of an experiential/holistic ecosystem and to deliver a positive brand experience.

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Social Media Marketing - What's Up?

  1. 1. Me dia o ci al g-S in M ar ket p? t’ su W ha
  3. 3. previouslyIn our last installment titled “Is social mediamore hype than hope?” it was argued thatsocial media across APAC is currently morehype than hope when it comes to its impacton the path to purchase.Research showed that brand experiences (eg.brands website) still play a key componentwithin the path to purchase
  4. 4. impact of touchpoints on path to purchase
  5. 5. previouslyResearch showed that social media did driveadvocacy but not as high as people haveargued.We believe that this is because brands inAPAC are still not using social to its fullpotential.
  6. 6. social media: hype or hope?To truly drive advocacy brands need to drivebrand love and loyalty. This will leadconsumers to connect and share their brandexperiences and hence drive advocacy. This isachieved by seeing social media as less of anadvocacy channel and more part of anexperiential/holistic ecosystem.
  7. 7. is so cialWhen more m edia ope t hen h h ype?
  8. 8. abstractThe hope lies in making your brand experiences more social.Brands have taken a frenetic approach to social media buthave not been thinking things through.If social media is to continue to form a part of brands’marketing and business plans, then we need to move awayfrom seeing it solely as the place for fun and quirkycampaigns that ultimately have little lasting value. Instead,we need to now take a measured approach, having fullyunderstood (or at least begun to understand) what it can andcan’t do.
  9. 9. how can social media help drive brand love and loyalty?
  10. 10. Before Diving into best practice it is important to understand thegrowing shift from a linear path to purchase to a connected world
  11. 11. Understanding sharing means understanding the new path topurchase. It is not a linear process where people become aware,purchase, and then share. In todays connected world, fueled bysocial media, users are constantly sharing their experience withthe brand, delivering awareness, consideration, and interaction. The Analog World The Connected World Awareness Consideration Connected Purchase World Preference LoyaltySource:  Building  Brands  For  The  Connected  World  A  Social  Business  Blueprint  by  Facebook  based  on  a  commissioned  study  by  Forrester  Consul=ng  February  2012  
  12. 12. Social Media Is Influential At Each Phase Of The Connected WorldLearn: Investigate:Consumers generated more than 57% of US online adults use500 billion impressions about ratings and reviews to inform theirproducts and services through decisions about online purchases.**social media in 2011.* Connected WorldInteract: Purchase:65% of consumers connect with 51% of consumers are more likelybrands on a social networking site for to buy a product or brand aftergames, contests, and promotions.** liking them on Facebook.*** Source:  Building  Brands  For  The  Connected  World   A  Social  Business  Blueprint  by  Facebook  based  on  a  commissioned  study  by  Forrester  Consul=ng  February  2012  
  13. 13. 1. making the brand experience social
  14. 14. Users in apac are seeking out social brand experiences Singapore APAC Avg Global Avg Listen to comments on forums/social networks 53% 49% 46% Creating a website, allowing you to interact with the 39% 43% 40% brand/company directly Create applications/online services 34% 32% 30% Creating videos online featuring the brand 26% 29% 25% Contacting me if I mention the brand on a micro blog 23% 26% 22% Talking to bloggers directly about relevant products and 19% 28% 23% services Creating blogs to talk about the company and product 20% 28% 22% Creating groups in social networks 23% 26% 21% Becoming your friend in a social network 23% 29% 22% Using micro blog/social network pages to provide 19% 28% 21% customer support/service Creating a brand community where I can meet new 18% 28% 21% people Sponsoring music downloads 17% 22% 18%Source:  Global  Web  Index  
  15. 15. build brands around people •  Experiences are better when business are built around people •  The social web is not a set of features to add to your existing website. Social behavior is a constant which underlies all stages of the path to purchase and should be placed in the center of the development processSource:  Grouped  –  How  small  group  of  friends  are  the  key  to  influence  on  the  social  web,  Paul  Adams  
  16. 16. KLM Meet and Seat KLM is a great example of how to place people at the center of your brand. Their Meet and Seat application allows people to check in for flights online via their social media profiles and see if they have any friends on the flight, and where they are sitting. Additionally it lets you find out about interesting people who will be on your flight based on their social media profiles.
  17. 17. the rise of social crm When faced with a problem or question concerning a product, connected customers will either first express dissatisfaction to their friends in a social channel and/or proceed to search for or ask peers and companies for help in online communities or social networks. Traditional customers will seek out information and connected customers expect resolution to find them.
  18. 18. Users in APAC looking for CRM solutions within social media is on the riseSource:  Global  Web  Index  
  19. 19. 2. platform content
  20. 20. content is still kingInstead of being platform driven be contentdriven. Social media sites are platforms thatlet users share experiences, content, allow forpersonalization, and connect with like-minded people. The content is the driver – notthe platform. Use your brand story to createengaging content and drive conversations.
  21. 21. coke content 2020 Creative excellence has always been at the heart of Coke’s advertising . In today’s world dominated by the social web the focus is on content. Content for Coke is now the “Matter” and “Substance” of Brand Engagement. They identified that consumers create more stories and ideas than they do so the goal is to spark conversations and then participate to those conversations 365 days of the year.
  22. 22. bridging theperception gap With Consumers Brands need to understand why consumers are reaching out via social media to connect with them to ensure they are driving long term engagementSource:  hKp://  
  23. 23. 3. social media Data & analysis
  24. 24. focusing on data will help deliver a positive brand experience•  Social media offers a wealth of data for brands to capitalize on to deliver rich, more targeted brand experiences to its consumers•  Current trend towards merging social platforms with internal CRM databases means brands can build greater detailed profiles of their consumers•  Monitoring conversations across social media allows to track what consumers are saying about the brand but also allows for brands to keep up to date on industry trends
  25. 25. social logins allow to leverage a user’s social silhouette to tailor their online experience
  26. 26. summary brand love &advocacy Loyalty
  27. 27. Social media engagement drives brand loyaltySource:  Syncapse:  THE  VALUE  OF  A  FACEBOOK  FAN:  AN  EMPIRICAL  REVIEW  JUNE  2010    
  28. 28. summary•  Social media should be seen less as a pure channel to drive advocacy but as part of an experiential/holistic ecosystem.•  Focus should be on delivering a positive brand experience across all touch points. This will then drive advocacy through social media•  Getting it right –  invest in providing a social brand experience, meaningful brand content, social crm, and data/analytical tools –  understand that the path to purchase is not linear but instead a connected process with social media playing a part throughout –  rewarding your most loyal customers will further help to drive advocacy
  29. 29. o Ga etan e t illan 08 Squ ano gaetrategy AP l AC @ al St a Digit s Digit Hava  THANK YOU!