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H&P Code of Conduct


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H&P Code of Conduct

  1. 1. Hauska & Partner International Communications Group Code of Conduct Hauska & Partner International Communications Group Fostering Fair Relations Austria, Vienna Tel. +43 2236 26114 Croatia, Zagreb Tel. +385 1 4500 222 Czech Republic, Prague Tel. +420 221 592 450 Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade Tel. +381 11 3287 397
  2. 2. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Leo Hauska President, Hauska & Partner Group Change is the The transformation of our society includes relating to effective and efficient CSR we invite you - as a reader of these lines key word of our changing the role of the civil society and Management. Therefore, two questions - to join us in our efforts and work together century. That increasing expectations towards companies, have become important for us right from with us. For us it is more than duty. We includes dramatic especially transnational ones. Our clients the start: How can we support our clients enjoy going this way. As a service industry societal changes are faced with new challenges emerging and assist them in their challenges in the we have to serve the society. This is why taking place from different angles and are ever best possible way and, what do we have we will also go with passion towards around the globe increasingly asked to integrate social and to do in taking over social responsibility as excellence in responsibility management. that open up environmental concerns in their business a corporation? questions about operations and in their interaction with corporate and stakeholders. With our expertise in As CSR is not a project, but rather a personnel stakeholder relations we are able to assist process, two main aspects which have values. This our clients in fulfilling this task by managing arisen characterize our approach towards change also brought about dynamic and directing their social responsibility. this issue: First, it is a matter of our values, development of our industry. Today we our intention and our willingness to embark know about the power of communications To be active in this field for us means to upon this direction. Second, this process and relationship management and potential be at the forefront. Our corporate values requires a thoroughly planned system for impact they have on our work and the focus on excellence, passion and ongoing development and improvement, a society. We are aware of our capabilities responsibility. Therefore, we see it as our clearly defined way of managing and in driving this change. Over the last decades obligation to also be a step ahead in this supervising it as well as carefully evaluating we have learnt how to manage stakeholder field and to contribute to further the progress in this regard together with relations strategically and we support our development of CSR and related our stakeholders. This code of conduct is clients in achieving their goals through management practices. Besides that, we the basis for the both. It is our first step in professional relationship management. are also affected as a company and, as an this direction and more is to follow. However, international SME, face specific challenges even before you go through these pages, 2 3
  3. 3. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Daria Mateljak Bartulin Managing Director, Hauska & Partner Croatia and have courage to step into the territory law-abiding, but also brings difference in a values of our employees and from the vision For centuries our of chosen improvement. Even better step forward to a better operating, more of our management. We do our business civilization has defined, the territory of socially rewarding efficient, more fair and more prosperous with excellence, in a reliable way, struggled to and enriching contribution to the own society. contributing to the society and with passion create citizens, organization and people who are tied to it and dedication. Our values were borne families, forms of in all forms of relations. In other words - we Our objectives are not only to bring better from our personal beliefs, we pledged them b u s i n e s s have a choice to do things better and to do standards to consulting business, but also to our company and we live by them. This partnerships, or them in a different way. Today, in my to become a leader in the SME field. Hauska is what and how we work with our clients the whole country, Croatia, this takes managerial and & Partner corporate values are deeply inbuilt and our partners. This is how we wish to societies to professional courage. Tomorrow, I strongly in the mindset of our employees - make our society a better place. understand, believe, it will be the only desired way of management and juniors alike. Being a accept and professional living. consultant bears many different Our civilization is only superficially getting embrace the responsibilities and we take this burden more complex. We, at Hauska & Partner concept of abiding by the Law. It took wars, Code of Conduct, therefore, is not a set of with the unique joy that only a great desire take things very simply. Living our values revolutions and dramatic societal changes rules that prescribes some imposed for success can bring. Our ultimate objective in our everyday business and building our until people began to practice law boundaries on the group of people who is to help our clients reach their business relations on the sound cornerstones of compliance. Even today, in many cases, decided to share their professional lives. It goals. This means that we identify with our openness, fairness and contribution. reluctantly so. It is not in human nature to is much beyond that - a choice to be better, clients completely. The same identification respect the imposed laws and regulations. to bring difference to ourselves, our to the profession is a prerequisite for our Our Code of Conduct is one leading light The time, however, has come, when abiding economic and social prosperity and our employees. on our way to achieve our business and by the Law is not enough. What makes a personal careers. Doing business in a post- professional goals. It is not a book of rules. true difference is whether people, organized transition country brings along specific Therefore, the Code of Conduct is a It is a book of our character. It is what we groups of people or businesses decide to challenges. Hauska & Partner team in lighthouse on a foggy night on the ruffled are and what we respect. go beyond the barrier of imposition and Croatia takes great pride in doing our seas that shows us where our mainland is. forced compliance (at least philosophically) consulting work in the way that is not only This Code stems from beliefs, integrity and 4 5
