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How to tell which Light is burned out on Christmas Lights
How to tell which Light is burned out on Christmas Lights
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How to tell which Light is burned out on Christmas Lights


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  • 1. How to tell which Light is burned out on Christmas LightsChristmas Day Needs Christmas LightsChristmas lights are necessary in happy Christmas day; we will see beautiful Christmas treewith shining led lights in various shapes in supermarket, street, or square, etc. Even in ourhouse, we certainly decorate the Christmas tree with twinkling lights. Whatever commercialled christmas lights or house use led lights, we will see this problem: Christmas lights quitworking.One Bulb goes out, all go outIf one bulb is loose or missing a string of lights or part of a string will quit working, but the waythe strings are wired the outlets still work even if the set goes out, normally. So if you have aplug on each end of the string then power still flows to the next set through the string that isnot working.Most of the twinkle type lights got to where the bulbs are made that if one blows the rest stillworks, the older types if one blows they all go out, either new or old if one is loose or missingthey all goes out. The larger the string the more sets of bulbs in parallel. Around 35 bulbs inseries are one string and if one is loose they all go out. A set of 120 or such is just 3 stringsin one set paralleled, so if one bulb is loose then 1/3rd of the string goes out. It sounds atroublesome job; of course, led Christmas light isnt like t8 fluorescent lamps or something,the other simple led lamps quit working, just replace a new one.What to do My Led Christmas Lights do not Work?First, push all the bulbs in a little to make sure none of them is loose. The lights still dontwork? A bulb has probably burned out...Well, where there is fire, there is smoke...Often, a burnt light bulb will look darker. The burnt filament may leave a charred dark spotinside the light bulb. It may even make the whole bulb much darker.Its filament will be broken, and even a loose piece may be in the bulb. I think a cheap andeasy way to try to find the broken Christmas light is just to look carefully.Second, check for loose, broken or missing lights.Make sure the row is not plugged in.Each light must be tight in the socket or the row may not light. If a bulb is burnt out or missingyou need to replace those as soon as you notice them with the exception of Constant On?current limiting lights (fuse bulbs).Third, replace light bulbs.Make sure the set is not plugged in.
  • 2. Remove the holder from the socket.Remove the bulb from the holder.Insert a properly working bulb into the holder.Bend the wires up around the sides of the holder.Insert the new bulb into the is a professional manufacturer whom specialized in LED drivers,LED stage lights, LED lamps and wireless remote controls with infrared. Also, Tianyu offersOEM, ODM electronics processing service, such as SMT mounted, AI insert, DIP Post-weld0, Assembling and Ageing service.This article come from: