Case Study: Vacuum cleaner becoming an art object


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Application for Baltic PR Awards 2010
Category: Sponsorship

Agency: Hauska & Partner
Client: Electrolux Latvia

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Case Study: Vacuum cleaner becoming an art object

  1. 1. Baltic PR Awards 2010 Category: Sponsorship Vacuum cleaner becoming an art object Situation Consultancy involved in promoting Electrolux cordless vacuum cleaner Ergorapido. A product that has already been available in Latvian market for some time, however, not received much of awareness and popularity. Moreover, taking into account its characteristics, Ergorapido is quite a niche product that might not be a primary choice when looking for a household appliance for vacuuming – it is meant only for small cleaning, supplementary to a larger vacuum cleaner. According to guidelines, Ergorapido has to be positioned in communication as a stylish design object, not a simple vacuum cleaner – quite a challenge in a small market and in times of economical downturn. Lack of marketing and advertising budget for this particular product, creates more pressure on PR Consultancy working with media, so a different approach has to be chosen in order to raise awareness and increase sales of Ergorapido. Research Engagement of the Electrolux Latvia product managers and sales people in the research of consumer behavior proved that it is important to show Ergorapido’s functionality in action so that potential customers can have a hands-on-experience. Supplementary to this research, Consultancy carried out small scale interviews of potential target audience representatives to find out that strangely enough this product is more favored by men than women – seen rather as stylish gadget than functional household object. After a decision was made to promote Ergorapido using linkage to a local event, analysis of potential sponsorship opportunities was carried out searching for appropriate festival, event or project. Criteria included publicity coverage of events, their reputation among citizens of Latvia, possibility to have a creative integration of the product into the event itself. When the appropriate sponsorship event was chosen, a media content analysis on general trends in communicating sponsors and supports of the event was carried out proving that in order to be mentioned Ergorapido has to be included in the title of the event.
  2. 2. Strategy Goals set in PR plan for 2009 - Increase awareness on Ergorapido among potential clients and sales of the product - Involve at least 5 celebrities in communication on Ergorapido - Reach AVE result of 50 points in September, October Target groups - Men – over 30, high income - Families – especially mothers with small children - Celebrities Strategic approach - To associate Ergorapido with a well known and loved brand in Latvia that has similar values - Through practical usage distinguish Ergorapido among other products from the same range - Involve celebrities and opinion leaders well known and loved by the people to communicate on the product Execution - Sponsorship of annual music and art festival „Bildes 2009” was chosen as the main channel due it’s strong traditions and reputation, as well due to product integration possibilities. Ergorapido brand was included in the title of the art exhibition and visually integrated in the logo of the festival; - Key success of the whole campaign was that Ergorapido was chosen as the „raw material” for art objects musicians and artists create over „Bildes” summer camp. Since it was the first time when functioning household applience was chosen for Bilde’s art objects, media and artists were quite excited and it certainly grabbed extra attention. As well as gave added value to the brand itself. - 30 art objects were created from Ergorapidos by well known artists and musicians and exhibited during the festival and in one of the largest shopping malls in Riga. - During concerts a tailor-made dance show was prepared with Ergorapidos and 5 modern house-wifes; the dance act was based on the famous video of „I want to break free” by Queen, where Freddy Mercury was using an „ancestor” of Ergorapido; - A week before the festival Ergorapidos were given to all hosts of the concerts so that they would get better feel for them and could use them on stage; most of hosts voluntary made some fun with Ergorapidos on stage;
  3. 3. - Other integrated communication and marketing activities were carried out during the festival. For example, all tickets provided a coupon with a discount for Ergorapido at Electrolux store, during concerts special competition with Electrolux questions was given, people could vote for their favourite Ergorapido from the exhibition. Content management - Linkage to Freddy Mercury and Queen was used to give added value and ensure positive linkage to the brand; - Emphasis on the USP of the vacuum cleaner – cordless, goes well with interior as a design object; - Story telling approached used – legend of the dust created that has to be cleaned off of festival before its 25 year anniversary in 2010; - Additionally to the information on event itself media provided with stories of how Ergorapidos have become art objects; celebrities giving feedback on the decoration process of Ergorapidos; even some tips and tricks on „how to do this at home” provided. Results Firstly, a whole new life to 30 Ergorapidos was given due to integration of them in the annual activity when festival Bilde’s participants decorate objects. Artists had expressed excitement publically on the opportunity to „play” with a real functional design object and the outcome was really inspirational. After the festival taking place in early October sales increased by 5% compared to the summer of 2010. Sales people gave feed-back on increased awareness on the product in the stores, some customers had noticed – „ah, this is the cute vacuum cleaner from the Bildes exhibition”. More than 30 celebrities, opinion leaders and VIPs had hands-on-experience using and decorating Ergorapido. Some of them asked the organizers of the festival to give their art object as a present to be used at home, ensuring ongoing buzz. Media analysis showed a wide coverage of Ergorapidos as art objects in national media – AVE for Electrolux increased over 70 points being the highest in the whole year. 95% articles on the festival contained reference to Ergorapido and Electrolux Latvia; moreover, in 30% of publications photos of decorated Ergorapidos were used as the visual material for the article. Latvian project was also covered on the global intranet of Electrolux group as a good-praxis for communicating and positioning Ergorapido.
  4. 4. Ergorapido vacuum cleaner conquers music festival Bildes 2009 Musicians and artists getting their hands on Ergorapidos at the annual Bildes summer camp The new life of Ergorapidos – 30 art objects created
  5. 5. 5 % Demand for Ergorapido increased by 5% after Bildes 2009 compared to summer Festival Bildes and Ergorapido's received wide publicity