  4. 4. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Introduction In these developments the issues of good This code applies to both our management corporate governance and responsible and our employees. Our primary business behavior became central in the responsibility is to achieve sustainable debate on the role of business in the modern growth for our clients and ourselves. We society. are all responsible for sustaining our professional and personal qualities by In the process of addressing these issues openly addressing all the issues that might we have looked inwards and at the same or already pose an ethical dilemma in our time have questioned the cases which daily operations and for resolving them this code is both became universally quoted examples of adequately. contemporary and visionary irresponsible company behaviors. How come that companies with codes of conduct This code is also a basis for developing have failed in providing an adequate books of rules and regulations, specific management and employee practices, was rules and procedures to assure full our ultimate question, upon which we have compliance, which will accentuate local We believe that Hauska & Partner visionary. It encompasses our present placed a particular emphasis. differences. International Communications underpins endeavors with our commitment to future professional and personal qualities we accomplishments. It is also our roadmap We have therefore evaluated our business Adherence to the code will be ensured by devote to the development of long term on which we have placed signposts for and organizational settings, our key regular training on the code, annual audits and trustful relationship with our ethical behavior. stakeholders and the society in general in and assessments and by fostering stakeholders. Our professional and personal order to develop coherent and realistic code supportive corporate culture. We have also qualities equally apply to every country In our consulting role we act as a daily which would truly represent who we are, nominated person who is responsible for which we operate in. observer of all relevant local, regional and how we are and how we relate to increased overall ethical program implementation on global developments in the world of society expectations regarding responsible the level of the group and person for every This code is both contemporary and business, politics and society in general. business practices. country. 6 7
  5. 5. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Core purpose & values Hauska & Partner values emerged from standards of quality and challenging work Contributing to our employees’ quality of individual values of our shareholders, life, by enabling them to achieve their We invest in our growth, development Our clients entrust us with their problems management and employees. Upon these highest potential, respecting their and raise our competence daily and issues and believe in our capabilities values we have built our corporate culture professional ambitions and providing a to help them solve these issues and and all our business operations rest upon To our clients we provide tailor-made healthy, desirable environment for their achieve their business goals our values. All actions that we undertake solutions that can in the best way assist daily work externally as consultants or internally as a them to achieve their business goals We are behave in a responsible manner Contributing to the quality of our developing team that always strives for the towards our profession, our community We are innovative and contribute to the profession by innovation, business better are entwined with the meaning of and the society development of our profession development, fair and sound practices, the values that we chose are the most investing in education and enabling representative of how we wish to live, share Contribution Reliability market development knowledge and do business. Our purpose is to provide the best With our behavior we deserve to be trusted consultancy to our clients, safe employment Contributing to the values of European and entrusted with assets and intangible Excellence to our team and good framework for their society and good practices, not only by values. We care for stability and act in the We constantly strive to provide the best professional development, prosperity to our being a role-model in abiding to the manner to provide protection, help, advice consulting and to incorporate the highest shareholders, tangible and intangible regulations and laws, but exceeding and consultancy so that we take into standards and the best-developed skills in benefits to the society, constantly adding beyond that and responding to the needs account our stakeholders’ rights and our daily actions. Excellence reflects in value, scope, quality and strength. To of the society wherever communications interests. This means that: constant growth in knowledge and contribute means to give with adding quality consultants may add value leadership in action. This means that: and value. We are dedicated to: We fulfill our responsibilities towards our Passion and Dedication employees, shareholders, clients, society We employ people who constantly wish Contributing to our clients’ wealth, not We believe that the best consultancy, and other stakeholders to develop professionally and who only by providing excellent requested besides great knowledge and skills, has to contribute to excellence Our employees can rely on the company service, but also reaching further and cultivate the element of passion and strong and their colleagues for stability of proactively coaching, teaching and belief. It includes a dedicated approach to Our team demands the respect of highest employment, income, professional growth education to the clients in the domain of people and things and full commitment to 8 our expertise 9
