Agile and UX


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For the Auckland Meetup Nov 2012

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Agile and UX

  1. 1. Agile and UXUX Auckland MeetupHaunani Pao @haunanipaoUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 1
  2. 2. I’m an Agile Noob• This is my journey in Agile• Practitioner of UX / Scrum for 2+ years• Process improvement• Concern - maintain quality of design• Work creatively yet pragmaticallyUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 2
  3. 3. UX 101• Multi-discipline UCD methods• Highly collaborative and iterative• User is part of the design effort• Design to further requirements• Design thinking process (Discovery, Analysis,Ideation, Prototype, Evaluate)• Deliverables for coding (IA, Funcspec, Visual)UX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 3
  4. 4. Agile 101• It is an engineering method• Highly collaborative and iterative• Time boxed sprints• Requirements defined as you go• Code rests in a state of play (minimalproduct)• Encourages collaborations between roles• Scrum is the most UX friendlyUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 4
  5. 5. My Situation (not ideal)UX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 5
  6. 6. Finding Meaning• I had no one to go to for UX/Agile mentoring• I started doing research and talking withother UX/Agile friends• I’m a tweaker, I like to improve processes• Proposed different ways of doing thingsUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 6
  7. 7. First - UX setting the big picture• Much of our initial project was all backendprocesses that didn’t have any UI• Creating Services• Connecting to Services• UX - Big picture thinking• We still had to tell a story because showingthe backend wasn’t sexyUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 7
  8. 8. UX SwimlanesUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 8More info - bird’s eye viewof the holistic UX
  9. 9. Second - Design before Dev• Design a sprint or two ahead of Dev• Each sprint we further iterated the UX (intheory)• Iteration vs Incremental• Lousy at estimating time for UX task• Always out of sync with DevUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 9
  10. 10. Time Machine - Design before DevUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 10Sprint 4• Scope – Sprint 5• Design – Sprint 5• Document – Sprint 5• Dev – Sprint 4• Demo – Sprint 3Sprint 3• Scope – Sprint 4• Design – Sprint 4• Document – Sprint 4• Dev – Sprint 3• Demo – Sprint 2Sprint 5• Scope – Sprint 6• Design – Sprint 6• Document – Sprint 6• Dev – Sprint 5• Demo – Sprint 4Lessons Learned• Continually Out of Sync with parallel efforts• Not a lot of collaboration• Produced two Product Backlogs• Devalue design in favour of what is simpler to code• Cannot produce UX deliverables• Dealing with scope• The issue of design debt and development debt (refactoring)
  11. 11. Dealing with Design debt• Business – habituates to user work-arounds• UX – “it’s good enough” flawed but works• Just like Dev with the refactoring work• Design needs to do its own refactoring work• Get refactoring on the product backlog as auser storyUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 11
  12. 12. Stop right there!UX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 12When it doesn’t work, negotiate
  13. 13. Third - Design in the Sprint• Design with the current sprint• Ideate and wireframe design to the User Stories• Everyone contributes and agrees on scope• Capture requirements via whiteboard, wireframes• High level of trust between design and devUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 13Sprint 4• Scope – Sprint 4• Design – Sprint 4• Backlog grooming–Sprint 5• Dev – Sprint 4• Demo – Sprint 3Sprint 3• Scope – Sprint 3• Design – Sprint 3• Backlog grooming –Sprint 4• Dev – Sprint 3• Demo – Sprint 2Sprint 5• Scope – Sprint 5• Design – Sprint 5• Backlog grooming –Sprint 6• Dev – Sprint 5• Demo – Sprint 4
  14. 14. Design in the SprintUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 14Week1Daily StandupSprint DemoSprint PlanningMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayDaily StandupUX SketchesOne-OffsDaily StandupFinalize UXDev CodesDaily StandupUX / DevDetailed DesignDaily StandupUX / DevDetailed DesignWeek2Daily StandupBacklogGroomingDev CodesMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayDaily StandupDev CodesUser StoriesDaily StandupFinalizeCheck code inDaily StandupDev CodesUX QADaily StandupDev codesUX QA
  15. 15. Contextual InquiryTask AnalysisUser Centric Design Activities (agile)Affinity DiagrammingExpert ReviewUsability TestingUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 15
  16. 16. User Centric Design Artefacts (agile)Process Flows WireframesPersonas – User StoriesDesign SpecificationStoryboards Usability ReportProject PlanUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 16
  17. 17. Going Forward• Communicate with SME’s, Client teams,Users• Conduct Usability Workshops• Solidify App – to communicate with users• Demo – to do mini-UT on usersUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 17
  18. 18. So my lessons learned?• Get used to incompleteness• Sketching and Talking out details• Tweak and Negotiate process• Allow for alone time “UX Research”• Learn from the wisdom of othersUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 18
  19. 19. Need more info? A local sourceThe Trouble with Time TravelUX Meetup, November 2012 @haunanipao 19