Adtech unwired - Tourism Victoria Mobile Strategy


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Adtech unwired - Tourism Victoria Mobile Strategy

  1. 1. “Mobilising the Tourism Industry” A case study from Tourism Victoria Track 2 – 11:15amPanellists:Michael Hauser, eMarketing Manager, Tourism VictoriaKey Takeaways:1. Integrate mobile into marketing and digital strategy2. Mobile space is rapidly changing, watch, pilot, learn3. Prioritise mobile web, apps and mobile technologies #ATUW
  2. 2. Tourism Victoria• Victorian Government’s lead tourism agency aims to: – Market the destination globally – Increase visitation to Melbourne & Victoria – Increase length of stay – Increase dispersal throughout Victoria – Support the tourism industry #ATUW
  3. 3. Digital Marketing Strategy 2011-2014• Maximise the potential of the website technology platform, as a key portal for Tourism Victoria, Victorian tourism industry and community• Develop the social media strategy• Develop a strong website and social media capability in China• Develop and promote mobile phone and tablet applications/websites• Expand video content and online video distribution• Encourage the Victorian tourism industry to increase the use of digital technology for marketing and booking #ATUW
  4. 4. Mobile Strategy - ObjectivesInspirationProvide access to relevant Melbourne &Victorian tourism content to mobile users ateach stage of the travel life cycleDestinationUse mobile technology to increase yield andimprove visitor experience whilst at thedestinationIntegrationEnsure mobile projects are consistent, on brandand integrated into ongoing strategy, campaigns,activity and promotions.InnovationDevelop pilot projects to explore new mobiletechnologiesEducationSupport, educate and encourage Victoriantourism industry to integrate mobile projectsinto strategies #ATUW
  5. 5. Why mobile?By 2014, mobile internet should take over 1 in 2 people take actiondesktop internet from a local search usage on mobile Over 50% of Australian“Dual-Screening” smartphone users use 60% of tablet/mobile search daily on their owners watch TV with mobile their device Mobile visitation to visitvictoria doubles 85% during TVCs Of leisure travellers use their smartphone while travelling #ATUW
  6. 6. Why mobile? Growing trafficMobile visits to visitvictoria 2010-2012• 2010 238,030 visitors (3.5% of traffic)• 2011 651,850 visitors (10.2% of traffic)• 2012 (to 30 Sept) 920,000 visitors (20.5% of traffic)• Sept 2012 25% of traffic #ATUW
  7. 7. Why mobile? Key destination tool Dream Plan Book Go Review Awareness Intent Best value Inform Rate Consideration Compare Share ShareBrochure TV Print Web SocialMobile #ATUW
  8. 8. A short digital history1999 – First web site 2001 – WAP 2004 – iMode 2009 – 2011 – New 2008 – Insiders Guide App 2010 – iPhone app 2011 – playmelbourne app 2001 – launched #ATUW
  9. 9. Pilot - 2009 Insiders Guide M Site• 26,000 visits, 114,000 page views• Local: ¾ of visitors to mobile site are in Melbourne• Popular content: Whats on, restaurants, bars, around me• Location awareness, key feature #ATUW
  10. 10. Pilot - 2009 Insiders Mobile Site• What worked: – Local/Around Me functionality is key – Curated local content – Simple UX – Mobile adwords• What was missing: – prominent search – links to Full Site – Device detection #ATUW
  11. 11. Mobile Projects 2009 - 2012• Pilot Mobile Site Initial pilot mobile site, focussed on Melbourne on-ground – Launched 2009 PlayMelbourne Content – Drupal CMS• Mobile site Development of custom mobile version of desktop site – Mid 2013• Layar App Pilot augmented reality App – Launched 2009• Wineries iPhone App Supports the Victorian wineries guide – Launched December 2010• Wineries Android App Supports the Victorian wineries guide – Launched September 2011• Play Melbourne App Phase 10 Play Melbourne campaign – Launched September 2011• Daylesford iPhone App Initial app build as part of Villages campaign – Due for launch• UK iPhone App Interactive game and destinational information – In development #ATUW
  12. 12. App v Mobile Website Mobile Apps Mobile WebsiteSpeed Fast Dependant on connectionFeatures Can integrate camera & phone features Less features – location based GPSConnection Can operate offline (limited) Requires mobile signalReach Low User numbers High user numbersEngagement Higher interaction and time spent Lower interaction and time spentAccess Must be installed first Via BrowserInterface Interactive & Unique UX features Static web based navigationOS Multiple Mobile OS = Multiple Versions Single version across all OSCosts Lower initial cost, Costly ongoing updates Higher initial build cost, lower ongoing costsContent Requires specific copy & content feeds Integrated with existing web contentGreater reach and return on investment from a Mobile WebsiteOver 1 million mobile visitors to visitvictoria in 2012Tourism Victoria will focus mobile strategy on the design, development and build of a comprehensive MobileWeb version of #ATUW
  13. 13. Dedicated v ResponsiveSmartphones “Phablets” Tablets Laptops/Monitors/TV Stage 1 Stage 2 Dedicated Mobile Version Responsive Website or Tablet Version Responsive Website #ATUW
  14. 14. Mobile Site - Objectives• Mobile version of Standalone custom mobile site supported by Sitecore CMS• Target visitor at location Provide geo-locational content, search and navigation• Simplified Navigation & UX Focus on key content for mobile users App like experience• Always link to the full site Provide links on every page to full website• Device & Location Aware Auto redirect mobile users to mobile site• Region Focus Regional gateways will provide consumers with a contextual regional entry points #ATUW
  15. 15. Mobile Site Design #ATUW
  16. 16. Mobile – Next Steps• Mobile Site launch mid 2013• Review Tablet options & Desktop Site design• Support & leverage Mobile App Projects & partnerships• Integrate mobile across all elements of marketing• Educate industry & stakeholders #ATUW
  17. 17. Top 3 Tips• Big Picture Integrate mobile into marketing & digital strategy• Pilot Watch, test, learn• Small steps Prioritise mobile projects according to budget and audience #ATUW