  6. 6. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct the clients, stakeholders and issues and therefore we take efforts to understand Corporate Governance attached. Passion and dedication mean each other and merge diverse experience additional energy invested in our work, and knowledge to build strong network of greater attention to the issues, better people who work together as one team. identification with clients and greater loyalty. We cherish qualities which enable us to We are passionately devoted to our understand, accept and cultivate profession, company, team, clients and differences positive issues we promote as consultants We believe that with diversity of ideas, Our work exceeds the simple need to background and perspectives our have a job and make existence; we employees enable us to build more approach our philosophy and our actions complete picture and adapt better to with full dedication complexities and challenges of modern word we recognize that ethics can only We strongly believe in our values and exist where there is an effective energetically put them to work in our daily We are fully aware that working in a and respected legal infrastructure business diverse team can be more difficult because we confront different and often We approach our stakeholders with the contradictory perspectives and yet we Management Board is responsible for sound where there is an effective and respected desire to understand them and to share strongly believe that working in diverse management of the group business legal infrastructure, but as a value driven our values with them teams helps our employees to be more operations. Leadership in the group is based quest for sustaining professional and We are fully devoted to our clients and open and develop new approaches on the premise that ethical behavior should personal behavior that is not pursuing committed to their success not be exclusively understood as business for the sake of business before We respect diversities in the society and take effort to understand and accept each commitment to legal compliance, although anything else. Members of the management Diversity we recognize that ethics can only exist board have therefore set wide agenda to We equally value our similarities and our stakeholder and group and are dedicated to bringing different perspectives together follow: differences. We recognize that we all come from different cultural and social settings 10 11
  7. 7. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Legal compliance and company Communications with our records stakeholders Sustaining financial and social capital Promoting the team (long-term stability and profit, quality of As we operate in different countries every Openly seeking suggestions from every We believe that engaging with stakeholders relationship with stakeholders, reputation) group member complies with relevant employee and encouraging employees builds our capacities for understanding. national laws and regulations. We are Fulfilling duty of loyalty and duty of care to raise any concern, question and We approach our stakeholders with the committed to strict compliance with the laws for the group, placing the best interests complaint in good faith desire to understand them and to share and regulations that apply to Hauska & of the group first, and helping the group our values with them. Understanding is by Promoting fair and open communication Partner International Communications to create new values all means one of our key assets by which between management and employees business operations. we position ourselves as consultancies that Providing transparent information on the “do things in different way”. Promoting diversity and developing group activities Every group member also follows qualities that enable acceptance and internationally accepted professional Taking clients individually and being fully understanding of differences We recognize that stakeholders may have standards. Our business operations are dedicated to helping each client in a different expectations towards us. We, Promoting sound balance between conducted on a transparent and accurate specific way by recognizing their unique however, believe that essential foundation various areas of life and encouraging basis. needs and context in which they operate for any relationship is trust and this code employees to dedicate themselves to sets the standards for behavior they can Competing successfully and fairly family and other out-of-work activities Every group member is also entitled to keep expect from us. We foster only reasonable all books and records in accordance with Understanding of the relevant national Encouraging leadership practices by all expectations among our stakeholders. applicable national laws and accounting and regional contexts in which the group employees standards. We do this in order to ensure operates Engaging in public dialogue and financial integrity of our group. Mitigating risks and fostering new promoting responsible business practices business opportunities and positive changes in the societies Encouraging accountability of all employees 12 13
  8. 8. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Employee relations Every employee in Hauska & Partner in fair and open way. They should show understanding. International Communications should be a respect one to another and respect the Seeking sound balance between leader in bringing sustainable growth to the right of every employee to have different various areas of life. We expect our clients and the group. At any level of our opinion. employees to dedicate themselves to group every employee should be striving Safe work place and healthy life style. family and other out-of-work activities in for the excellence by incorporating We expect our employees to report any order to become more complete knowledge, competence, efficiency and unsafe conditions and encourage safer personalities. We believe that employees quality, highest standards, courage and workplace practices. We are drug and who are capable of realizing themselves vision in our day-to-day requirements. alcohol free organization. We expect our in different areas perform in a better way employees to practice healthy lifestyles and bring excellence in every aspect of Every employee in Hauska & Partner client. In doubt, employees should and we encourage them to organize their their professional day-to-day life. International Communications can rely on question their actions and consult their lives accordingly. stability of employment, income, health and managers in order to make sure that they Striving for excellence. We expect our safe working conditions, professional and do not harm the interests of the group. Respecting the differences. We expect employees to be willing to develop their personal development and challenging our employees to respect different competences. We expect our employees Appropriate use of company work. lifestyles, ethnic or national origin, religion to share acquired knowledge and skills resources. We expect our employees preferences, age, marital status, gender on daily basis. to use company resources in responsible Every employee is expected to adhere with or sexual orientation. Our employees are and ethical manner, primarily for Having constructive role in team. We the following requirements: prohibited to perform any action which conducting the group business expect our employees to work together may promote or encourage hate and operations. Computer software, electronic as a total team. In a total team we respect Pursuing the best interest of the violence or stir up prejudices. Our mail or the Internet is not to be used for and build up our strengths and overcome group. We expect our employees to employees must not use electronic mail unauthorized personal use. our weaknesses. We are proud of every exclusively act for the benefit of the group. to disseminate information that promotes member of our team and we expect that We forbid pursuing private interests or Fair and open communications. We discrimination. We expect our employees every team member shows a healthy simultaneous work for a competitor or a expect our employees to communicate to display qualities of acceptance and sense of collegiality and mutual respect. 14 15
  9. 9. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Clients Business partners and suppliers Competition Our reputation is built upon our unique We partner with our clients. In selecting business partners and suppliers We believe that competition is essential for approach to our clients. Our approach is we take all reasonable measures to achieving sound business environment. In We strive to understand our clients, their rooted in the very essence of our determine legality of their operations and our market approach we: needs, visions and specific characteristics consultancy work - we constantly challenge business conduct. We seek the proof of all of industry or sectors in which they ourselves in order to sustain new values relevant publicly accessible information Compete in fair and collegiate manner. operate in, complex social and market to our clients. about operation of a company we plan to developments. Promote fair and open competition as partner with. The legality of business essential for achieving sound business We deliver our services to clients by We offer our clients specialized operations and business conduct is environment. employing our best assets, engaging the knowledge and skills helping them to considered as a special competitive most suitable knowledge and skills, and better understand and manage their advantage. We conduct our selection Never speak about our competition or selecting the most appropriate team. sustainability issues. processes with great care and according criticize their actions. On the other hand, to clearly set out criteria. if actions of our competition undermine We deliver our services to clients not professional standards we all apply to, only to fulfill our contractual obligations we will openly discuss them in relevant but to achieve results that are base for forums. building long term and trustful relations. Never use deceptive means in order to We are accessible, providing quality obtain information regarding our service in time and according to competition. standards of practice and professional conduct on the part of public relations and business advisors. Having respect for the client and acting we constantly challenge always in the best interest of the client ourselves in order to is our standard rule for engagement. sustain new values 16 17
  10. 10. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Community and Environment Good PR leaves the mark... We actively play a role in communities by We assess our environment performance fostering values we have recognized as within the framework of our consultancy elemental to our philosophy and strategy. work. We monitor on our impact covering As responsible community members we: following areas: travel, people, energy, Strategic Communications waste, water and paper. Reputation Management Comply with all laws and government Media Relations regulations Hauska & Partner International Internal Relations Communications recognizes important role Meet and raise all relevant professional Public Affairs of the private sector in building sustainable standards Risk and Crisis Management societies. Therefore, we have also Fulfill all our tax and contractual expanded our business portfolio to enable Corporate Social Responsibility obligations other companies to more efficiently manage Support projects that are aimed at their sustainability issues. improving stakeholders relations and understanding of stakeholders’ issues in modern society 18 19